The Eskimos

The only exception, to this form deexplorao, was that the slaves were not used directly paraalimentao, and yes its force of work was explored to the maximum. Diferentedos enslaved, the animals are explored in the meaning maximum of the word. oconsumo of the meat is the especismo, in the maximum degree of the animals to exist for ousufruto human. That the majority of the people in the great urban centers, if querimaginam, what ‘ passed its beauty; ‘ bife’ ‘ , until arriving its plate. This chain has umanegao in all, that all denies the moment, that what it is in pratofoi one day an animal, a corpse of an animal. This negation appears to segundoSinger of well subtle forms, in the totalmenteasspticas packings of the supermarket, does not have blood in the meat, without speaking of ‘ ‘ hambrguer’ ‘ that he seems tudomenos meat. That they constitute a form of negation, more serious on question.

Que the question of the unfamiliarity of the life of the animals that are born, gets fat emorrem, with the objective of saciar the human palate accustomed the meat. He was otempo that the creation, mainly of the bovine flock, if seemed aquelaimaginem of farm old. With the oxen becoming vacant freely, growing eengordando of course. Today that one fazendinha, if transformed into umaindstria, highly mechanized, where all the processes are controlled; desdeo birth, abates until it of the animal. 21 In the society of today, highly industrialized percebemosque the meat is plus a luxury, of what a necessary food to the sobrevivnciahumana. Singer says that: ‘ ‘ The Eskimos, that live in an environment where they have of mataranimais its feeding or to die of hunger, can justify dizendoque its interest in surviving if it overlaps to the one of the animals that kill.