Professional Installation

In recent years become more famous metal-tube (aluminum welding), as well as a way to bond of metal and copper pipes with pressfitting systems. This connection is one-piece, has a high degree of nadezhnostiiprochnosti. It can be walling in walls, floors, ceilings and as well as steel pipes, which are mounted by welding. Manufacturer ROTHENBERGER (ROTHENBERGER), in keeping with the times, offering whole range of professional tools for working with metal-plastic pipes, such as calibrators, electromechanical and gidravlicheskiepressy for press fittings, tube bender, and manual pipe cutter, faskosnimateli and any type of press mites that takes the consumer on the basis of the fittings and pipes used by a particular manufacturer. A prerequisite for long-term maintenance of its composition pipe is competent Preparation before installation, namely: giving it the desired shape by the junction of the fitting and ensure a perfectly circular section of pipe ends. To fulfill these requests ROTHENBERGER offers manual benders TUBE BENDER MSR for pipes from 14-32 mm, and a hydraulic tube bender ROBULL MSR for pipes from 40/50/63 mm. Both allow the bending tool to bend the pipe up to 90 degrees without changing the shape of the cross section of the tube are fitted with a collapsible design and a convenient metal compartment for the transport of small size. It is worth to pay attention to the combination tool for the joint calibration and chamfering ROGRAT MSR. This tool is wonderful and is not produced by any of the manufacturers, except Company ROTHENBERGER.