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With around 120 participants, the new German Congress with great success has carried the 4th industry gathering time work in Cologne. “Head which University was Strasbourg, Steinbeis transfer centre international strategies, the service develop the introductory seminar on November 22, held by Prof. Mattoug, alone by the topic called: develop European temporary employment” to a very good start. Prof. Mattoug reported, vividly, what measures should be considered in the future, be sure of the temping agencies. Dr. Wilhelm Schaffer, State Secretary of the Ministry of labor, integration and Social Affairs of Rhine-Westphalia over the positive development in the temporary work and the essential contributions of temporary employment to unemployment said to the opening of the Congress on November 23, 2010. He impressed strongly with high professional competence. It is felt that the change in temporary work to stop is. The numerous practical examples from European countries have pointed out many new possibilities, as companies in the cross-border temporary work can be successful. The example of Poland was particularly Stephan Temmink from the Dutch Coopertieve Vereniging Argrarische Bedrijfsverzorging (CVAB) / off PersonalPartner Mitte GmbH to contribute a very interesting review of the practice. The company is managed to convey Polish workers by a strong presence of from PersonalPartner, so Stephan Temmink in his lecture in Poland to Holland. Dr. Michael Freytag gave an interesting overview of the legal framework conditions of temporary work in Europe, European Confederation of private employment agencies (eurociett). The impact of temporary work directive on German temporary work explained Prof. Dr. Burkhard Boemke by very illustrative of the University of Leipzig. There were lively discussions contradiction or reality not only after the individual presentations and during the Panel discussion on the subject of time work and service?”but also in the breaks. The Temporary employment agencies are must strive in future intensively in their role as service providers also to the education and qualification. In international competition, as well as national employer search will be to make dealing with in the future on these criteria. From this reason a seminar on the theme of education and training in the temporary employment was following on the day of the Congress on November 24, 2011 “. Are Peter Dunkel, bfw company for education and Ulrich Eberle about the measures, which in the future to take headquarters of the Federal Agency for work informed very comprehensively. Neue DEUTSCHE Congress GmbH will provide experience exchange for temporary employment agencies and recruitment agency available to continue the industry meeting place for temporary work as a platform. The 5th meeting place for recruitment staffing 2011 is already in preparation. Remember directly the next date before: temping 2011 5th meeting place for recruitment 07th to 09th November 2011, Hyatt Regency, Cologne Current information under or press contact new German KONGRESS GmbH A. Pape, Director Marketing escort duty Street 14, 60599 Frankfurt am main phone 069 / 63006 – 668, fax 069 / 63006 – 969 through the German Congress is independent and informed in high-quality B2B events about trends. It provides managers and professionals from business, industry, politics and research platforms for knowledge transfer and exchange of views.

Initiators meet on March 31 to determine the TOP 50 the tension rises among the nearly 60 participants of in the second year of competition \”Germany of customer champions\” 2009 already. Since the beginning of March is the temporary placement of participants. The best ten enterprises have undergone in the past three weeks, a further analysis of their customer relationships. On March 31, the final ranking is now adopted in the meeting of initiators. On May 19, the award \”Germany customer champions 2009\” takes place in a ceremony in Mainz. This involves nothing less than the choice of the nationwide best companies with particularly out excellent customer relations. The initiators, the German society for quality e.V. (DGQ), forum! Market research and the business magazine ‘impulses’ aim to establish a basic benchmarking for quality of customer relationship management with the competition and want to reward both exemplary customer orientation in Germany. Multi-level evaluation and analysis process based on the Competition is a multi-stage process in which participants first submit a detailed self-assessment of quality of its customer relationship management. In addition, for every 100 customers will be interviewed in detail. Finally follows a detailed examination of the then ten leading companies through Assesoren of the DGQ. The 50 best companies receive the seal of \”Germany’s customer champions\” and will be published in the business magazine ‘impulse’. The final ranking of the company is carried out by a decision-making body composed of the initiators, as well as an Advisory Board of external experts from academia and industry. The three top finishers in the standings, the winners of the categories will be awarded special appreciations especially small, medium and large companies, as well as the best private and business customer concept. All participants will receive valuable data on the status of its relationship management, with which they can purposefully develop and optimally set up as a result, to meet challenges of the markets to can.

