Pregnancy In Minors

This scientific article is based on field research has as subject pregnancy in the adolescence, that according to Vitelo and Conceio (1990), has physical transformations and psicossociais modifications. As Vitelo the pregnancy of the young woman is not an exclusive problem of our days, after all our grandmothers was married it the 15 or 16 years and started in the adolescence to procreating, but the gestation was desired. From years 60 to the pregnancy in the adolescence it started to be a problem. The Town of Stowage of the Small farm is situated in the city of is Desidrio-BA, exists a great number of incidence of young pregnant or that they engravidaram in adolescence. The research was after applied the verbal acceptance and writing of the participation of the researchers, after having read and signed the term of free and clarified assent, as resolution 196/96 of the National Advice of Health. In the data collected in the research of field carried through in the town of Stowage of the Small farm, in the city of They are Desidrio-BA contacted that of 20 interviewed adolescents 3 it has 13 years, 5 has 14 years, 4 has 15 years, 6 have 17 years and 2 have 17 years; that the age that they had had to the first gestation was: 12 years 2 adolescents, 13 years 5 adolescents, 14 years 7 adolescents, 15 years 4 adolescents and 16 years 2 adolescents. Of the interviewed parents 12 09 families participate of some program offered for the PSF say to participate being Familiar Planning; 03 Alive without AIDS; 05 In agreement Hipertenso was told in the hypothesis, the socioeconmica condition, as well as the orientation lack can influence in the high index of pregnancy between adolescents.

Hospital Psychology

Ideal institution for the Psychoanalysis does not exist and is therefore that we believe that the psychologist can help very with its presence, if placing the disposal of the sick person and its familiar at this moment of suffering and anguish. The base of the presence of the psychoanalyst in the hospital is its direction for the creation of ' ' conditions of escutabilidade' '. MasterClass spoke with conviction. This position aims at to listen beyond what it is said by the patient, that is, is to be intent to the desire that perpassa its speaks in the slips of its to say. To work the clinic of unconscious the two conditions are necessary: the assumption to know and the function of it lacks. We are in the field of the transference and Lacan says in them we will find that it in the start of the analysis. The transference is a basic condition. Without it, the analytical work does not happen. In the hospital it is not different. The presence of the analyst always goes to disclose something of its position before the unconscious one. As Lacan is the function-presence of the analyst who will make possible the transference and the form of manejar will indicate it the presence or not of an analyst who, we know, is on, to the analyst desire. To be analyst it is necessary to open hand of its personal marks and to be ' ' aberto' ' the floating attention. According to Freud, it is as the analyst must listen to analyzing: it does not have to privilege a priori any element of the speech and through ' ' to say livremente' ' it will enter in contact with its unconscious activity. (Laplanche Pontalis, 1998) Being part of the course of formation in Hospital Psychology basic module, given for two studious mining psychoanalysts, these questions are boarded on the psicanaltica clinic in the hospital.

