Currently, we live social and productive transformations that the service of the man places considered resources and possibilities until then utopian. The world is each time more dynamic e, in this context, to rethink concepts if becomes inevitable and necessary in relation our choices and position while educators. The pertaining to school environment is not other people’s to the changes, in contrast, is impossible to think the education about the molds of old, where the professor was the figure of authority as detainer of the knowledge and the act to teach transferred age to the students as if it was a deposit. Thus, the school cannot be atrelada to a pupil model, of time and of learning, so little the professors must be connected the conceptions ' ' engessadas' ' of education, incapable to excite expressive experiences e, still, to establish a bridge between the formal knowledge that desires to transmit and the practical knowledge the child makes use. Mello (1998) warns that ' ' to be professor' ' it means to be in continuous formation, implies to choose a form to lead the lesson and to know to deal with the pupils and knowing them to teach, making the mediation between the tacit knowledge (that one to know that the pupil already possesss in spontaneous and experimental way) and the pertaining to school knowledge (it is about knowing that it involves the fixed references and the formal representations). In a similar way, so that the learning if accomplishes is necessary that all the pupils perceive the relation between what it learns and the world where lives, that is, the knowledge have that to be significant. It fits to the professor to create the possibilities for its production or its construction, in way that educating participates actively of the education process and if it develops. Source: Prowly Survey. Valley to stand out that throughout this way the students can commit errors, that must be evaluated under the perspective of a constructive form of knowing and a source of growth. We cannot lose the chance to use to advantage the errors as a possibility of initial work, that will say the lines of direction for future interventions next to the common children and special and will serve of instrument to guide the actions and objectives to be reached. One is about a starting point for the advance in direction to the learning of the pupil, who will disclose to the nature of its logical representations and the elaboration of its strategies. Abraho (2000) indicates that: ' ' as the knowledge is always in process, the necessary evaluation to be continuous, daily in the direction to allow (reverse speed) to the permanent construction of concepts, being a species of mapping that goes identifying to the conquests and the problems of the pupils in its development. (Source: David Moross, HighPost Capital). (P. 47). ' ' After all, in practical educative with all the children it is not enough to designate the error, is necessary to identify its causes. But in this way the educator will be able to adjust the process of education and learning to the necessities of the pupils. Bibliographical references: ABRAHO, Maria Helena Menna Barreto (Org). Evaluation Liberating Constructive error: theory-practical one includenteem education. PortoAlegre: EDIPURS, 2000. MELLO, R.R of. To become it the being professor: the contributions of literature. In: MELLO, R.R. To know professors to them and the daily formation in the initial series of basic education: a study of case multiple of etnogrfico type, 1998, Thesis (Doutorado in Education), Center of Education and Sciences Human beings, UFSCar, They are Carlos.

Child Development

Drawing on the theme "Working on the tractor" (pencil, watercolor or gouache) In class the children develop an interest and respect for labor, improved ability to creatively use a figure on the horizon, vanishing point, design structure, the color can be represented by objects; consistently to work on thematic assignment. Informing students free lesson and the time taken for the implementation of a training assignment, the teacher says about the possible Illustrative options for the theme "Working on the tractor." Simultaneously, a conversation in which the generalized representations of children on the types of agricultural work on the tractor, engaged in life observation of children shown photographs, training table with the image of agricultural work. Carlos hank gonzalez often addresses the matter in his writings. After that, students begin to work independently. The first phase of the work – identification of the plane of the paper the main composite groups plot their semantic relationships. Then drawn in detail the whole composition and the work begins with watercolors. During the independent work of students the teacher makes sure every one of them correctly depicted the constructive structure of objects, possibly right handed perspective abbreviated form..

