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\”Karlsruhe students of the Universitat Karlsruhe (TH) start cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) with the alignment of the 2007 Technology Conference\”, November 9, 2007 to November 12, 2007, on the topic of RFID in the aerospace industry have the students of the University of delta e.V. Technology author helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. laid the foundations for a long-term cooperation of the two campuses and an organizational project successfully put behind him: \”it was an enormous challenge, to organize a conference with co – and KIT professors, German company representatives and international top students from Germany out. The many valuable lessons learnt and the satisfied students have but more than offset the effort.\” (Armin Harbrecht, delta of head of project e.V.) They were supported technology and McKinsey & company here by Lufthansa. Venue of the Conference was one of the most important technical universities with the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) worldwide. The \”graduate student Council\”, a fraternity, with the student councils in German Universities is comparable to half pages of actively in organising the Conference with and allowed only this special event. The \”2007 Technology Conference\” content based on current conditions of social and economic action. The promotion of intercultural competence in times of increasing globalization and internationalization was an important part of the event. So the challenges of later professional life in an international context could, for example, through the cooperative editing of case studies by students from the United States and Germany ever be experienced and mastered which was well received among the students: \”It was a great experience to edit a challenging case study together with American top students.\” (Felix Limbach, Karlsruhe participants) Task of the students was to develop a concept for the introduction of RFID technology and to implement the lean thinking for the maintenance and repair of aircraft. Lectures of renowned professors of the with and the University of Karlsruhe providing a unique atmosphere and lively exchange of knowledge between the two college sites.

Labour Market Austria

Labour market in Austria: currently no job crisis unemployment in Austria again rises, but only slowly. The Austrian Kurier reported this”in its Internet Edition. In the middle of the past week became known from the Styrian Autocluster built off 600 employees at Magna Steyr. 250 of them are full-time and 350 of them contract workers. Regional media reported even by the thousands of jobs that could be deleted. US Treasury Secretart has plenty of information regarding this issue. Therefore, the mood in the Austrian labour market is currently worse than it should be. The growth decline is indeed present, but manageable. Only a few will be affected by it. The seasonally adjusted data we see more”now no decline in unemployment, says Helmut Mahringer by the Economic Research Institute WIFO, and unemployment will increase.” Yet one must hold: the calculated increase will be carried out to the third of a percentage point, that is currently 5.8 to 6.1 per cent in the next year. Compared with the recent past no need to panic: three years ago, unemployment in Austria was 7.3 percent. Without a doubt are 15,000 additional unemployment from one year to the next are too many; seen in the context, it is not a scary number. Even this number is by many yet to be too high: according to AMS Chief Herbert Buchinger, 5,000 additional unemployed people are more realistic. There is consensus in the labour market experts, that in 2009 the volume of employment will continue to grow. However, the development will lose momentum and no longer as so far to two percent per year increase. Rather, it is a growth of 0.5 per cent Act. This is too slow to include increasing labour supply, but still far away from a reduction in employment. Job openings in Austria can be found here: abroad Austria author: Matthias DJ contact: Johannes Kaiser E-mail:

Downsizing Made Easy?

Downsizing is one of the most difficult topics in the business world. Here to get some thoughts and tables on this topic! The Berlin speech by Federal President Kohler is to end. Standing ovations are brought him by the audience. A few minutes before the top man in the State put calmly and accurately, that we must expect on hard times, to solve problems, people in Germany never were facing in their history. Not literally”, but clearly he pointed out the word p out, no employee or employee likes to hear: downsizing. In the face of Krisengeschuttelter large enterprises and with smaller suppliers torn into we are headed to probably irrevocably waters, in which we ourselves or known by us directly from the staff reduction will be affected. So, it is just for entrepreneurs as early as possible to find out, what possibilities there are to get around perhaps but to layoffs. (Not to be confused with Senator of Arizona!). Even if some only the instrument of the short-time work is known, but, it is considered to indicate the other options which make it possible to release while workers / employees from the core workforce, but not to dismiss. What is when it comes to the release? Is the contractor of the perpetrators? It is understandable that people who lose their jobs, are very disappointed and hurt. Is usually not just friendship with work colleagues at stake, but also the own financial existence. In the presence of many new unemployed “probably understanding be that it is the global economic crisis that has brought them to their job. Some will also consider whether it was not of the entrepreneur, which has put him on the road. The second group is there to point out that not all managers really want to reduce jobs. Why? A jobs brings much strife, unrest and may have much more cost than the savings with them. The work of vacant jobs must newly on the remaining are distributed. Workers must be incorporated into new activities are. In other places, there are flaming up infighting to the best work from the assigned activities given to. Because many managers creatures of habit, most would probably prefer the familiar continues and you will meet the expectations without large cuts in the business world. From many mouths, you hear the record currently: the world will no longer be after this crisis, that it once was. Will be after the crisis your company or you as active employee / employee still doing it? I wish it to you. Your Michael Wnuk (