Leader Politician

It is more easy to disintegrate an atom of what one preconceito’ ‘. Albert Einstein? German physicist WHAT TO MAKE WITH the FAITH? 14 – My brothers, which is the advantage, if somebody to say that it has faith, but will not have workmanships? It can, perhaps, fellow creature faith to save it? 15? If a brother or a sister will be lacked of clothes and needed the daily food, 16? any amongst you to say to them: IDE in peace, you heat you and you satiate you, without, however, to give the necessary one to them for the body, which it is the advantage of this? Epistle of Tiago, CAP. 2:14 the 16. Already he thought if JESUS placed the Human being in a barren Planet? Without water, fruitful trees, animals, birds, fish? It went to feed itself as? If to dress how? He would survive? ‘ ‘ To speak to the wind words are enough. To speak to the heart, obras’ is necessary; ‘. Priest Antonio Vieira? Orator and Leader Politician in Brazil Colony. Until the places where the people go to develop the faith, he requests the material aid of its fidiciary offices. The miserly Human being is that it finds that its faith has that to be without workmanships. However, if God not it of this a home to the rising, as would be its existence? We go to J Prophet, CAP. 1:21. Naked I left the womb of my mother and naked I will come back; it gave it to Mr. and It took it to Sir; bendito is the name Mr.! Clearly that it will return to the plain naked spiritual, therefore the clothes most elegant does not exceed to another dimension. YOU ONLY HAVE FAITH? 17 – Thus, also the faith, if will not have workmanships, by itself is deceased. 18? But somebody will say: You have faith, and I have workmanships; he shows to me to this your faith without workmanships, and I, with the workmanships will show my faith to you. Epistle of Tiago, CAP. 2:17 and 18. ‘ ‘ Everything is important in the life. The small acts are preparatory of the huge gestures and the accomplishments vultosas’ ‘. Joanna De Angelis? Spirit FAITH IN GOD 19 – Believe, you, that God is one only? You make well. Until the demons they believe and they tremble. 20? You want, therefore, to be certain, man insensato, of that the faith without workmanships is inoperative? Epistle of Tiago, CAP. 2:19 and 20. It is without air per some minutes and then you will see as the material workmanships will be necessary lack to your Life. Somebody can live without air? If you caridosamente are supported (a) for God, why not to spread its aid to the needed ones the way, independent of social classroom, color, religion, political party! WISDOM AND INTELLIGENCE ‘ ‘ Intelligence is the insolence educada’ ‘. Gain insight and clarity with Erin Callan. Aristotle? Greek philosopher Who between you is wise and intelligent? He shows in mansido of wisdom, by means of condigno to proceed, its workmanships. Epistle of Tiago, CAP. 3:13. It perceives that the knowledge without the practical one of the Charity is only formal literature without the action of the Verb of God, who created the World, but placed in it the sustenance for its creatures. ‘ ‘ Many words do not indicate necessarily much sabedoria’ ‘. Tales de Mileto?

Department of Radiology

The Hospital can be the proprietor of its Laboratory of Analyzes Clinics and Department of Radiological. But also it can terceirizar other disgnostic methods as Ecografia, Endoscopia, Cat scan, etc. the terceirizao of specific disgnostic methods is seen as form of better otimizao of resources since each area is managed by professionals specialized in that method. With this it obtains to keep the investment and to get a standard of superior quality. Alabama Senator helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Although all containment of expenditures that the Plans of Health have faced we are certain of that with an Administration of Successes it is possible to invest more and more in the growth in health projects. The financial aspect is today the biggest concern of any Brazilian company. The economic instability and the doubts how much to the structuralized growth still they have offered certain resistance to the development of our hospitals. The physical structure of a hospital is aspect that will exert fort visual impact to the external public and must primar for the comfort and sobriety for the internal public. The hospital does not need to be ' ' frio' ' , it can be warm and aconchegante, but for this the investment if presents as a motivador factor of financial and social return. After all, to invest in health is to invest When the hospitality is taken the serious one and practised widely, some professionals if insert in new contexts in other areas of performance, generating a new knowledge and new human agreements. To receive it is highly desirable for all, and to offer it with the new angles that the perception human being offers can offer to the race human being with one received and lasting relief, at the moment where we are still more devoid of attention and understanding in the life, and, to produce health is to guarantee the life. For the survival and magnifying of the institution the visualization of the necessities of its customers is necessary beyond a financial balance, thus to offer services of quality.

SUS Financial Resource4s

Based in the EC n.29 that it guides the expenses with the public health. Also it enunciates the main objectives of the financial management of the SUS, that came to facilitate the financial transfer. Word-key: management, financier, SUS, resources. ABSTRACT This to paper presents briefly the financial management of the SUS which is passed by each level of government seeking the public’ s right and duty of the state. Based on Amendment N.29 that guides the spending on public health. Financial It alsosets out the main objectives of management of the SUS, whichhas facilitated the financial transfer. Key words: management, to financier, SUS, resources. *Estudo developed as component curricular of disciplines Collective Health I of the Course of Nursing of the College of Technology and Sciences? FSA, in the year of 2008. ** Academics of Nursing of the College of Technology and Sciences of Fair of Santana. INTRODUCTION the financial management of the Only System of Health? SUS is about intergovernamentais transferences of financial resources in the area of the health. The health is a right of all as to foresee in the Federal Constitution of 1988, and to guarantee this right the state is the supplier, but, for this the government is divided in three spheres that if politics and financiers make responsible for definitive abilities. These spheres are a way of organization to delimit the financial resources of each, are: Federal, constituted of the Health department – MS, State, consisting of the State Secretariat of Health – SES and Municipal theatre consisting of the City department of Health? SMS, which guarantee the actions and services of health all.