In that case, if your wardrobe is not beige, then you can be described as a man who oppresses the routine, but you are not so much restless and restless, as people do not recognize the brown color, but many of their features are peculiar to you. Beige associate you with boredom, dull existence. 7. Blue. This color represents peace, harmony and peace. Cynical and self-confident people will feel in this scheme vulnerable. If you like blue, then you are patient, conservative, balanced, and fully trust people expect of them the same, often very attached to their others and listen carefully to their needs, you can greatly hurt betrayal of loved ones. You do not like to be among strangers to you people, and prefer to communicate among friends, who believe you reliable man.

You "think seven times, once cut off." You appreciate the work as a good colleague, a team player you are irreplaceable. If you do not like blue, then perhaps you are tired of the monotony of everyday life, you want to get out of this routine, change jobs or start a new life. You like to experiment, you expect change, you have the desire to become wealthy or intelligent, popular employee. 8. Bluish-green color. You pedantic personality and a good education. At present you the romance, sensuality and sophistication, confidence and reliability. You are always ready to help others and cope well with their business. On its very nature you are suave and charming, but you prevail "narcissism." You choose clothes that can cause the admiration and envy of others, do not forget that there is envy.