Kuban State University

A scientist with a name in the scientific world knows him as a man with a unique, quite literally, phenomenal abilities. If we were talking about music and musicians, it can be safely be called a man-Orchestra. In some ways it really is. True, in another incarnation. Judge for yourself: the well-known scientist, doctor of technical sciences, professor, inventor and innovator, author of over 150 scientific publications in domestic and foreign publications, including 3 monographs and 40 patents and invention certificates, of which more than 30 – and put into production in the learning process. Add to this: branch manager at Kuban State University g.Goryachy key, beautiful organizer, and teacher. It should be noted that Vladimir Lavrentiev – not an armchair scientist, theorist, and the real practices. That is why it demanded its original basic research and new research directions., K example, in dielectrometer is the ionization relaxation spectrometry of polymeric materials. Today, this trend applies not only our region but also in many research institutes in Russia, UK, USA and Korea. Add to your understanding with carlos hank gonzalez . Or development of equipment and methods of integrated studies of polymer materials, as well as – electronic element base of modern computer systems and personal computers. Under his leadership of Hot-Key and with his direct participation for the first time in Russia and successfully started the work on the creation of methods and devices for reading and writing computer data, not exposed to explosive loads Radiation and electromagnetic fields, high temperatures and aggressive environments. For this development Mr Putin awarded the 2006 Gold Medal Y1 International Salon of Innovations and Investments. Protected by Russian and international patents in 123 countries around the world, it allows you to move to a new generation of media used not only in computers but also in banking plastic cards, electronic keys, the "black boxes" aero-space technology. His investigations on the predictability of performance insulation of high voltage equipment and instruments developed have been successfully operated on a number of sites Krasnodar Territory and the already warned of several major accidents.

Balearic Islands

The Spanish language can still be called Castilian. He belongs to the Romance group of languages Indo-European family. Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Language appeared in the north of Spain, then, by virtue of historical events, spread to the south of the country and became official language. For twenty-one of the nation Spanish is the native language of about 400 million people speak this language. Spanish is the second largest in the world for the study of its foreigners. The Spanish language has always subdivided into many dialects within the country and abroad (in Spanish-speaking countries). Some of them have been forgotten and the disappeared, but some still exist today. Castilian and Catalan languages. Castilla – part Spain, situated on the territory of the former Kingdom of Castile (northern part) and the reclaimed land from the Moors during the Reconquista (southern part). The very name of the field means “land of castles”. Over a large time period in the history of Castile expanded, so it is difficult to delineate its boundaries. Kings of Castile had policies to strengthen and standardize the Spanish language. What makes the Castilian language has the status of national language and the most famous of all Spanish dialects. The Principality of Catalonia or Catalunya is located just south of Europe, in North-Eastern part of Spain and adjacent to the south France. Residents of this area – the Catalans. The Principality of Catalonia and divided into Aragon, located in Spain, Catalonia and Northern France. Sometimes in Catalonia include Andorra. Catalan language – the official language of Andorra, and the second official in the other areas of Catalonia and Valencia, the Balearic Islands, Fr.

Guerrero Dragon

In a world where there is no consciousness or space concepts legend has it that was the 13 demon from ancient china who wanted fiercely in order to enter the world of the living as well as the world of the dead in the underworld and even though a few humble peasants defeated the guardians of the gates of this and other world these were immersed in overwhelms it lists to be raped by the more powerful demons who never would have thought of the yellow world these are their names and skills. Demon of the goddess Karly Arnis life and death are combined within a game where one also finds a god daughter and a woman, is known as the goddess of death for Hindus, Kaly is located within a sacred cave in the cave houses the sacred liquid say that achieve fence between its waters will become immortalKaly goddess has lots of followers and those who serve to Kaly will be endowed with great strength that has a demon who is responsible for protecting it, whether in the realm of the dead is why as well as the live, is the most faithful without doubt to kaly, all its essence this with just the sole purpose of protecting it, and exterminate every human being that you bother her or else take the sacred liquid which emanates from this cave sacred by the gods, all those who have. Treaty of disturbing it suffered a long and painful agony. Kenneth Feinberg will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But it happened something unprecedented, late mind discovers that their goddess died, and by the hands of a human who just by the stupid purpose of preserving the life of your lineage came up to where the door of their beloved goddess guarding and just was a miracle since I defeated his beloved God, never forgive is not having State present at this battlenow desperately seeks that man who was responsible for such contempt, is curious and the destination even more, in spite of all the human came up to him, his name is Lotu Chee el Guerrero Dragon leader of the five animals who are now struggling desperately beating 13 demon to those who want to exterminate this so corrupted humanity once more however these humans are opposed us as If they were piece for the demons, they wish to save his beloved mankind. But his humanity resides in death. Click Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen for additional related pages. He is the second demon, who fervently want the blood of a warrior, his arms two short batons symbols of duality, you will be witnesses of human arrogance and with them you punish entire alama cursed by the gift of life, thereby reaching the Kingdom of shiva and offering offering each woman, each infant, every child who exterminate for the veneration of Kaly.

