Newspaper Ads

What we can imagine finding in a newspaper or online ad such as "buy stop valves"? Surely everyone in the head just pops up the image of steel rods, which freezes the mixture of sand, cement and water, forming concrete. Indeed, the metal bars – this is also fitting (as, for example, a sculpture for the spoils of war art), but in this case, the advertiser is interested Pipeline fittings. So what is it? By definition, this auxiliary parts and equipment, without which any pipe will remain just a piece of metal that would not go for it – the black gold, natural gas, or water. More precisely, it is valves allow something to go, move along the pipe. With the help of various devices flow of chemicals called in this case, the working environment, it becomes manageable – you can adjust its power pressure inside the tube, movement, direction and other parameters. So, stop valves stop the flow, adjusting, you guessed it regulates distribution sends it to the right place. Some species only fitting to their destinations account for more than a dozen. Market valves is booming – and this process has a lot to say about the economy as a whole. In fact, no one working on the pipe the light is not without relevant devices and pipes are used in so many areas of our lives that it is impossible to enumerate. The demand for pipe fittings grows when construction becomes more intense. At this size, architectural features and purpose of buildings have no value – communication, they still required, no capital residential, industrial or public building is not without piping systems. New pipelines will require a huge amount of detail to ensure their smooth operation. These elements are necessary and the gasification of rural areas. Therefore, increasing not only the rent tubes and fittings production. A leading position in the industry, including Russia, staffed by the largest enterprises – in Chelyabinsk, Yekaterinburg, Shchelkovo and many other places. Finally, valves as well as everything in our world is becoming more high tech. During its production, as in the pipes, use new materials – not only traditional metals and alloys, but plastic, plastic, asbestos. Control devices are perfect, the automated control system. In short, the market for valves can be likened to an iceberg – we have a general idea of what it is, but the bulk of hidden from our eyes.

Marketing and Statistics

The more the better. Also seems to be all right, but why, if the product is good and honest business, not all achieve such results on earnings, as it should?? With personal experience in the networking company, I can say with certainty that the cause of ONE! Statistics and again STATISTICS! Since you decided to do network business, you have to play by his rules. Based on the foregoing, be concluded. The more people in your network, the greater your earnings. Well, here has a feature! It is important not just to draw people into the project, it is important to make him a pro, an adherent of the company and the product, but if you're lucky then marketing plan. Here's how to guess here, who will remain a customer, but who eventually goes into the category of your business partners? Yes way! There are many opinions about the quality and quantity of involvement. Some monsters Network say that the sign "everything that moves", while others believe that it is necessary to sign only one who is ripe for a serious approach. I do not know who is right, but I do know that the statistics, are stubborn things. Do you want to succeed in network – GO and COPA! That is, to say the Russian language – speak to anyone who meet on your way. Without solving the per person in advance! Just tell us what you do as you are interested and profit and all. He will choose myself! Oh! by the way remembered another mistake beginners. His friends at first did not they tell us about how his interest in this project or product, and tell a man that he is EXACTLY SHOULD BE! Can you imagine that at this point thinks person who is trying to draw! He immediately rejected it and now it is lost to you forever! The moral is: if you want to find more like-minded people, then get ready for everyday work. At least 25 invitations a day always only speak for myself! And of course learn to hear the human need to be useful to him his proposal. I hope you realize, why do not all reach such staggering success in online business. Early give up and say that you did not take place in this business. There is a purpose-necessarily result! Source: – professional service statistics and rating MLM – sites.

Customer Research

Our company since 1992 engaged in the research of various markets and conducting field marketing work (surveys of market players, consumers, tests, measurements, pricing and product monitoring, of 'mystery shopping', BTL-actions and During this time, we spent more than five hundred projects and activities and therefore in contact with almost all areas of activity. And almost every time we come upon the price confusion Dear Customer. In this small article I would like to clarify some aspects of pricing in order to dispel unwarranted price expectations of market research and customers work. The most common misconception – "custom research should be 20 – 30 thousand rubles, "Above all wrong, those who are looking for need to prepare research and goes to any website that hosts advertisements, descriptions and prices of studies 'for sale'. Usually in such portals prices for ready-made marketing research or work ranges from several thousand to several tens of thousand (usually up to 30-40 thousand). There are sometimes more expensive, but it is rather an exception to the rule. Dear Customers looking for information, looking at price, and 90% of cases, do not find what they need. Then they turn to the order in specialized marketing / research agencies, but when it comes to discussion of prices, the customer in 99 cases out of 100 refused. This is because that is the real price of custom work and customer 'keep in mind' prices in the range 5 – 30 thousand rubles for the study, it is not thinking that price level may be quite different.

