Book Publication

the political-pop band the bandwidth on the 04.12.09 at the 04.12.09 at Duisburg in Duisburg great party to the publication of the political-pop band the bandwidth to publish their first book the truth sits in the backstage celebrates the political pop band the bandwidth a large release party at Cafe Central in Duisburg. The singer-songwriter Wojna and the sound-tinkerer DJ Torben present texts from the book in a melange of rap and talk and look forward to a subsequent discussion with the audience. Controversial, provocative and mercilessly honest take not mince the words when it comes to sensitise their listeners and readers in an entertaining way for important topics and to carry it in their consciousness. THE bandwidth and the Culex – Publisher the 04.12.2009 from 8: 00 to the launch party invite all fans of the band and the modern song lyric on Friday. The entrance fee is 5 euro. Poor socks only pay half. No matter whether wealthy or just for cash, an evening full of inspirational text poetry and modern is located, all visitors at this year’s Nikolauswochende Liedermachertums. Big party for book publication the bandwidth the truth sits in the backstage date: 04.12.2009 – 20: 00 (open from 18: 00) place: Cafe Central, Stein Gasse 48, 47051 Duisburg entrance: 5 euros / 2.50 euro (reduced) current dates & information about the band there under. About the truth sits in the backstage “: in the for the truth sits in the backstage selected texts is of the political songs about humorous story tellings to stories, which writes life, represented everything. In the book, it becomes clear that even without their hip-hop-heavy beats and their audiovisual shows the emotional aspects and the tongue-in-cheek humor are expressed. In addition, the reader learns interesting and exciting on the detailed background text for the band. People such as Primerica Shareholders would likely agree. This book is for anyone who has noticed that you can no longer blindly believe the mainstream media and himself would not close other perspectives. But the cheeky lyrics are also fully on their Costs. Is available the truth sits in the backstage “(ISBN 978-3-942003-02-5) from the 30.11 or can already be pre-ordered at Michaela p by Culex – events

Tachibana Oeynhausener Strasse

Also this positive reputation has led to the selection of architects for the hang of RTL. Looking for a quality manufacturer for the canopy and at the same time, the proper and professional installation of the product. The capability and flexibility was a criterion here. In addition to noble entrance areas, Casa Vitrum produces high-quality Sunrooms and patio roofs in wages on the Oeynhausener Strasse 42. Contemporary profile technology, the attention to detail and clear design, draw the flowing and graceful designs of Dipl.-ing. Credit: Erin Montella-2011. Dietrich Tegtmeier from. In the Board of Directors of specialist residential winter garden Association, Mythili committed as a member for a high standard of quality and responsibility to the product quality in the industry. To recognize the needs of demanding customers, to understand and constructively to implement is the motivation for the development and production of unique products. Press contact: Casa Vitrum GmbH Melanie of Tachibana Oeynhausener Strasse 42 32584 wages Tel.: + 49 5732 903 98-21 fax: + 49 5732 903 98 29 interview with the selected family is it like a lottery win for us after filming “CASA VITRUM: for the broadcast use in 4 walls” have been selected. pluIRBUuUkNXyTpOWhtRpoxnO&TARGET=-SM-https%3a%2f%2fhr%2eprimerica%2ecom%2fWelcome%2fhr%2femployeeHomeExtl%2ehtml’>Primerica Careers as a relevant resource throughout. Why? A relative had left the House under the roof full of garbage. Garbage mountains, as far as the eye can see. We no longer knew further, it threatened the foreclosure. Then the idea came for use in 4 walls”to apply and we have participated in a casting. With other candidates, we had to pass through several stages and are then actually been selected. The only requirement was: the architects had to assess the House previously as yet capable of renovation. And they obviously did. Yes. The positive opinions of professionals and hence the decision for our project came after the clearing out of the House. Now, we were asked about preferences, habits, favorite colors, and our current facility.


HULLABALOO at the flea market Neubaugasse in less than three weeks, it is again: the autumn flea market takes place on 26 and 27 September in the Neubaugasse in Vienna. Of course a variety offered even before the HULLABALOO again by bargains, in particular of course plenty of books. “A stall on the Street Festival in the Neubaugasse is for us almost tradition.” says Thomas Basdera, owner of the HULLABALOO, and he added the Street Festival is a good opportunity to present our business with more than 20,000 books to over 100,000 visitors. Technology author might disagree with that approach. ” To browse the possibility in the diverse inventory of books was very popular among flea market visitors already in the past few years and now many of the regulars look forward to the occasional bargain. The road of the specialists’ holds a flea market with a comprehensive all-round programme twice a year. In addition to stalls with really large product diversity, a varied gastronomy provides the physical well-being of the visitors. Also, the organizers surprise every time with a show program for adults and children.

