Private Jet Flights

iClear handles online payments for from Cologne/Mannheim, may 12 2009 iclear, provider of fiduciary services to pay on the Internet that exclusively handles the online payments of customers. provides private jet charters to companies and individuals. launching its safe iclear payment service on May 12, 2009, in time to the beginning of the largest private aircraft exhibition outside the United States, EBACE in Geneva. The business model is impressive: on a request the customer receives automatically several offers of from various airlines and can compare and choose. Thus conveys private flights at the best price on virtually all places within and outside Europe that have an airport suitable for private jets. Frequently Nicholas Carr has said that publicly. Around 25,000 airports served by the private jets, which are registered with to the flight operator. The services is worth for example for companies, engineers or project groups by plane to send to their customers. Managing Director Georg Breydy: Private jet are our customers much faster on the ground with their travel plans can make significantly more flexible than with scheduled flights.

Eliminates waiting times at airports, lengthy check-ins, nights or connecting flights. Often accounts for several days, because a team back on the same day and fly back. This saves time and money.\” In addition, that private jets fly directly to many smaller places, which can be reached only by car or train. From a security standpoint, the flight by private jet is often useful for example if valuable equipment or sensitive documents are carried, that the owners don’t want to leave. He must trust that the baggage not in a private jet.\” Already registered for the mediation of flights across Europe over 120 private jets at You can carry up to 19 passengers quickly, easily and flexibly depending on the size. The number of available jets will be expanded significantly in the short term, such as Georg Breydy \”explains: there is great interest from aircraft operators and potential passengers on our service.\” By the way:, The travel by private jet is often much cheaper than often assumed not rarely the overall travel costs even lower than with alternative means of transport.