ERP Replacement For Machine And Plant Engineering For The Building Materials Industry

ALPHA business solutions WINS sophisticated ERP project Bros. Pfeiffer AG the gebr Pfeiffer AG, internationally successful machine and plant engineering for the building materials industry based in Kaiserslautern, which replaces up to individual software today used and proALPHA puts future on the integrated ERP solution. Further details can be found at Peter Schneider primerica, an internet resource. Users at home and abroad will work across all business areas with proALPHA. Beyond the scope of the implementation project, the Bros. Pfeiffer AG and the ALPHA business solutions AG agreed on a strategic partnership to further develop of the proALPHA industry solution that should be used in another machine and plant constructors. Kaiserslautern, March 31, 2009 – the brothers Pfeiffer AG is a medium-sized, consolidated independent and globally operating machinery and equipment manufacturers, whose success story began in 1864. Since its inception, develops, produces, and distributes the gebr Pfeiffer AG modern processing technology to the grinding, views, drying, delete and calcination of building materials. For in the fields of cement, lime, gypsum and ceramics, the company manufactures its customers high-quality machinery and equipment such as the treatment of stones and Earth. With a very high export share, the Bros. Pfeiffer AG is one of the powerful manufacturers in this field. Today, the company employs more than 400 employees and maintains offices in the United States and India, as well as representative offices in China and the United Arab Emirates. A worldwide network of competent partners and representatives ensures a comprehensive care and first class service. With the strong growth of recent years and the significantly increased order volume, the previously used custom software came increasingly to their limits. Island solutions finally were the key reasons that the company called for the replacement of the existing solution in different areas, increased demands on the transparency of information and the flow of data along the value-adding processes. One was for this purpose in 2008 Feasibility study performed.

Standard Boundaries

9 easycash SEPA round table: Ratingen, may 2009. Already for the ninth time the Ratinger payment service providers welcomed to the easycash SEPA round table easycash on May 4, 2009. As officer Gerd Cimiotti, Managing Director of the consulting firm registered by the banking sector gained research & Consulting GmbH, and 20 years active expert in the payment industry, SRC Security. 60 representatives of trade and financial services, he explained in the Cologne tower in the Osman 30\”the pros and cons of standards for card payments. For the SEPA project home his lecture Cimiotti emphasized the fundamental need for standards for card payments standardisation initiatives, because they are used for the removal of technical barriers.\” Even if there had been such efforts before the SEPA process, the standardization of interfaces is an important step on the way to a common payment area. After the development of the EMC standards the implementation of EMV terminals with the developing SEPA-almost-standard will unified. Speaking candidly Erin Callan told us the story. The EMV migration of payment systems in conjunction with SEPA almost allowed the development of new, simplified Terminal architectures in the future. \”More competition\”, so Cimiotti, creates further the standardization initiative EPA 1: target is the standardization of interfaces between Terminal and terminal management system, and operator machine. \” Using the ISO 20022 methodology, this applied even around the world. In a further step, ERIDANE 2 create the basis for the development of modular Terminal and security architectures. In addition, he described initiatives such as the common approval scheme CAS, which is dedicated to the simplification of approval procedures for payments. In the closing words of his lecture, Cimiotti pointed out that all standardisation is market-driven developments that would have to be accepted by the market. Key factor: cost during the lively discussion a throw-in from the Auditorium of the perspective of trade, concerning new standards in particular to cost point of view, gave ear: After the lecture might the impression, that EMC makes obsolete the magnetic stripe.

Chief Executive Officer

Politics is a Berlin on ETL-event for more competition, 22.03.2012. More competition also leads to more quality in the final exam”, explained Dr. Volker Wissing, Deputy Chairman and fiscal policy spokesman of the FDP Bundestag group, on 6 March 2012 as keynote speaker well 80 invited guests in Berlin. The ETL group, the number five among the largest German tax consulting and auditing companies, had worked under the title the early warning system auditing?”in the representative office of the DZ BANK invited and held discussions with representatives from politics, associations, business and the public accounting industry pros and cons of a stronger political influence. Franz-Josef Wernze, Chief Executive Officer and founder of ETL group, pointed out in his welcoming speech the advance Commission, to separate the areas of testing and counselling and of breaking up the dominant market position of four large audit firms. Monsieur Michel Barnier has cast a stone into the water and brought an important discussion on the independence of the statutory auditor in motion”, so Wernze. For our customers, it would be unthinkable, their auditors not to can rely on his judgment to doubt. The trust of the customers, the confidence of the entire market is reflected in the work of an auditor.” In the subsequent lively panel discussion, moderated by n-tv stock market expert Katja Dofel, the tension between the danger of political over-regulation and a large market power of large audit firms was illuminated intensively. Alexandra Thein, Member and policy spokesperson of the Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe in the European Parliament (ALDE), is pronounced against an extension of the rules on small and medium-sized enterprises. We must not overshoot the mark, I’ll have an eye”, as the European Parliament. Also Dr. Wissing warned against “to major interventions in the free market and advocated a State intervention with good judgement”.