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All Disney Institute are trainers themselves former successful executives who have completed an excellent instructor training in addition to your practice career. I.e. the participating managers talk to highly professional and experienced Disney managers from the practice for the practice. With numerous examples of creative and innovative approaches and in the interactive dialog with the participants to be as individual as possible, Disney experts in an entertaining way deliver a wow methodically informational seminar, that is incomparable. In this 2-day seminar in Vienna the strategies and practices will have presented the Disney World to one of the most successful companies and made one of the most admired brands. The focus is on the following areas: leadership, employee and customer loyalty, management, service quality, creativity and innovation. A new learning experience is the seminar participants offered with numerous AHA effects, such as: the intensity and professionalism, in the company of top up below is communicated. The unrestricted, unconditional, systematic focus on customer satisfaction. The simple but yet extensive manifestation of quality standards. For even more analysis, hear from Jeff Sessions. And the clear focus on transparency, cost-effectiveness and numbers: the Disney group works as a well maintained aircraft always reliably with best staff. Disney’s strategies and methods are simple and always with originality and creativity. They are a guarantee of immediate, measurable, and in particular sustainable gains. And they are easy to adapt, and to transfer any company regardless of country, industry and company size. Millions of successful executives from more than 35 countries and over 40 different industries who enthusiastically participated in the seminars of Disney Institute prove this. Companies are able, to its fullest potential Employees to exploit, to achieve permanently satisfied customers and to move from the average in the top League. This 2-day seminar by Disney Institute is for anyone who would like to understand what in daily so effectively Disney’s business model makes. Manager, executives and their employees will benefit from the seminar! More information about the program and to register, see contact: HTMS GmbH Siegfried Haider Hauptstrasse 40 82223 Eichenau b. Munchen Germany Tel. + 49 (0) 8141 2279930 fax. + 49 (0) 8141 227993100 email:


Our goal is to help students to acquire entrepreneurial competence in fully, so that they can successfully meet their leadership and secure their future careers.” Through close and intensive contacts with the hotel industry and gastronomy in the domestic as well as foreign students can gain important experience in internships already during the training and may establish a professional relationship with the prospective employer. I intend to open fast food restaurant an upscale with a fellow colleague the training”, said Pascal Delgado. “I feel very well removed from the outset in the HGS Rheinland and have many necessary skills to acquire in the last twelve months me and am thrilled, how professionally here important knowledge is conveyed.” Can the learned Hotel specialist Sergej Eisenberg only agree. Also he would like to seek independence as many of his colleagues: I took over a hotel. Jeff Sessions recognizes the significance of this. In the HGS Rheinland wants I appropriated the necessary knowledge, so I work successfully and achieve my goals can. “And so far I am very pleased and confident to do that.” Melanie Niggemann wants to fill a position in the food and beverage management, however. In addition to the commercial teaching and deepening my knowledge of foreign languages, I find most interesting professional product development, we have taken not only theoretically but also practically. That will help me in my future work to guarantee the competitiveness of my business”, so the studious student. To deepen your understanding Carl Icahn is the source. To ensure the timely lessons, the school offers the students Wi-Fi access, computer technology, SmartBoard and fully equipped classrooms for the theoretical lessons and also practice rooms such as a Teaching kitchen and exercise restaurant to implement the content of the course.