Snack Export Manufacturer

These distributors already know the market in terms of sales, director of the companies analyzed, in what areas and in some segments more profitable work, and successfully launched their own products. But for that they had largely rebuilt system of the company: marketing departments have been established, the departments of production, in short, all that structure, which is required of the manufacturer. The same trend applies in the opposite direction, when manufacturer gradually develops and runs its own distribution network. Take, again, the alcohol market: the company "Soyuz-Victan", which initially developed as an intensive manufacturer, and Then came the creation of its distribution system and has succeeded in this direction. The same can be said about the company's Snack Export. Creating a distribution based on the manufacturer – a necessary measure may get the impression that creation and development of all-Ukrainian network of branches has been an aspiration of Directors Snack Export – in fact it was a necessary measure. One may even say that the manufacturer becomes the distributor of hopelessness. In situations where the CEO knows that there is no quality distributor that meets the needs, begins to develop its own system. I think that this – the root cause. If there were normal distributors, none of the director of production company would not bind with its own distribution. We, as a producer, had to withdraw its snack brands of "mass grave" of the general price list. Cherished goal of the company was the desire to snack exports take our snacks from the Dnepropetrovsk regional to the national level, quality and sold to build momentum and make our brands the first number in specific snack segments of the Ukrainian market.

Account Registration

There is a connection between the design of the shop and the amount of money consumers are left in the office in one visit. That is why the systematizing and professionaliziruya work with in-store design, including floor design, and internal marketing communications retailers can: 1. Increase the average bill by increasing the residence time buyer in the store 2. Increase awareness purchaser of the goods at the store and, thus, increase the number of purchases in their shopping cart. 3. Increase the number of visits for that outlet by reducing visits to retail outlets competitors try to substantiate our claims and to arm ourselves with this statistic: the average customer buys at the supermarket 12-14 times a month, gaining 6 products for a visit. The vast majority of customers from time to time make purchases in another two outlets are competitors and their discount cards. Almost all the buyers, choosing the products carried in the sales area for 20-25 minutes, and in line at the cash register buyer spends more on 5 to 12 minutes. Average ticket 20 minutes of being in an area of 1,000 sq. m supermarket – From 300 to 700 rubles, the average check of 30 minutes is 1.200 rubles. The transition between 20 and 30 minutes – is the transition between 500 rubles and 1,200 rubles. That's mean to ritelera extra ten minutes spent by the buyer in the store. To understand how to "force" customers to the store for 10 minutes longer, let's see what happens with the customer during his stay in the store. Approximately 20-22nd minutes of being on the trading floor for most people begins to increase irritation, a feeling of psychological discomfort and the desire to quickly leave the store. This is due, primarily, with the accumulation of large number of people in a limited area – they breathe into each other's neck, face, attacking each other's feet and so on, and a great richness of information: products, posters, in-store broadcasting, radio and others. Certainly, people refer to a certain tolerance for these things but 25th minute is critical for most of them. Even the most tolerant buyers tend to leave the trading floor after 31-32 minutes in it. Assortment and price impact on rational motives buyer, and we all know that 70% of buying decisions made directly on the trading floor, and hence turnover by 70% due to the irrational, unconscious motives and emotional buyer. So what are the specific actions in addition to the standard of work with an assortment and prices can and should take the retailer to increase the average check? The emotional shopping motives influence: placement and type of commercial equipment, control the flow of visitors in the shop, how to display of goods on the shelves, advertising, painting mood, signage, way of moving goods in the hall Slip in shelf space, the organization of promotional areas and places of additional calculations – all these factors must be analyzed and implemented specific measures to optimize shop floor under the "rule of 25 minutes. " All this work needs to be done to increase the comfort of customers while in the sales area and help people move beyond the 20th minute stay, increase this time to 25th minutes and at least for small part of buyers to bring this indicator to 30 minutes. Based on materials