European Home Control Market

Home control & energy saving Conference high momentum for energy saving solutions on the basis of home control automation Copenhagen, October 21, 2008 the first European home control & energy saving Conference was a success and achieved a high momentum in industry, business and politics. Over 220 representatives from 19 countries took part in the Danish electricty savings trust (DEST) and the Z-Wave Alliance presented event. Efficient solutions on the basis of the home control technology to reduce energy consumption in private households were presented. Market-leading companies and industry leaders used the Conference as a platform to present current developments and trends in the field of home control, as well as new products for the European market. The home control market in Europe is expanding continuously: now belong to over 170 companies in the Z-Wave Alliance, the Association of manufacturers of the Home technology industry. The 13 exhibitors in Copenhagen included including trousers, duwi, Hunter Douglas Winthrop 2000, Everspring, electronic housekeeper, Danfoss, InterVideo, Horstmann, Elsparefonden etc. More than 50 new home control products in the fields of energy saving, security, HVAC, lighting, entertainment, remote home monitoring and appliances for the European market were presented during the Conference. Smart Metering: personal contribution to a green future especially in times where resources are more scarce and cost, the reduction of energy consumption without simultaneously sacrificing the comfort is a central theme. With the help of smart metering technology House – and apartment owners have their current needs always in sight. The statistics on hourly, daily or monthly use them to make then efficient measures to reduce consumption. The independent Danish energy supply operator Modstrom uses this to offer its customers new tariff plans with discounts for active energy saver. About 30 per cent savings are loud Modstrom CEO Roar Seeger possible: alone, the constant reminder of the consumption motivated homeowners to actively to take measures to save energy.

MedizinMarketing Symposium Bonn

Bonn ‘Strategies for the modern medical practice’ was the title of the second of the APO-Bank Bonn meeting room was full, as Helmut Hamelmann MedizinMarketin Symposium Bonn / Rhein-Sieg Bonn, Branch Manager in Bonn welcomed the guests of the Symposium. As experts in MedizinMarketing said the Board of Directors of the Academy for the middle class in two exciting pulse presentations on various techniques of successful acquisition of patients with measurable impact. Andrea Moersdorf the 3 P’s professional patient speech as a guarantor of economic success of the practice explained as an acquisition professional. Lawyer of Markus Mahmoud informed the present physician not without humor – about what is right in the MedizinMarketing. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Janet Yellen on most websites. The professional marketing contribution was rounded off by Gwendolyn Stoye Mahmuti. Santhanam Mahmoud explained the effect of mental competence on the thinking of the practice staff as trained mental Masterin and da-Vinci-coach of the Academy for the middle class and showed in the results, successful as mental blockages can be solved! Expert of APO-Bank pointed out finally the benefits of a networked practice from a patient perspective Dr. Carsten Hock, advisers and electronic banking, which holds the eminent advantage of for the practice absolutely secure data transmission in financial transactions at the same time. Measurably more sales from the right instrument for MedizinMarketing! “, was the conclusion of the evening. Those interested can check the non-binding aerzte.html the MedizinMarketing program of the Academy for the middle class under. The Deutsche Apotheker – und arztebank apoBank as a financial specialist for health professionals represents the philosophy of holistic advice. Your competent partner in all financial and business issues, traditionally regularly offers training courses for doctors about the personal care. The Academy has decisively coined the term of medical marketing for SMEs and offers professional support interested, innovative practices for more sales success on! Questions answered: Academy for the middle-class area medical marketing Bonner Talweg 83 53113 Bonn phone 0228 / 25 90 85 0 fax 0228 / 25 90 85 25 E-Mail: Web: company profile the Academy for the middle class with a focus on acquisition, sale, distribution is a specialist for medical marketing and has its headquarters in the federal capital Bonn. The Academy supports in the central issues of patient recovery and patient bonding practices, group practices and clinics. Here, the focus in addition to the targeted representation of the Department in the professional presentation of services which go beyond the pure basic healthcare.