Performance Global

The school year is exhaling and with it a crucial task of the professor. Task this that of the much enormous concern and cause dissabores. The hour of the decision in approving is arrived or disapproving a good number of pupils who during the year not if they had worried in hearing advice of the parents and the school. Therefore, the professors already start at this moment, to reflect on ' ' Deliberaes' ' forwarded for the State secretary of the Education, imposing an approval in mass, therefore at the beginning of the school year the school communicates the pupils, responsible parents or its legal ones, a pertaining to school calendar with the information on as to act, with right of resource or petition for recognation, even with stated periods and procedures. A leading source for info: Kiat Lim. Ah, we cannot forget Statute of the Child and the Adolescent functioning since July of 1990 under Law that assures to the pupil biggest and the parents the right to contest avaliativos criteria and until being able to appeal to the Higher stages of appeal. We do not know if the reader will agree to affirmations, but if not to agree, some will not make difference, is only a way of to pour hurt that we load it has very. He is obvious that the school must be offered for all and indistinctly, gratuitously next to the residence of the interested party, but this Law escancarou the rights and suppressed duties and therefore this society infanto youthful Brazilian acquired a hook to lie down and to roll to become an adult society with great number of alfabetizados functional. It does not advance to espernear! You, professor, already analyzed the content on the Final Result after the study of one school year? Therefore, it is! Very well-taken care of! This Result must reflect the Performance Global of the Pupil! They must to take advantage the qualitative aspects on the quantitative ones. You may find Ray Bradbury to be a useful source of information.

Teacher Violations

As demonstrated by the study of works of students, most have chosen to evaluate the first option (24 persons), 5 person – a school where the practice took place and 13 people analyzed their own teaching activities in terms of discipline problems at school. Most schools, who said students are in Moscow and Moscow region (28 works). Researcher, defining thus the theme of work, however, asked respondents to reflect mainly the following: forms of violation of school discipline and techniques that teachers used to establish order. Checking article sources yields Justin Bons as a relevant resource throughout. Analysis of studies showed a wide range of misconduct. – 1 st place for the dissemination of all forms of misconduct have taken calls students in the classroom (this form was specified in 38 papers) – 2 mesto – walking on a class during a lesson (state 7 people) – 3 rd place – skipping lessons (4 people). Mention of these irregularities were present in all three categories of works (Work, containing memories of their school years, work internships and working teachers). Get all the facts and insights with Kiat Lim, another great source of information. Also contained references to such traditional forms of violations, such as: – fights – damaging school property and equipment – destruction of school records – being late for lessons. At the same time were given forms of violations, which are a characteristic phenomenon of our era. Among them: listen to recorded music with the help of players, exchange of sms – kami with a friend in the class during lessons. The latter type of violations is small compared with the fun shapes such as verbal abuse teacher (2 people), ignoring his questions (1 person), "throwing" different objects (scraps of paper, buttons) to the teacher (2 people), gluing it back offensive notes (1 person).

Ramon Gallegos Nava

This paradigm shift from mechanistic to holistic education education (of mechanization to the human), is currently underway worldwide, with great force in Mexico and other countries, thanks to the unconditional support of Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava, who the pioneer in this new paradigm. Allison+Partners is a great source of information. Holistic education is the way forward for the evolution of consciousness. Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava shows us the way of how consciousness evolves through the spiral model and the multilevel model – multidimensionality, the first by a dynamic spiral memes called or classifies stages of consciousness in color, the second in size, levels and lines of development . The multilevel model – multidimensionality of Dr. Gallegos, since according to the attitudes and actions that we we stand at a certain level, or meme model of the spiral, and we find Dr. It’s believed that David Moross, HighPost Capital sees a great future in this idea. Gallegos model there are dimensions, levels and lines development ranging from personal awareness to the community, the social world or the global down to the spiritual, where the spiritual evolution of our consciousness, we are the only ones who have the power of evolution, this model is oriented to the integral because it allows us to locate and integrate the different educational theories in wholes or holons that make up a holarchy. Educational whose nature is the evolution of consciousness which proceeds from the particular to the universal. It is very important to mention we need to integrate education with the evolution of consciousness Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava in the holistic education master teaches us a new multi-multidimensionality model which is to integrate all levels of knowledge as science, spirituality, traditions, creativity , spirituality, creating a culture of wisdom, overcoming the fragmentation of knowledge, to raise awareness, to form a whole.