Professional Wedding Photographers

Still need it! Professional photographer at a wedding – a person, without which any wedding or even a wedding! This is a fact. Therefore, in selecting the photographer must be very carefully. First, the photographer's work you should like, it's clear as day. Secondly, the photographer should be professional, he should be able to communicate with people and be able to "locate" you have to yourself when your first contact by phone. So we will assume that the photographer, as well as other characters, you will likely find on the Internet. And it means that your first acquaintance with the photographer will be on his website. Consider the work, liked it, then call and ask questions. For reference, the cost of services photographer in Kiev, depending on customer requirements, ranging from 2 000,00 uah. above, over 12 hours of footage. You can haggle, but most 100,00-200,00 uah. You do not succumb. For every hour surcharge on top of an agreement. You can certainly find more cheaper, but it is already at its discretion. Not in any way "fooled" by the sentence " I work from dawn to dusk for 500.00 usd." Is a real scam! When you meet with the photographer to discuss the details of your wedding, you was surprised to find myself, in 500,00 uah. is 2:00 and shooting only 20 photos on a disk, the remaining photos will need to buy! Therefore, all the questions you ask at the meeting, do not hesitate to ask, what more information you get, the calmer it will feel on your wedding day. For reference, a complete wedding day (12chasov shooting) involves approximately 700 1200sht. photos. You, of course, so many photos and do not need, but You will have to choose to print. Besides, if the cost of services includes printing photographer wedding photo book, the more pictures you get, the more varied will photobook. As a result, you get your hands on: a wedding disc photographs, cd with wedding slideshow (discs decorated cover), photobooks. This list may change, depending on the arrangement with the photographer. Manufacturing period is 7-14 days. Many have question "to feed the photo / video operator at the wedding or not?" logical question, because we both argue? "A person works, gets paid for it, but it still needed to feed?" At every wedding is still free space, since not all people come, so if you have the opportunity to feed the photo and video operator, they will be very grateful.

Professional Recruiters

The main difficulty in finding the chief accountants is that they are evaluation and selection. Modern technologies make it easy to search to find professionals for all levels of the agreed period of time, but the selection of the proper officer requires special knowledge. Many managers, select personnel themselves, believe they can best select the right candidate for them. This view is largely true, as director of the company like no other knows the features of corporate culture leadership style and staff of the company. Meanwhile, there is often a situation where the selected candidate, who at first seemed the most suitable for the post of chief accountant, does not justify the hopes. Professional Recruiters, the leading search chief accountants, know basic knowledge about the kinds of accounting, technical terms and knowledge, and the specificity of the profession, allowing them to speak the same language as with the applicant, and with the employer. As a general rule, staff recruitment agencies have a basic economic education or refresher courses are held, as well as get some skills in the process. When selecting staff through employment agency, he is tested on basic knowledge of the specialty (as a rule, are testing applicants with little experience), developed by the agency or employer, after which they are interview. If you are selecting a specialized agency must be informed as much detailed information about your company and make a portrait of the ideal candidate for the post. Also necessary to determine the wage level of the future employee.

Professional Installation

In recent years become more famous metal-tube (aluminum welding), as well as a way to bond of metal and copper pipes with pressfitting systems. This connection is one-piece, has a high degree of nadezhnostiiprochnosti. It can be walling in walls, floors, ceilings and as well as steel pipes, which are mounted by welding. Manufacturer ROTHENBERGER (ROTHENBERGER), in keeping with the times, offering whole range of professional tools for working with metal-plastic pipes, such as calibrators, electromechanical and gidravlicheskiepressy for press fittings, tube bender, and manual pipe cutter, faskosnimateli and any type of press mites that takes the consumer on the basis of the fittings and pipes used by a particular manufacturer. A prerequisite for long-term maintenance of its composition pipe is competent Preparation before installation, namely: giving it the desired shape by the junction of the fitting and ensure a perfectly circular section of pipe ends. To fulfill these requests ROTHENBERGER offers manual benders TUBE BENDER MSR for pipes from 14-32 mm, and a hydraulic tube bender ROBULL MSR for pipes from 40/50/63 mm. Both allow the bending tool to bend the pipe up to 90 degrees without changing the shape of the cross section of the tube are fitted with a collapsible design and a convenient metal compartment for the transport of small size. It is worth to pay attention to the combination tool for the joint calibration and chamfering ROGRAT MSR. This tool is wonderful and is not produced by any of the manufacturers, except Company ROTHENBERGER.