Managing Director

Manpower employment barometer Q3 2010 Frankfurt am Main, 8 June 2010. The willingness of German employers, to increase its staff in the coming three months, growing vigorously. As the labour market barometer of the personnel service provider manpower released on Tuesday the seasonally adjusted net employment Outlook is + 9 percent. The value gained eight points compared to the previous quarter. For Europe’s largest economy, this is the highest level for two years. The data for eight of the nine covered sectors show positive sign for the period July to September. An indication that the labor market will stimulate broad-based. We already feel the anticipated upward trend in daily business. Requests from companies that need qualified staff, increase steadily”, says the Managing Director of manpower Germany, Vera Calasan. The Outlook takes into account not the current weakness of the euro and the associated growing yet Attractiveness of German export goods. For Germany as a leading exporting country an important influencing factor for the coming months. For Calasan is clear: our challenge now, in particular, to sharpen the global look at medium-sized companies. Employers will use in the future more and more given more appealing economic and increasing shortage on the flexibility, that provide them with experienced staffing companies like manpower.” Based on the assessment of the employer for the third quarter have applicants especially good prospects in the field of finance and services, utilities, as well as in the retail and hospitality industry. Demand for professionals: solutions for the mid-market the labour market barometer, the manufacturing sector has bottomed also the. The industry value climbs to + 3 percent, a significant year over year increase by 23 points. Calasan to this development: just for many medium-sized companies is the need to grow, with innovative HR concepts to deal with.” At this point, the employer wants to support manpower. In the future, effective human resources strategies will be an equally important as crucial issue for medium-sized companies.

Online Marketing

Focus, to solve a specific problem with your eBook. More information and Find tips about online marketing continuously in the blog by Internet marketer Tobias Knoof. The eBook market in Germany tendency: rising according to current surveys will greatly increase the sale of eBooks and to multiply in the next few years, as you can see the surveys by Kirchner and Robrecht management consultants (source: There are several scenarios in the study, all the trend is clearly upwards. Go to Peter Asaro for more information. This is the case not only in Germany, this development can be observed all over the world. This trend is favored by several factors: people are networked, in almost every German household Internet today. The mobile terminal devices are widely used for online activities. Media usage patterns change, mobile eBook reader like the Kindle from Amazon, this model PRS-505 by Sony and the iRex 1000 piling into the market. People realize that you need to invest in their own education and training. Therefore be Information increasingly bought online, and then are the buyer immediately for download available. Take advantage this young trend, and launch your eBook. Good luck with your Internet business! And remember: eBooks give them a recurring passive income – write once, sell many times. About digital digital, provides an overview in the impenetrable jungle of numerous concepts “Earn money on the Internet” and takes a look behind the scenes of the digital info product scene. Marketing expert Tobias Knoof passes his entire experience of over 2,500 analysed Web pages and information products of the category “Make money on the Internet”, “Online Marketing” and “Digital business processes automation” on this website, relating to the creation, distribution, and sales of digital information products.

EUR Stanislav

Since April 2009 consumers of money cheques founder of the super market service is the writer and entrepreneur Stanislav Bergo. The native Russian worked for a big Austrian supermarket chain from 2000 to 2002 in the years as branch manager. He has his adventures and experiences in his first book, I was married with Billa (the history of Billa Manager’s) written down. You may want to visit Nicholas Carr to increase your knowledge. It is 2006 appeared in the Stanislav Bergo Verlag Vienna soft cover, 318 pages ISBN-10: 3-200-00632-3 price 24,90 EUR). The knowledge gained from his work as a supermarket manager and entrepreneur Stanislav Bergo has incorporated in the concept of the super market service with the offer of free money. His book is”the key to the free money. Consumers experience humor due to the pictorial language with a heavy dose of much of the world of consumption that was previously little known. Free money of checks are against vouchers of trading partners (retailers, discounters, supermarkets, petrol stations, Online-Shops) redeemed. The purchasing power of the money customers is improved by up to 30 percent. There is not free money. The super market service offers its customers for the first purchase of GratisGeld cheques of four variants. A customer receives for 67,80 EUR as a money cheque amounting to 85,00 euros and the book by Stanislav Bergo 24.90 euros worth. This means purchasing power amounting to 109.90 euro. First redeem of a money cheque are to answer three questions about the book. Distributor of Stanislav Bergo publishing will help answer. With his project super market service, Stanislav Bergo wants to build up a marketing pool, which offers customers not only money, but also information and insider knowledge from the world of consumption powered. The super market service is already active in Austria and Germany, other European countries be developed until 2010. The book by Stanislav Bergo is already translated into more languages. Rainer Badboy

