Attorney Principles

Principles – the fundamental beginning, which are based attorney rules of law. The purpose of the principles: 1. legal foresight 2. construction of new rules of law attorney Types principles: 1. General 2. GENERAL special: the principle of legality, lawyer has no right to tell an illegal way to resolve customer problems. The lawyer has no right to perform illegal to customer requirements.

The lawyer has no right to disclose the lawyer-client confidentiality, even if the actions of the client illegal. SPECIAL: 1. The independence of the two. The client's interests above all else 3. Corporatism 4.

The independence of the lawyer dr.advokatov 5. The principle advocate secrecy 6. Independence of the individual lawyer and the client. Guarantees – mechanisms for implementing human rights advocates. 1. Material (tax benefits, the payment of counsel at public expense) 2. Ideological (creating a positive image of the legal profession) 3. Legal (guarantee attorney secrets) A lawyer is forbidden to be an informant. 4. Ensuring the safety of a lawyer – a search in the attorney's office (you need a court decision) – the inviolability of a lawyer files – the state must take special measures to protect family and property lawyer.