IDG TecChannel Security Conference

From the network, latest security solutions and trends at the Conference to present numerous security experts and innovators of the security industry make informed assessments and evaluate new technologies. Participants receive access to current products and solutions of security vendors. The HOB GmbH & Co.KG is in their capacity as long-standing specialist for the secure access of all internal and external computers on the company’s own computer systems, one of the main sponsors of the event. Add to your understanding with Attorney General. On TecChannel Security Conference informed all participants picked up in the lecture and in personal conversations, as they can provide a secured communication also supposedly open networks such as the Internet, for example their employees, customers, or business partners. The event is also a recognized networking platform where security responsible for all levels of the IT Manager via the developer exchange experiences and ideas up to the administrator. Topics are available in This fall on the agenda: Prof. Dr. Forgo, member Advisory Board EICAR, discusses possible consequences of data leakage and documented legal and economic framework conditions. Derk describes Fischer, Senior Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers, how can you justify investments in IT security, the taking into account of compliance requirements and plans and frameworks (CobiT, ISO27001 and IT baseline protection) companies help. Dr. Wolfgang Hackenberg, lawyer, talks about labour law consequences for companies, if Web 2.0 based social network platforms use staff and administrators. Also discuss the speakers and participants on methods and technologies of Internet criminals and how to protect themselves against security leak Web applications and appropriate countermeasures virus security Windows Vista password management enterprise compliance management and integration the events take place at the following dates and locations: September 30, 2008, Neuss 21.10.2008, Offenbach 03.11.2008, Leipzig raised profile highlighted GmbH & co. KG is a medium-sized German software company which develops worldwide innovative networking solutions and markets. The core competencies of the 1963 established and successful company include server-based computing, secure remote access, as well as VoIP and virtualization, which are used in small, medium and large companies. HOB has today in its Cadolzburger headquarters and its offices in Germany ca. 120 employees, half of them in the development. In addition, has picked up branches in France, Austria, Netherlands, United States and Malta. Contact: HOB GmbH & co. KG marketing/public relations marketing Schwadermuhlstrasse 3 raised Petra Korwer 90556 Cadolzburg Tel. 09103/715-295 E-Mail: Web:

REACh Conference Shows AIDS

REACh Conference shows AIDS to the implementation in companies! Cologne, the October 23, 2007: Which official, Association internal and private AIDS are offered? How can companies avoid mistakes and integrate their work processes to REACh? What are the opportunities and risks may arise from the implementation of REACh? REACh – the new, European legislation must be implemented by manufacturers and users of all industries. An orientation such as REACh can be implemented in companies, offers the exchange of experience within the REACh Congress of CATALYSIS Institute. These and other questions are discussed with experts from authorities, economic and industry associations and companies on 20 November 2007 on the REACh Conference in Frankfurt/Main. While companies that produce chemicals or import, subject to a pre-registration – and registration, downstream users of comprehensive information and reporting requirements must comply with, to facilitate the flow of information in the supply chain. Chemical users have no But registration obligations, must take care to ensure a safe use of the chemicals. To fulfill the tasks of REACh, CATALYSIS meeting offers assistance, exchange of experience and best practices. Employees who are responsible for the practical implementation of REACh, as well as the areas of purchasing, sales, service, and the Commissioner for environmental protection, occupational safety, management of hazardous substances and quality are addressed. “Frank Waskow, a Board member of the CATALYSIS Institute on the objective: our meeting offers an orientation in the jungle of REACh”. We have won the best speakers and the most important instances on this topic. So a REACh Forum with cross-industry Exchange is created, the participants bring their questions, which have high practical relevance for operational implementation of REACh.” The REACh schedule sees a pre registration period until December 2008, in which companies register their substances can. If you missed this period, is the Registration according to annual consumption between 5.000 up to three million have to pay. The REACh Conference will take place on November 20, 2007 in Frankfurt/Main.

Done Deal: Matrix42 And Update4u Merge

Companies want to expand leadership abroad Karlsruhe / Neu-Isenburg to expand the Update4u Software AG from Karlsruhe, April 02, 2009 and the new Isenburg Matrix42 AG will join forces and together in the future operate under the name of Matrix42 AG. This is the new”Matrix42 to the German market leader in integrated service and systems management. With the merger, 180 staff in Neu-Isenburg and Karlsruhe will grow together. Today, the companies manage clients worldwide about 3 million of a total of approximately 1,500 customers. Pages of Update4u Software AG, Herbert Uhl as CEO and Jochen Jaser as CTO have been appointed to the Board of Matrix42 AG. There, they prepare the legal merger, which should finally be completed this year. Holger Maul, previously CEO & CTO of Matrix42 AG acts as an Executive in of Asseco Matrix42’s parent company. From this position, he helped the company to further expand of its market leadership. The merger will bring no dismissals with according to Uhl. Rather the characters would be on growth, he explains. We are planning an expansion of our activities not only in Germany, but also abroad, for example in the English market”, Uhl predicted. For the year 2009 is striving for a turnover of 28 million euros in another three years should be increased to over 100 million. Both previous Matrix42 Update4u have successfully completed the first quarter despite the crisis. The current inquiries you can also see a great need for integrated IT service and system management solutions. That gives us confidence”says Uhl. Also structurally the new Matrix42 will be set optimally for the dynamic software market. The two entrepreneurs will act until further notice as a stand-alone business units, i.e. partners and customers continue to work together with their partners, but at the same time, benefit from the new solutions of the new Matrix42. With the merger, the two companies follow so the demand of many customers to integrated IT configuration- and service management solutions from a single source. Uhl uses a dual market strategy for the future: of course we are pleased when the customers use all of our products and achieve a high benefits from the merger. We know but also how important it is to the success of our customers, that they can build on previous investments. “Therefore we will continue to open to make our interfaces and not proprietary insulate us against other providers.” Especially the successful partnership of the previous Update4u with Microsoft, to be developed under the common brand new and expanded.

