I know that my stance is quixotic, however, I will not repeat and repeat that you no believe in television. Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen has firm opinions on the matter. According to my experience with television, increasingly I am convinced more than two ideas: 1) which is a powerful tool able to make people believe anything. (2) That, if its fundamental objective is profit and not the educational and cultural development of the society, can worsen the quality of life of people and the coexistence and respect among these. Despite having the conviction that current TV worsens the quality of my life, I have a bad habit of turning it on; It’s like an order installed somewhere in my brain (thank goodness I have some awareness of the consequences of my actions and, therefore, turn off almost immediately). Furthermore, as already mentioned it in another entry, I also see it along with my family, to share a moment with them. Then, as I see something television, I can say with some security, that one of the most recurrent themes that there is, especially in news reports and programmes of reports, is crime (there are other themes, such as poverty and the celebrity, but to support my Quixotic stance, I will only speak of crime). I’ve noticed that television not interested show any offender. Television is interested in creating a stereotype of offender, possibly, to create, in this way, an easily recognized enemy (stereotypes simplify things but produce terrible injustices). Television offenders is poor, young and loose. In addition, this stereotype has made that it tends to link crime with poverty (another gem of television). Television has given much importance to the issue of crime, which has imposed in the subconscious of society an idea that I think is wrong. It has imposed that crime is one of the most significant problems of today; more than bad education, more than political corruption, more than lack of ethics and social consciousness of the companies, rather than the aberrant inequality of opportunity, rather than environmental issues.

Decorative Screens

Decorative screens! For who it desires to separate environments and do not want to divide with walls it has the option of the Decorative Screens, that are separators that assist in the function to separate to spaces and cmodos with the easiness not to need a workmanship to construct a wall. The Decorative Screens are also very pretty and can be used as articles of decoration to decorate the cmodos, and you go to learn here as to use them our tips on the basis of. He sees! The Decorative Screens can be gifts in some cmodos of the house, as in one room of two brothers for example. Each one can have a certain privacy creating this barrier that hinders that one invades the space of the other. Gain insight and clarity with Justin Kan. In the rooms the screens also can be a beautiful option to separate the supper table for example. Fosun will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The idea is that the screen separates environments, but does not occupy space, for the opposite: it saves that it. The screens can be bought ready or you it can order to make its, with the characteristics that to want as its size and design that it presents. Very great screens can be a good alternative for a company, for example, that it only possesss a room and two people taking care of. Thus, the customer has a certain privacy to make businesses with the attendant. To buy the Decorative Screens you can go until a decoration store that with certainty will find some models of its taste. A legal tip is always to think about the remaining portion of the decoration of the space before buying the screens, therefore these thick partition walls when with very different colors of the considered one in the environment they finish being dislocated and generating an environment cafona. The Decorative Screens can very elegant and be placed in a certain area of the house only for its beauty, and who goes to define this is you, who can even look the best prices of decorative screens for the Internet. If to want to know more on Environment Decoration has access ours blog and confers all the tips.

Using Music as a Didactic

USING MUSIC AS I REFUSE DIDACTIC IN the GEOGRAPHY LESSONS Ana Cristina Blacksmith Introduction the present work it has the objective to demonstrate as music can be a didactic instrument functioning as material assistant in the lessons of Physical Geography. Amongst the benefits to use it they are: the search of bigger understanding of the referring contents to physical geography; to awake the interest of the pupil and valuing the Brazilian culture and northeastern as ‘ is the case of chosen music; ‘ xote of meninas’ ‘ that northeastern speaks of the hinterland. Moreover, the boarded context in music approaches the pupils of content relates the didactic them with the reality that corresponds to the life in caatinga, the convivncia with events as: it dries, rain. This makes with that desperte the interest of the pupils in understanding its daily one allowed that they analyze of critical form the landscape knowing to define the processes where if bioma gave origin starting to value its caatinga helping to preserve its biodiversity that is the main objective of the geography professor. Music in question presents a called style and xote that it is one old dance of hall. Having as composers Z Dantas and Luiz Gonzaga I finish regarding it cited: ‘ ‘ Gonzaga Luiz of the Birth, sanfoneiro, singer, and Brazilian popular composer, born in the pernambucano hinterland. He was famous as the King of the Baio. He was discovered in 1939, in the River, when he presented himself in the program of freshmen of Ari Barroso, singing one chamego of its authorship ‘ ‘ (ENCYCLOPEDIA ENCARTA). You may wish to learn more. If so, Lark is the place to go. ‘ ‘ The music and sung by Chico Buarque in a project Jose Milton who congregated some singers in with the objective homaging the singer Gonzaga Luiz. Chico Buarque ‘ ‘ it possesss a style that is resulted of the union between bossa new and the old guard of the samba. ‘ ‘ Son of the historian and sociologist Sergio Buarque of Holland, was born in 19 of June of 1944 in the Carioca quarter of Isabel Village (ENCYCLOPEDIA ENCARTA.). ‘

