Applied Linguistics

43) is first ‘ ‘ symptom of alienao’ ‘ or of total identification with the other, and for consequence one ‘ ‘ abandonment of its proper identity cultural’ ‘. This is not the education concept. According to PCNs, the pupils need ‘ ‘ knowing and valuing the plurality of the sociocultural patrimony …, as half of stops to gradually construct to the notion of national identity … ‘ ‘ (BRAZIL, 1998, p.7). The education of a foreign language as well as of all the others you discipline must collaborate for construction of a citizen I criticize, so that the pupil understands which is its paper social and historical politician. The public school still is seen by its pupils as surrounding of learning of I READ, and this credibility in the paper of the school as the space of the learning of the foreign language is of extreme importance in the brainstorming for the relative problems to this education.

If the language professors offered to its pupils the necessary conditions and correct for this learning, this disciplines would not be devaluated. For the opposite, it would be an element of great value in the formation of the pupil. So that it has an efficient learning of I READ is necessary that the professors search adjusted boardings, and that they consider the conditions of the classroom and the psicossocial and sociopoltico context. She is necessary that the school publishes and its professors come back its focus of action toward the education in READ of the subordinate classrooms.