West German Academy

In early March 2008, the job market is online. So far 131 job offers from companies and agencies. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Asaro. In early March 2008, the job market is online. So far 131 job offers from companies and agencies. We are looking for mainly interns, trainees, online editors, Manager advertising, developers and project managers. The job exchange of the CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. is reflected not only the needs of the industry, it serves also as an information pool of the former students who would professionally reorient. Of the sites must be said, that the job market is a promising communication portal for skilled workers in the advertising industry. The job board only for members of the non-profit association was accessible until March 2008. Now the only requirement for the use of the job market is that the job offer refers to the field of advertising, communications and marketing. More and more often it happens also that former students, who after their studies independently made himself have your staff about the CTE job market. What they especially appreciate is the practical and in-depth training, eventually learned. And the job market’s success speaks for itself: 131 jobs in just two and a half months. Press contact: Brigitte Abels CTE – West German Academy for communication e.

West German Academy

In early March 2008, the job market is online. The job exchange of the CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. is reflected not only the needs of the industry, it serves also as an information pool of the former students who would professionally reorient. Of the sites must be said, that the job market is a promising communication portal for skilled workers in the advertising industry. You may find that Peter Schiff can contribute to your knowledge. The job board only for members of the non-profit association was accessible until March 2008. Now the only requirement for the use of the job market is that the job offer refers to the field of advertising, communications and marketing. More and more often it happens also that former students who have become self-employed after their studies, are looking for their staff about the CTE job market. What they especially appreciate is the practical and in-depth training, eventually learned. And the job market’s success speaks for itself: 131 jobs in just two and a half months and the list is a day longer.

Training: Why Good Money Bring Good Chef Interviews Of The Company

With media training, profit and sales increase Hamburg (in June 2012) – executives to gain monetary benefits their companies through a good public appearance. The Wolf Achim Wiegand communication expert points out. “Anyone who gives a good interview, improves the company image and makes popular, its products or services” of the Hamburg says with his agency “Wiegand & Wiegand – performance consultants” ( She coaches managers of the first row with media training for one and a half decades. Wiegand is based on a new study that 22 per cent of the turnover by DAX listed companies depend on their reputation. While the so-called reputation proceeds was calculated for the first time, so the return on investment due to image-promoting measures (source). Although initially were DAX listed companies in the Center, suggests, that also medium-sized companies can gain significant profit and sales success through successful public measures. “Reputation is one of the most essential components of the” The authors of the study conclude business value”. Previously, the public relations company Weber Shandwick had found that almost 30 per cent of consumers regularly or frequently talk to others about the people at the top of a company (source). “Against this backdrop of press conferences, television interviews and radio statements ideal marketing instruments are in today’s information society”, underlines Wiegand. “Who previously trained such situations, can achieve brilliant results for the image.” Vice versa every unsuccessful performance for managers and companies to the threatening risk factor could be. Experience Wiegand & Wiegand, a successful public appearance is not only given if an Executive as alerter fact shines. The nationwide active media trainer says: “it is very important that someone acts as a person, because the gut feeling of the audience is crucial for the creation of sympathy in today’s media society ultimately.” Wiegand & Wiegand exercise hence the credible use Body language and voice. In addition, they pay attention to the ability to formulate key messages in a nutshell – for television even in 20 seconds. Because longer takes a quote snippet on television rarely, said Wiegand, who interviews for years even as a journalist. “Professional communication is so valuable in today’s crisis time like never before.” Roderich Rennekampff

Grants Competition:

