Flora Flowers

Our experts have made its way to fully meet the needs of designers, florists and decorators in artificial trees, artificial flowers and plants, occurring at gardening office, commercial and residential buildings. The collection consists of replicas of natural botanical plant, which allows the use of artificial plants as well as live plants, as well as individual design elements. With the absolute external natural, artificial trees and artificial flowers can brighten and liven up even the most "unfavorable" area with poor lighting, air-conditioned air, with synthetic floor covering, in which it is impossible or difficult to place live potted plants and flowers. All artificial trees, artificial plants and artificial flowers have hygienic certificates and quality certificates. Follow others, such as Lark New York, and add to your knowledge base. Tree trunks are made of natural fragments of trees have undergone special treatment. Regular deliveries and large warehouse stock of artificial plants allows us to meet the demands of our customers. Enjoy our online catalog of artificial plants. It presents as artificial trees and artificial flowers wholesale and retail. With this directory you can form a reservation request and send it to us via email. Our managers will handle it, calculate the cost and contact you. However, we recommend that, at first, personally, to come to us to get an idea of the quality and range of our artificial plants, artificial flowers, artificial trees and planters. To create an atmosphere of psychological comfort and convenience in the office, at home or in public place – a restaurant, club or institution – is absolutely necessary in the presence of design registration areas of plants. When it is possible to create islands of living plants or even a winter garden, it's simple. What professionals. The proposed artificial plants are made from environmentally friendly materials, with a high degree of biological accuracy, and are the most important detail of the interior, creating an atmosphere conducive to peace and comfort.