Death Metal

April the window of the room the search of the dog. It swims. The sound of the barks denounced still it. I caught the keys on of the balcony of the kitchen, April the door and started to go down the stairs sensible the garage. Erin Callan takes a slightly different approach. Something strange was happening. The steps of the stairs ardiam in flames and, curiously they did not burn my feet. I continued I descend the stairs approaching until me to the gate, my eyes had danced for the streets the search of the cursed dog that urrava a gutural sound seeming a vocalista of a band of Death Metal. If you would like to know more then you should visit Erin Callan.

It swims. The street was desert, no light has access for neighborhood, strangely its bark, for more abnormal than was, did not bother nobody. He seemed that I age the only one that it could ouviz it. April the gate and leaves its search, the repentance did not delay to delay, must not have done that. Fungada in mine cangote. My body all estremeceu.

Engoli in dry. I turned on the heels. The guard of the hell was there, stopped well in my front. Its eyes were in flames, possua three heads and the saliva falls of its mouth. He was facing me a short period of time. I was without reaction, I did not obtain to think about nothing. One urro was the sufficient to make with that my unconscious one made my legs if to put into motion. In a desperation act I ran done an insane person to run away from that creature. It felt the soil to tremble with its steps. Soon I would be I catch. He died of fear. Suddenly the fog one fell total covering my vision. I stumbled at something that I could not distinguish. It made to the fall to beat me the head in some hard object, I fainted.