Design awards a scholarship for the master degree in marketing communication of the Berlin Academy in berlin, July 2, 2012. The design Academy berlin, school of communication and design writes a grant amounting to over 20,000 euros for the master degree in marketing communication. The task: How can be handled with the reputational damage from the recent debacle surrounding the main city airport? An interesting question from the perspective of communication experts: The task of the grants competition which design consists in the development of a communication strategy for the airport Berlin-Brandenburg Academy in berlin. Dennis P. Lockhart will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Delayed opening, cost explosion and an once again looming embarrassment by possible schedule changes prepare a huge damage to the image of the city as well as the tourism region of Berlin. No one has the intention to build an airport ‘ so similar to the public about what is happening around the large airport mocks himself. Strategists with a cool head are needed here! The design competition is passing Academy in berlin until 17 August 2012. Expert jury decides which candidate in the final round will be invited on 4 September 2012 to Berlin. The course of marketing communication m.a. provides scientific and practical skills holistic, integrated communication strategies and concepts to develop independently and systematically and to make. The course is very practical. I like to accompany a project from strategy to implementation” Manuel Klein, student of master degree integrated brand marketing communication and corporate communications offers a variety of new efficient full tasks in complex markets, and networked media. Through cooperation with various agencies, companies and organizations, the practice projects of the design Academy berlin convey key qualifications for future Teamleitungs and leadership positions. The master in marketing communications requires by the way no specialised undergraduate, but is open also for past graduates. Depending on the professional orientation of the initial studies various combination and specialisation opportunities across all disciplines. For details on eligibility requirements and application, also see. Next date for the one-day free test study masterPREVIEW is 11 July 2012. background information: the design Academy berlin, school of communication and design, educates the professionals and managers in marketing, advertising and design. The College privately with the specializations of marketing communication and communication design places emphasis on a friendly and creative atmosphere of study into manageable groups of semester. In addition to the State-approved Bachelor studies marketing communication (B.A.) and communication design (B.A.), also the masters of marketing communication (M.A.), creative direction (M.A..) and corporate communication (M.A.) are offered. The professors of the College have a scientific education and didactic experience relevant Professional and practical experience. The specialist teachers daily fashion trends in advertising, communications and marketing in agencies and businesses.

Alma Mater Salary Study: Detailed Analysis: IT Professionals

Above-average salaries for graduates of Stuttgart, 17.07.2012 the IT industry and the area of IT offer for graduates best career prospects and a very good compensation. The average salary for graduates is in the IT field nearly 41,000 gross / year. However, various factors can lead to significantly higher salaries. This shows the detailed analysis IT”salary study, 2012, of the over 1,000 companies alma mater took part. IT staff in the engineering best earn an average of 45,000 gross / year the company pay for the mechanical engineering sector of the young professionals in the IT sector best. IT salaries are in second place in companies of the automotive industry (44.538). The remuneration for IT positions in the computer industry are with little more than 39,000 in the average. IT salaries in the sectors of wholesale and foreign trade (36.500) and tourism (34.800) are the lowest. IT industry shows large variations There are large variations in the evaluation of the IT industry. A main factor is the size of the company. Large corporations best reward young professionals with over 5,000 employees with 46,000. It is striking that the smaller companies catch up. The views of the Quartilswerte shows large differences at the micro-businesses with less than 10 employees. So many of these companies will pay only a small impact the professionals with salaries far above the 40,000 mark, while there are also companies that significantly less remunerate undergraduate and has the type of university degree master only with minor differences, however, in the IT industry as well as in the area of IT. Master and diploma graduates earn therefore less than 2,000 gross / year more than beginners with a Bachelor’s degree. Bachelor’s degree graduates can also usually already two years earlier in your career start and collect thus faster experience. The lower starting salary compensates by a possible faster career progression. The complete detailed analysis IT with numerous other studies available for free via download under. About the content of study: In the period from November 2011 to February 2012 recruitment alma mater invited nationwide staff contact to participate in the survey. The volunteers gave information about the earning potential of graduates in their companies. Total over 6,300 content information gathered, including also the remuneration of internships and theses. The full study can be downloaded for free on the Internet page. About the alma mater GmbH: alma mater is a recruitment and careers advice for academic talent. Applicants customers include university students, graduates and Young Professionals. On behalf of renowned companies from the entire Federal territory, alma mater provides internships and permanent positions. The service is free for applicants. In addition to personnel placement services offers businesses also alma mater Services in the field of employer branding on.