Helena Saint Capitalist

In, the paper of the work in the formation of the monkey in man, Engels points the difference enters the actions of the animal irrationals on the nature and the human beings. Thus, it says: Already we saw as the goats had hindered the reforestation them forests in Greece; in Helena Saint, the goats and the pigs disembarked for the first navigators fond of the island exterminaram the there existing vegetation almost completely, with what they had prepared the land so that the plants taken later for other navigators and colonizadores could be multiplied. It influences but it lasting of the animals on nature encircles that them is entirely involuntary and constitutes, as for the animals, an accidental fact. But, the more the men if move away from the animals, plus its Influence on the nature acquire a character of a Intentional and planned action, whose end is to reach objective projected of beforehand. (ENGELS, 1968:178) To the one relating in them to the advanced capitalist countries, we can say that these objectives nor always have a rational and conscientious character (we mention social the ambient conscience to it/), therefore, as Lowy argues (2005, p.49), eless if they base on a logic of desmedido consumption, searching the wild accumulation of resources and prioritizing the profit above of any another thing. The limited rationality of the capitalist market, with its imediatista calculation of losses and profits, is intrinsically contradictory with an ecological rationality, that has taken in account the long temporality of the natural cycles. It is not treated to oppose ' ' maus' ' ecocidas capitalists to ' ' bons' ' green capitalists: he is proper system, established in the impious competition, in the requirements of the yield, the race behind the fast profit that is the annihilator of the natural balances. The pretense green capitalism does not pass of a maneuver advertising executive, a label that it aims at to vender a merchandise, or, in best of the hypotheses a local initiative equivalent to a water drop on the ground barren of the capitalist desert.