Online Marketing Strategies

E-commerce has experienced a growth of 28% in May-June 2010, and they approach the EUR 2 billion quarterly, according to data recently published by the Government on digital commerce. In addition digital transactions increased 23,76% with what the digital divide with Europe will be suppressed. Consequently, e-commerce companies have increased considerably the number of strategies used to acquire web traffic, making it difficult to identify the different channels (SEO, affiliations, display advertising, etc.) who come to end in conversion, such as for example users that perform a purchase online, complete a registration or those who leave their contact information, etc. EN Internet (, the leader in Europe of Web analytics solutions and mobile provider, has just released ChannelOptimizerNX that will help digital companies that his investment strategy online not influenced by the performance of the shares of online marketing, but rather by the customer and the potential customer behavior. ChannelOptimizerNX provides an overview of all the different natural strategies or marketing associated with the conversions that take place on the website. Also identifies key channels that lead to a conversion, in accordance with the objectives indicated trade online, including turnover, new customer acquisition, time required for the buying decision, etc. the optimization of marketing costs are achieved thanks to this unique system of attribution of conversions says Pablo Roman, Country Manager of AT Internet in Spain, and add ChannelOptimizerNX allows you to identify the contribution associated with marketing campaigns, and to improve the strategy budget multichannel allows you to apply different vesting rules adapted to the needs of each client or the economic model that uses about en Internet created in 1995, en Internet, formerly known as XiTi, is a leading independent company in the market analytical solutions and mobile Web.

Leader in France and Europe in the field of intelligence Online, its experience and technology allows a company to develop unique and innovative solutions for the measurement of Web traffic, behavior of the user, measuring performance and availability of Web sites as well as online reputation measurement. EN Internet has more than 3,500 customers around the world, including some of the largest companies. Headquartered in Bordeaux, where is its headquarters, and thanks to its international offices, AT Internet operates in 9 different countries around the world, including Germany, England, Ireland, Spain and Canada. It currently employs more than 150 people at the international level, with more than 60% of its workforce working in the technical department.