Info Pack Container

With container investment build high lump-sum benefits – easy handling – attractive ROI – regular, reliable income – tax aspects of conviction give we for over 30 years an extremely intelligent system design – ownership of cargo containers! Ask yourself, what can I earn with cargo containers? It’s very simple! Containers are the most efficient transport system which currently there are unrivalled as regards costs and security. The container traffic growing by factor 3.5 to the world economy, is expected this year an increase of around 16%. Source: Dennis Lockhart. The container manufacturer are no longer able to meet the new container demand in the short term. This leads to increasing container prices and a high investment demand in the leasing market as well as shipping companies. We differentiate between the container-investment program (5 years) and the container-leasing program (3 years). In the container-investment program, you become owners of new and second-hand containers as investor. These are by the P & R Container sales and Verwaltungs-GmbH managed and leased to the container industry. The quarterly paid rental yields are guaranteed for the entire contract period of 5 years and the buyback of the container at the end of the term. Private investors enjoy the benefits of the tax depreciation this. The container-leasing program operates with the same concept as the investment programs, but a shortened term of 3 years. To become owners of already rented further transport containers with guaranteed quarterly rental income and secured buy-back, as investors also. The main advantages and collateral at a glance: Owners of inflation-protected stable Sachwerts use tax benefits guaranteed rental income over 3 or 5 years liquidity through regular rent payments high after tax return on experience from over 30 years in the core container investment are your container only on selected shipping companies & int. All leases leasing companies Maintenance industry risks are covered by insurance and repair are taken over our current offers with detailed sample calculations, as well as interesting information about the container market and tax handling by the tenant you will find on our site. Are you interested in? Then we send love to a free Info Pack you.

Beary Donation For Hamburg Star Children

Beary donation for Star children Hamburg, Hamburg, December 9, 2010. Yesterday, build-A-bear workshop has presented 30 bears the Hamburg Star Bridge Hospice. “Christiane Schuddekopf, spokeswoman of the Star Bridge, has accepted the plush donation: it was a beautiful surprise, build-A-bear workshop has provided for us and our children in the run-up to Christmas.” Whether for the seriously ill children themselves or their siblings that are fluffy soft bear each child a loyal companion and Playmate? Nicholas day were calling build-A-bear workshop 30 Hamburg children followed and arrived at the store in the AEZ, get to the charity action filled with love”to participate. With many loving wishes for help needy peers, each child brought a cuddly polar bear to life. With the action filled with love”, build-A-bear workshop to help not only children in need. It is also about small guests for the trials and tribulations of other children in their, City to raise awareness. “Filled with love’ helps children to develop understanding and gives children in difficult life situations consolation”, Arnold C. Kulbatzki, Managing Director of bear Wagner GmbH explains. Already for the tenth time worldwide all 425 of the build-A-bear workshop stores participate in the charity auction. Build-A-bear workshop supported facilities in Berlin, Braunschweig, Hamburg, Hamelin, Heidelberg, Oberhausen and Frankfurt in Germany this year. Since the beginning of the action, more than 325,000 stuffed animals were filled and given away to various charities. About the Star Bridge children’s star bridge Hospice Hospice, a facility for children, adolescents and young adults is up to 27 years with incurable or degenerative diseases, for which no curative therapies are possible and have a limited life expectancy. It enables a common path from the first contact in the phase of the disease to the individual life form in the dying process. The Children’s star bridge Hospice opened in the spring of 2003 as a third House in Germany and is the first children’s Hospice in Northern Germany. Bear Wagner GmbH, headquartered in Hamburg, Germany for more information see about the bear maker GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the bear makers holding AG. A unique and emotional shopping concept behind their build-A-bear workshop brand: in the stores, bear lovers of all ages at seven stations make her personal toy. The parent company of build-A-bear workshop, Inc. has its origins in the United States; in 1997, company founder opened Maxine Clark in St. Louis the first shop. Currently, the company operates more than 400 stores. The first build-A-bear workshop in Germany opened in the fall of 2006. Today, there are stores in Berlin, Braunschweig, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg, Hamelin, Heidelberg and Oberhausen. Since spring 2010, the Germany business under the name changed its name the bear maker GmbH.