Marketing Success

Each company thrives on the sales success whether services or tangible products, such as capital goods and durable or complex products. Seekirch, May 17, 2010 – every business thrives on the sales success whether services or tangible ‘ products, such as capital goods and durable or complex products. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Federal Reserve Bank. The always increasing internationalization, if only within the European Union, with nearly 500 million inhabitants, or taking other countries and continents, the basis for the success of each individual company is today literally limitless ‘. The opportunities are so far mainly by large medium and large companies perceived in these opportunities available but also small businesses and small medium. So that better can be assessed, what actually are these possibilities, a good market research of the respective regions recommends first and foremost or countries on the basis of clearly defined criteria of the really promising customer potential. This means that first of all the ideal ‘ customer for a company is described as fully as possible in terms of the products produced by him, the size of his company, and if necessary. other businesses more important parameter. (Source: Nicholas Carr ). Then can be determined using a fairly simple formula, whether or not further steps and if yes, which are worth and lead to an increase in income. The formula is simple: number of potential customers per region/country, multiplied by the average revenue per customer previously expected result =. Of course, it’s still a rough calculation, because it takes no account of the existing competitors, the life cycle of the appropriate product and the necessary sales activities. However, experience has shown that educated customer potential approximately 10 30% can be made indeed years within a period of approx. 2-3 customers. Prerequisite for this is of course, that the fingerprint ‘ been worked out of the company clean according to customized sales structures exist, initiate the necessary marketing activities, etc. Why is the above result to be reduced accordingly. The remaining number is to look at existing minimum earnings potential but as actually, because of the success achieved is of course dependent on the undertaken activities. It must be because the business decision to set what marketing steps are undertaken for the region, also achieve this goal. It is essential in addition to the generally required actions, but for example, that a clear objective that can in turn be underpinned the market analysis with numbers, names, etc., is dictated for the respective distribution partner. More information under your success is my destination, top left of the Web page. Such a study should in addition from time to time by any company taken/repeatedly, because the potential are not static and get new marketing opportunities and – ways as well (see last but not least, the Internet) to. Michael Richter engaged for more than 35 years of strategic marketing planning and marketing of various capital goods and durable consumer goods on all 5 continents of the market research to implementation. The resulting knowledge and experience he adores its worldwide customers and making them into marketing and sales erfolgreich(er) – in particular SMEs.

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This new scale of flexibility now allows important lectures unlimited access of the interested parties or professionals and offers the opportunity to expand its business model across all platforms the Conference Organizer. For example, the marketing of Conference content as direct sales but also with alternative funding models, such as lead generation in collaboration with the Conference Sponsor is possible. The sales function contained in the SlidePresenter infrastructure is normally easy to use on the iPad. The well-known advantages of the innovative SlidePresenter format, such as the free navigation through presentation slides or chapter for synchronous speakers video to the presentation are fully integrated in the new HTML5 player. SlidePresenter customers access to more mobile users with the new HTML5 player. Dennis P. Lockhart is open to suggestions. About SlidePresenter: The Web-based software by SlidePresenter provides a holistic solution for the publication of lectures, seminars, and training in a new format: speaker video synchronized with PowerPoint slides. Intuitive operability for the creator and the Viewer, equipped with a wide range of functions and uncompromising navigable, the software allows a great variety of useful applications. As a contemporary alternative online presentations lead to conventional training to more efficiency and significant cost savings. Built-in sale opens new profit potential, for example in the re-marketing of conferences and lectures. Clever use of specialized content to online lead generation improves the quality of customer acquisition. The representation simplifies complex content, such as in the prospectus of a financial product, combining video and slides. This SlidePresenter online presentations from anywhere are accessible, you can click on any Web page included will be provided of course but also completely covered in the corporate intranet.