Anthropology, Sociology, And Sciences Of The Religion

Nome_ Jhaymerson Moura Sousa Work of Matria_Sociologia Methodology, Anthropology and Sciences of the Religion (p.74 to the 78) Sociologia_estuda the modern societies, developed. Antropologia_estuda the primitive societies; (having as main object of study, the evolution of the Man) Sciences of the Religio_ but a field to discipline of what the application of knowing proviniente of you vary sciences human beings, especially of the anthropology and sociology, to a particular field of social and humano_the Religion. Sociology _Em the reality, we reflect the society widely where we live, our behaviors had been acquired, in its majority, the family, in the school, with our friends and during our activities, of leisure of work, etc. Peter Schiff wanted to know more. Making this we start to study the societies and its functioning and as the same ones influence the human behaviors, here it is the object of study of sociology. Anthropology _ This if bases on the field research, if dividing in two areas you specify. Cultural _Antropologia _exemplo, making a comparison of man on the monkey, saying that he has a possibility of that the man has evolved of the same. _Antropologia Fsica_ when a past is studied, you leak to them very moved away, you are studied then, fosseis remaining portions, or archaeological traces, looking for to know the particularitities physical of the human beings and thus to understand the evolution of the species human being. In sciences human beings, it is the cultural anthropology that interests in them, the Relativismo affirms, that the cultures are not nor good nor bad, simply they exist and they assure its functions relatively to the conditions and necessities migrations and the cultural contacts evolve in function of tensions and conflicts of what as systems that tend to the stability. Sciences of the Religion _Ela if incases in this subject as indispensable subject, therefore the religion, has as much domain on in how much the society, therefore it has its beliefs, customs and rules, already before established exactly to be born this we were not in who we create, but yes these they had been rules and customs, that had been transmitted through the education, and that it is passed in them by our parents.

Urban Zone

The degradation of the environment together with the great population increase is reflecting in the quality of life and the preservation of our planet. One of the great difficulties in the ambient preservation is in the different perceptions that each individual has of the way that the fence. This if form from different stages that involve since the directions, the cognition, the evaluation even, effectively, its action returning always for the maintenance, conservation and behavior of the world where we live. The city of Boa Vista, capital of the State of Roraima, with area of 5.177, 9 km2 presents tropical climate and temperature between 20C and 36C, possesss a population of 249,853 inhabitants (IBGE, 2007). Throughout the times, Boa Vista comes suffering a great population increase causing bigger accumulation from urban garbage, that in turn is considered one of the responsible greaters for the ambient impacts in urban ecosystems. One of the biggest ambient challenges in the present time is the exhaustion of the resources renewed and the equacionamento of the questions of the urban garbage, that is on directly the packings, main multiplying agent of these residues (Wedge Jnior, 2007). The plastic bags are considered one of great the responsible ones for the impacts to the way. For assistance, try visiting carlos hank gonzalez . With the study of the perception human being it is intended to suggest some concepts and 0 variable that imply all in the process, in order to point the affinity between the perception and the interaction of the man with the environment. Ahead of the analysis of the data made by the author in the city of Good Sight, it can, to conclude that the population of independent Boa Vista of escolaridade, etria band and social classroom have little perception of the ambient impacts caused by the plastic bags, visa the people affirm to have knowledge of the ambient problems, however, in the practical a population does not develop the correct activities. By the same author: Anchin.

The Culture

We live the capitalism, and inside of this world of masters and wage-earning workers, we have through the education, perhaps the only way of ' ' to go up in vida' ' , however it more spaces for the medallions, that do not have ideas to defend, today more we are not politicized (it will be), and to each day, one I number greater of the population classroom ' ' C' ' the university obtains to have access, ascending socially. In the Machadiano text, the father, knows of the importance of a career for its son, either in the areas that will be. (…) Twenty and one years, some policies, a diploma, pods to enter in the parliament, the magistracy, the press, the farming, the industry, the commerce, the letters or the arts. Continue to learn more with: Nicholas Carr. It has infinite ahead careers of you. Twenty and one years, my youngster, form only the first syllable of ours destino' ' (…) (Axe of Assis – p.09) Who they would be then os' ' Medalhes' ' of our time? The politicians? Or its friends who occupy commissioned positions? New the rich ones, that searchs acceptance and social ascension? We ourselves? Fits nowadays a conformist? The answers to these questionings would change some thing? It has something made a mistake in being ' ' Medalho' '? Well, this theory has a very certain thing, all that one that displays its way to think that it differs from the majority, will always be criticized and until excluded I circulate in it social which the same it belongs. this, still, is very present in the culture of Brazilians of yesterday and today..

Applied Linguistics

43) is first ‘ ‘ symptom of alienao’ ‘ or of total identification with the other, and for consequence one ‘ ‘ abandonment of its proper identity cultural’ ‘. This is not the education concept. According to PCNs, the pupils need ‘ ‘ knowing and valuing the plurality of the sociocultural patrimony …, as half of stops to gradually construct to the notion of national identity … ‘ ‘ (BRAZIL, 1998, p.7). The education of a foreign language as well as of all the others you discipline must collaborate for construction of a citizen I criticize, so that the pupil understands which is its paper social and historical politician. The public school still is seen by its pupils as surrounding of learning of I READ, and this credibility in the paper of the school as the space of the learning of the foreign language is of extreme importance in the brainstorming for the relative problems to this education. If the language professors offered to its pupils the necessary conditions and correct for this learning, this disciplines would not be devaluated. For the opposite, it would be an element of great value in the formation of the pupil. So that it has an efficient learning of I READ is necessary that the professors search adjusted boardings, and that they consider the conditions of the classroom and the psicossocial and sociopoltico context. She is necessary that the school publishes and its professors come back its focus of action toward the education in READ of the subordinate classrooms.