Professional Recruiters

The main difficulty in finding the chief accountants is that they are evaluation and selection. Modern technologies make it easy to search to find professionals for all levels of the agreed period of time, but the selection of the proper officer requires special knowledge. Many managers, select personnel themselves, believe they can best select the right candidate for them. This view is largely true, as director of the company like no other knows the features of corporate culture leadership style and staff of the company. Meanwhile, there is often a situation where the selected candidate, who at first seemed the most suitable for the post of chief accountant, does not justify the hopes. Professional Recruiters, the leading search chief accountants, know basic knowledge about the kinds of accounting, technical terms and knowledge, and the specificity of the profession, allowing them to speak the same language as with the applicant, and with the employer. As a general rule, staff recruitment agencies have a basic economic education or refresher courses are held, as well as get some skills in the process. When selecting staff through employment agency, he is tested on basic knowledge of the specialty (as a rule, are testing applicants with little experience), developed by the agency or employer, after which they are interview. If you are selecting a specialized agency must be informed as much detailed information about your company and make a portrait of the ideal candidate for the post. Also necessary to determine the wage level of the future employee.