Since a few years ago, it is seeing an increase in investment for projects in business tourism in Peru, especially in regions where there is a greater influx of foreign and local visitors. Therefore, some small entrepreneurs who work in other economic sectors such as: industry, trade, agriculture and others, are investing in tourism businesses such as: hotels, lodging houses and restaurants, presenting new choices of services and therefore meet the demand. Sometimes the enthusiasm for undertaking this type of business, seeing perhaps, than their neighbors or friends are prosperous businessmen, they are encouraged to develop them on their own, with much or little information obtained prior or during the process of realization of the same. That is why it is very important to bear in mind, that to make an investment of this type by smaller that is, consider some important aspects such as: designing the type of accommodation for the public or market target (tourist or local) If this design is according to the amount of investment that counts. Consider payments for administrative rights, licensing of operating within this amount and other amounts considered to perform the proper promotion and advertising of business take into account the number of staff that laborara within the business for the payment of its assets considered return on the money invested times these are some points that should be considered, since in many casesthe enthusiasm is diluted in the process, due to lack of planning. It is very important to define that in the design of the business, should develop what the professionals involved as they are: the arquictecto, the hotel manager and a member of civil defense. Original author and source of the article.