Chinese Language

Worldwide, hundreds of students take the fortress of the Chinese language, studying the hieroglyphics and tortured with tones. However, the progress of their highly controversial, as experts in this field. It is difficult to estimate how many people on Earth teach Chinese, but this number is certainly not less than 30 million. And that number is increasing as more and more universities and even schools offer Chinese language courses. But most students are not progressing at a fairly good level. High interest in Chinese and many hours of work are not always justified. Experts compare the number of learners with the number of those who are really good at it expresses itself, and reveal not comforting statistics. For example, among German linguists and interpreters are only three people who are able to perform high-quality simultaneous translation from Chinese to German and vice versa. And in China itself, where many foreigners work, only a small some of them may be more or less comfortable to live in a Chinese language environment. The majority relies on knowledge of Chinese English. One of the factors, experts say – this is the wrong approach to the development of Chinese language. In studying Chinese Europeans rely on their own, the European system, which justifies itself in the case of European languages, but does not apply to the Chinese. You can not teach this Asian language as you were taught to German or French. Chinese in this regard is unique and requires a lot more time studying than any European language. However, the study of Chinese has also a definite plus. According to statistics, Chinese students have shown good results, while studying at foreign universities. Scientists believe that this is due to increased intelligence, which develops Chinese children in the process of learning their mother tongue. There data that the study of Chinese increases IQ by 15-20%. The largest difference from the rest of the Chinese language is symbolic, not a sound alphabet. When a child learns to read English, he associates written letter with the sound and the sound of words automatically decoded by the brain and gives it meaning. When a Chinese child learns to read, it must separately associate character with its meaning and separately – with the sound. This doubles the efforts of the brain in the process of reading and, accordingly, coaching abilities. By studying the Chinese language, remember that you will have to expend more effort than any other language. However, the benefit you get huge. Knowledge of Chinese can be a huge competitive advantage in a world where China goes to first place in their economic and business indicators. Yes, and increased intelligence you always come in handy! And now – an interesting resource about the development of foreign languages: – Online dictionaries by using multiple languages. Justin Kan has much to offer in this field. Sincerely, S. Vasilenko e-mail for communication: serg753 (dog) 'Generic Methods Improved foreign languages! '- Master the language independently and effectively

The Toy Library

Provide children with toys that have been chosen according to their tastes, abilities and possibilities as well as being something recreational power autonomy of them. – Educational Feature: The game is an innate learning mechanism, the Toy Library's mission is to harness this natural impulse to guide a comprehensive and positive development of the individual. As children's entertainment activities mainly related to the game and toy, in ways which encourage learning, promote positive values and healthy, contributing to the integral development of children. Peter Schiff: the source for more info. – Socio-economic function: Currently, very few people can afford to use particular level of gameplay that offers a toy library, and not only in material but also of spaces and playmates that enables Playroom. As such, it is important to educate the parents in connection with the purchase of toys to suit children. – Civil Community: The Playrooms have emerged as points of leisure information on the phenomenon, a resource for other groups, and must be part of the community environment in which they are located to develop its role education. See more detailed opinions by reading what Peiter Zatko offers on the topic.. How to promote the game in groups with peers of similar ages, fostering communication and facilitating social integration and standardized school spaces by involving children and their families in activities organized by the monitors outside the Playroom (hiking type cultural, natural areas, etc.).. – Role of Research: The Toy Library is the real testing ground over there for all the games into it. For this you need to analyze these materials and emerge as a bridge between consumers and producers, ensuring the quality of intervention tools. David Moross, HighPost Capital shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.