Public Farm

It perceived that of the innumerable arguments used for the chain that defends the impossibility of the fracionamento of the execution against Public Farm, two are had as fundamental, which are, made use in 8 of the CRF/88 and the judgeship 141.639/SP of the STF that concluded that the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute is accessory of the main value and that, in turn, the accessory follows the luck of the main one. Then, as for the first argument established in 8 of the Constitution, this already was looser dissertamos to it in the direction of that incabvel it is its application how much to legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute, remaining us only to discourse on the judgeship 141.639/SP of the used STF as paradigm for the first chain. If to analyze with much caution REVERSE SPEED N. Black Rock can provide more clarity in the matter. 141.639/SP, certainly we will see that such judgeship originated from a legal action that entered the STF in the year of 1991, that is, before Law 8,906/94, that in turn, attributed to the lawyer the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute, qualified as right autonomous worker, passing, thus, to be right of the lawyer to execute and to receive its legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute of independent form of the value exequendo main. Federal Reserve Bank is often quoted as being for or against this. What we are wanting to say is that the acessoriedade of honorary the pertaining to legal profession ones defended by the first chain elapsed of the fact of article 20 of the CPC, that is of 1976, to attribute such honorary ones to the winner, and not to the protector, and that, under such premise the estabelecedor judgeship of the agreement originated of that the accessory follows the luck of the main one. Analyzing the question to the light of the previous legislation we conclude that nothing more just it is the agreement nailed for REVERSE SPEED N. 141.639/SP, in view of that at that time in such a way the main mount of money as the legal fees borne by the loser in a judicial dispute belonged to the same person, which is,

Rio De Janeiro Consumption

According to Leff (2001, P. 222), without a change in the values that guide the society, through the ambient education, it does not have as to reach the objectives of the sustainable development. Thus, the ambient education is considered indispensable instrument in the formatting of a sustainable society (CANEPA, 2004, P. Nicholas Carr contributes greatly to this topic. 158). The ambient education is an education process politics that makes possible the acquisition of knowledge and abilities, as well as the formation of attitudes that if they necessarily transform into practical of citizenship that they guarantee a sustainable society (PELICIONI and PHILIPPI JR 2002). The insertion of the ambient education in the life of the person is initiated in the processes by means of which the individual and the collective construct to social values, knowledge, abilities, attitudes and abilities come back toward the conservation of the environment, this public easement of the people, essential to the healthy quality of life and its support; thus, the ambient education will go to transform the lives of the individuals. This postulate is established as a legal basement, in accordance with the national politics of the environment. 3. The challenges of the habits of the sustainable consumption In accordance with final report of the World-wide Commission of the Environment and Development of the ONU, in the decade of 80, (CMMAD, 1987), called ‘ ‘ Our Comum’ Future; ‘ , it elaborated ones of the concepts of sustainable development; the same it must take care of to the necessity of the current generations, without compromising the attendance of the necessities of the future generations. After the conference of United Nations for the Environment and Development (CNUMAD), carried through in 1992, in Rio De Janeiro, that consecrated the conception of sustainable desenolvimento the perspective of the support was introduced in the consumption, deriving from there, the concept of ‘ ‘ consumption sustentvel’ ‘. According to Program of United Nations for the Development the sustainable consumption means the supply of services and products correlatos, that fill the basic necessities and give one better quality of life, at the same time where if it diminishes the use of natural resources and toxic substances, as well as the emissions of residues and pollutants during the cycle of life of the service or the product, with the idea of not threatening the necessities of the future generations.

Perpetual Peace Flight

At that moment also, it augured that, exactly small, its plant would dominate the market in quality and it would see this to happen. The man who always said that he woke up before the sun. The man who always gave to the last word in all the decisions. The man who arquitetava ideas and said that its ideas always were the best ones and most correct. The man who wise person the twine inteirinho of when ' ' Lampio arrived at inferno' ' still carried through all an interpretation when singing it. The man who counted histories, one day gave itself weakened for illness and accepted that was winning it because it prioritized other things as source of its happiness. Thus, the man was isolating itself in its Passarinho Mansion and many times its stubbornness was alone there in way. It is difficult to understand, but, what for much age a torment, a suffering, for it was the peace and, exactly making what it he was not healthy, he was as soon as it was felt well. In the night of day eight of March, after counting some glad and saudosas histories, the man more incredible than I knew, my hero of infancy and my example of life, my beloved and inesquecvel father, decided to alar a longer flight and ' ' Passarinho' ' it beat wing. It was itself and here he left in them with a so unknown pain that in them he arrests the breath and he transforms all space into an emptiness. The only source of comfort that we, the children of ' ' Passarinho' ' , we have, is the presence of the angel who almost folloied it during 46 years of union and fellowship, our mother, who used its wing stops comforting in them at this moment. It is ours shelter and our consolation. One day after ours so loved father having left, we were the children and the grandsons around of our mother, in one afternoon cold, sad, when, suddenly, in the high one of a twig, one passarinho sang one sings delayed, full of doura and peace. In silence, all we observe passarinho e, exactly without saying a word, all we had searched there to understand that one we sing as being a certainty of that our father was in a good place, in peace. After its I sing pacifying, passarinho, of the high one of the twig, raised flight route to the blue infinite of the sky and if he was, disappearing to our eyes He follows tranquilo, ' ' Passarinho' ' , in its flight route to the blue the holy ghost of the Perpetual Peace. Here, we will always feel homesicknesses its, but we will search wisdom to understand its moment of raising flight and leaving. Posthumous homage Vicente Mouta Rodrigues ' ' Passarinho' '