Everything Car

It if avizinha. High, esguia, brown. The black, great eyes. The drained, short hair. The gracious floor. The sung voice, sexy: – Everything ' ' jia' '.

– How it is, wants supper with me? Keeping the smile of covinhas it acquiesces: – Accepted. It opens the door of the car and it moving with the feminilidade of the charm of the age adentra. the car has left soft. 2 the car parks. – I liked you very, ' ' gata' '.

It takes my card. It binds pra me. Tchau. – Tchau! It repeats, looking the lean face, aged. Of coarse traces, thick hair, rentes in the oval skull of the citizen, that smiles and coming back the attention to the glass on the direction, bind the car and have left. The young woman walks. In the practised, requested mind, scenes for ' ' cliente' '. Until when it will be submitted to the humilhao of vender the body, the proper soul? Ah, if it was not to the survival necessity, the sick mother, the small brothers – But, one day I leave this! The empty bank. One sits down. Tiracolo opens the stock market. It removes vidrinho and opening it, leaves the white dust to fall on the coasts of the hand and, bending down itself, it inhales it, to feel itself renewed, ' ' outra' ' , and to face the proper reality. Its steps lead it the next scene. Already then the dawn hugs the beach, the dispersed couples, the cars in lesser number, the high, imponent, modern buildings, of light in varandas and dependences. The figure goes if moving away. It has advanced, suddenly, the imported car stops. The face of the youngster appears and it hears a' ' cantada' ' known: – We go to give one ' ' giro' ' for there, teso of woman? There to the similarity of the animal that it will invest on the canine tooth, it rebolando itself with sensuality, if avizinha. The door if opens, receiving it.