Flora Flowers

Our experts have made its way to fully meet the needs of designers, florists and decorators in artificial trees, artificial flowers and plants, occurring at gardening office, commercial and residential buildings. The collection consists of replicas of natural botanical plant, which allows the use of artificial plants as well as live plants, as well as individual design elements. With the absolute external natural, artificial trees and artificial flowers can brighten and liven up even the most "unfavorable" area with poor lighting, air-conditioned air, with synthetic floor covering, in which it is impossible or difficult to place live potted plants and flowers. All artificial trees, artificial plants and artificial flowers have hygienic certificates and quality certificates. Follow others, such as Lark New York, and add to your knowledge base. Tree trunks are made of natural fragments of trees have undergone special treatment. Regular deliveries and large warehouse stock of artificial plants allows us to meet the demands of our customers. Enjoy our online catalog of artificial plants. It presents as artificial trees and artificial flowers wholesale and retail. With this directory you can form a reservation request and send it to us via email. Our managers will handle it, calculate the cost and contact you. However, we recommend that, at first, personally, to come to us to get an idea of the quality and range of our artificial plants, artificial flowers, artificial trees and planters. To create an atmosphere of psychological comfort and convenience in the office, at home or in public place – a restaurant, club or institution – is absolutely necessary in the presence of design registration areas of plants. When it is possible to create islands of living plants or even a winter garden, it's simple. What professionals. The proposed artificial plants are made from environmentally friendly materials, with a high degree of biological accuracy, and are the most important detail of the interior, creating an atmosphere conducive to peace and comfort.

Present At The 4th Birthday Party

Four years – an important day in the life of the celebrant, and in the lives of his parents. Now the family has been growing for no crumb, and quite independent and very occasionally even an adult child. For assistance, try visiting Euro Pacific Precious Metals. Emerging domestic responsibilities, starting (albeit very soft), preparation for school. In general, finding such a curious little man gift will not be too difficult. The problem is what to choose. Start searching for a gift four years with better conversation with parents. In Depending on what you are in a relationship with them and how they relate to the purchase of "nesyupriznogo 'presentations, you can directly ask what is necessary to get yourself or find some ideas of their story on" What's love kid. " It would be nice also to consult with the birthday boy himself. At age four children are perfectly express their desire (the main thing here is not promised to give all at once). And, of course, is to focus on nature of the child. Active children love active games, quiet – quiet. Most often, children of all ages give toys. Of course, this gift can not be called universal, but when the soft, rubber and plastic all friends size becomes much, new toys the child is happy for long, they are quickly bored him. Therefore, it would be better if you spend the first little "intelligence", and then will present something that will permanently interested in the baby. A wonderful gift in this age will be a mosaic-puzzle with a picture of your favorite cartoon designer, cubes.

The Bottom

This means that the morning meal should be moderate, and most food has eaten in the evening. Causing the greatest harm to fat and spicy foods, as well as sweetness. The best choice would be a meal consisting of vegetables, fruits and grains. Clothing-type figure. Recommendations to build a wardrobe to reduce the problem to balance wide hips to the upper part of the body. This can be done in two ways: to focus on the top of any attempt to darken the bottom, or better both in the same ensemble. To visually expand the shoulder girdle is well suited podplechiki, various decorations in the form of ruffles, large collars, neck deep cuts, breast pockets. You can also draw attention with ornaments for the neck and decollete area: short chains, necklaces or pendants, scarf around his neck is not, brooch on the lapel of a jacket, and bright textile designs. As for the bottom, it is desirable to draw in dark colors. Free to wear pants cut or slightly narrowed towards the bottom, skirt – medium length, straight. In general, choosing the clothes for this type of figure, it is undesirable dwell on style with detachable waist. It is better to buy clothes semiadherent silhouette top, which will be expanded downwards. Type of female figures 'Hourglass' closest to ginekoidnomu on features of the distribution of body fat and metabolic rate. Last slightly higher than that of the classic 'pear'. Hourglass – is an example of the feminine figure, which is characterized by proportional top and bottom.