Attorney Principles

Principles – the fundamental beginning, which are based attorney rules of law. The purpose of the principles: 1. legal foresight 2. construction of new rules of law attorney Types principles: 1. General 2. GENERAL special: the principle of legality, lawyer has no right to tell an illegal way to resolve customer problems. The lawyer has no right to perform illegal to customer requirements. The lawyer has no right to disclose the lawyer-client confidentiality, even if the actions of the client illegal. SPECIAL: 1. The independence of the two. The client's interests above all else 3. Corporatism 4. The independence of the lawyer dr.advokatov 5. The principle advocate secrecy 6. Independence of the individual lawyer and the client. Guarantees – mechanisms for implementing human rights advocates. 1. Material (tax benefits, the payment of counsel at public expense) 2. Ideological (creating a positive image of the legal profession) 3. Legal (guarantee attorney secrets) A lawyer is forbidden to be an informant. 4. Ensuring the safety of a lawyer – a search in the attorney's office (you need a court decision) – the inviolability of a lawyer files – the state must take special measures to protect family and property lawyer.

Professional Appraisers

Each evaluator should invest in a compensation fund for at least 30 thousand rubles. Third, annual annual fee. The various self-regulatory organizations it ranges from 6 to 12 thousand rubles. Interestingly, some SROs intentionally create a similar competition to the capital structures, offering a more favorable membership conditions. For example, in NP COO "Siberia" is provided quarterly fee of 1 thousand rbl. Fourth, do not forget about the costs associated with professional development appraiser, with his professional growth. "Naturally, all these costs will fall on the cost of appraisal services, make them more expensive. For example, the SROs have requirements for appraisers who have every three years to improve skills at their own expense. And it's rather big money. AND it is not surprising that they affect the cost. But the demand for valuation services will in any case "- continues to Gennadi Romanenko. "As far as I know, these changes are reflected not so much as expected, despite the fact that evaluators have paid annual dues and contributions to the compensation fund in the amount of 30 rubles per person, "- says Alex Tataurov. On the pros and cons of "SRO is designed to ensure that the customer has been guaranteed more qualitative assessment. Plus the fact that now can be insured as the personal responsibility of appraisers and companies in which they work. Changes in the law are aimed primarily at protecting interests of the customer. And those things that relate to legal persons, is clearly weakened. At the regional level, we can be, not much noticeable these differences. But in Russia there will naturally be the problem. Valuers no matter how talented specialists as they are, will not be able to raise very large orders. Of course, there are individual entrepreneurs who will unite around him to many experts. But all the same legal entity gives great potential for development evaluation. Now, the legal person will be less to worry about staffing and professional growth of its employees ", – said Gennady Romanenko. Now in Russia there are 7 self-regulatory organizations ("SRO Interregional Association of Professional appraisers ',' self-regulatory organization of the Association of Russian Masters Assessment ',' self-regulatory organization of appraisers 'Siberia', "Interregional Union of Surveyors', 'self-regulatory organization" National Board of Professional Appraisers',' Society of Professional Experts and valuers' and 'Russian Society of Appraisers'), most Kirov specialists are members of the latter. I wonder what awaits appraisers in case of reorganization of these non-profit enterprises? "Cases of the reorganization of some SROs may well be. The law provides for several provisions of which may be excluded from the register of CPO. For example, if the SRO is not the number of appraisers is sustained, if marked by their poor qualifications, etc. In this situation, the evaluators can just join another SRO ", – says Alexey Tataurov. So, what has brought us new in 2008. And what of the SRO now can not escape. And it was there before (or without) the trial will now be dealt with a dispute between a client and appraiser. Formally, the same work of these organizations controls the Federal Registration Service, and Economic Development approves standards and guidelines and plans of the watch, as does its SRO responsibilities, but it is always ready to intervene and punish the already very SRO.