In that case, if your wardrobe is not beige, then you can be described as a man who oppresses the routine, but you are not so much restless and restless, as people do not recognize the brown color, but many of their features are peculiar to you. Beige associate you with boredom, dull existence. 7. Blue. This color represents peace, harmony and peace. Cynical and self-confident people will feel in this scheme vulnerable. If you like blue, then you are patient, conservative, balanced, and fully trust people expect of them the same, often very attached to their others and listen carefully to their needs, you can greatly hurt betrayal of loved ones. You do not like to be among strangers to you people, and prefer to communicate among friends, who believe you reliable man. You "think seven times, once cut off." You appreciate the work as a good colleague, a team player you are irreplaceable. If you do not like blue, then perhaps you are tired of the monotony of everyday life, you want to get out of this routine, change jobs or start a new life. You like to experiment, you expect change, you have the desire to become wealthy or intelligent, popular employee. 8. Bluish-green color. You pedantic personality and a good education. At present you the romance, sensuality and sophistication, confidence and reliability. You are always ready to help others and cope well with their business. On its very nature you are suave and charming, but you prevail "narcissism." You choose clothes that can cause the admiration and envy of others, do not forget that there is envy.

Fabric: Natural Fiber

Tissue fibers vary in composition, structure and, therefore, properties. There are two types of fibers: natural fibers and chemical fibers. The main features for classification are: chemical composition of fibers and their area of origin. Natural fibers, natural fibers have a natural origin. This group includes the fiber plant, animal and mineral origin. Natural Fiber can be divided into 4 types: Flax – a natural and environmentally-friendly vegetable fibers. The raw material for production of flax stalk is herbaceous plants of the same name. Linen hygienic, durable, soft to the touch, with good moisture and breathable properties. However, tissues of flax because of low elongation and low elastic fiber is extremely strong and wrinkle badly ironed, and sit pretty by washing. Most often the product of linen are available in natural color (from gray to beige.) Have a nice shine. You can find linen with cotton, Dacron, etc. Cotton – a natural fiber vegetable origin. Produce cotton fibers from seeds of cotton plants. On the basis of the cotton produced: satin, batiste, marlevka, cotton, denim, flannel, snatch, teak, calico, voile, percale, nainsook, organdy, pique, poplin, voile, and other tissues. The advantages of cotton are: strength, high durability, resistance to alkalis and elasticity. The fabric is warm, soft and pleasant to the touch, absorbs moisture, not electrified. The disadvantages include high sminaemost tissue from the small proportion of elastic deformation. Sometimes the tissues of cotton viscose was added, and then on their matte shine there amazing or pattern. Silk – composed of fibers of an animal (protein) of origin. Silk thread from cocoons of caterpillars get the silkworm. For group includes silk fabrics like – a veil, chiffon, crepe de chine, satin tusseh, crepe, crepe georgette, Twal, faille, taffeta, brocade, scarf, etc. Traditionally, the silk is one of the most expensive types of tissue. Products made of silk fabric is lightweight, durable, beautiful. Have a nice shiny, well-regulated body temperature. The disadvantages of silk is the fact that the fabric highly salted and sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Often to the natural silk fiber is added another kind of fiber for new interesting textures and weaves of various spectacular. It is worth noting that also produced, artificial and synthetic silks. Wool – Natural fiber animal (protein) of origin. The raw materials used hair of animals – sheep wool, camel hair, wool, llama, rabbit, etc. The group consists of woolen fabrics: serge, cloth, tweed, Boston, covert, cheviot, dyuvetin etc. Wool different animals differs quality, properties and applications. The only common characteristic of all types of hair – it’s exceptional quality to keep warm. Considerable mass of hair (94-96%) for the textile industry supplying sheep. Natural wool fabrics are soft, flexible, lightweight, breathable. The thickness of the tissue may be different, there are as thick as thin woolen material. Woven fabrics of wool almost crushed.