For example, some say that humanity is making a technical revolution for 50 years, so a house built today, 50 years will have irrelevant, and nobody needs. But for thousands of years mankind from the basic principles of building low-rise buildings so far and gone. The same clay brick, from which even the Egyptians 4500 years ago, well built his empire, the same bleach calcareous rocks (of which today produce cement), the same principles of laying the foundation and wall construction. And in many villages, and to this day regularly are adobe, turluchnye and other "earth" homes. From this all we can conclude that the house will perform the role as much as will stand, despite the fact a year outside. The house was built with a large margin of durability and 50 years will be even worth something, but how much will cost the house from which the resource strength is exhausted, too, is clear – at no cost. How do today is not worth homes that come as a free application to the land on which they stand. In Western countries, widespread construction of homes for low-cost frame-Shield technology is relatively long service life. But as a rule, this construction is designed for low-cost mortgage lending. C assumption that children, having taken off from the parental nest, no problem will be getting his own way of cheap mortgage loan at the bank and building their own homes. Parents' house for them in this case loses its relevance.

Professional Appraisers

Each evaluator should invest in a compensation fund for at least 30 thousand rubles. Third, annual annual fee. The various self-regulatory organizations it ranges from 6 to 12 thousand rubles. Interestingly, some SROs intentionally create a similar competition to the capital structures, offering a more favorable membership conditions. For example, in NP COO "Siberia" is provided quarterly fee of 1 thousand rbl. Fourth, do not forget about the costs associated with professional development appraiser, with his professional growth. "Naturally, all these costs will fall on the cost of appraisal services, make them more expensive. For example, the SROs have requirements for appraisers who have every three years to improve skills at their own expense. And it's rather big money. AND it is not surprising that they affect the cost. But the demand for valuation services will in any case "- continues to Gennadi Romanenko. "As far as I know, these changes are reflected not so much as expected, despite the fact that evaluators have paid annual dues and contributions to the compensation fund in the amount of 30 rubles per person, "- says Alex Tataurov. On the pros and cons of "SRO is designed to ensure that the customer has been guaranteed more qualitative assessment. Plus the fact that now can be insured as the personal responsibility of appraisers and companies in which they work. Changes in the law are aimed primarily at protecting interests of the customer. And those things that relate to legal persons, is clearly weakened. At the regional level, we can be, not much noticeable these differences. But in Russia there will naturally be the problem. Valuers no matter how talented specialists as they are, will not be able to raise very large orders. Of course, there are individual entrepreneurs who will unite around him to many experts. But all the same legal entity gives great potential for development evaluation. Now, the legal person will be less to worry about staffing and professional growth of its employees ", – said Gennady Romanenko. Now in Russia there are 7 self-regulatory organizations ("SRO Interregional Association of Professional appraisers ',' self-regulatory organization of the Association of Russian Masters Assessment ',' self-regulatory organization of appraisers 'Siberia', "Interregional Union of Surveyors', 'self-regulatory organization" National Board of Professional Appraisers',' Society of Professional Experts and valuers' and 'Russian Society of Appraisers'), most Kirov specialists are members of the latter. I wonder what awaits appraisers in case of reorganization of these non-profit enterprises? "Cases of the reorganization of some SROs may well be. The law provides for several provisions of which may be excluded from the register of CPO. For example, if the SRO is not the number of appraisers is sustained, if marked by their poor qualifications, etc. In this situation, the evaluators can just join another SRO ", – says Alexey Tataurov. So, what has brought us new in 2008. And what of the SRO now can not escape. And it was there before (or without) the trial will now be dealt with a dispute between a client and appraiser. Formally, the same work of these organizations controls the Federal Registration Service, and Economic Development approves standards and guidelines and plans of the watch, as does its SRO responsibilities, but it is always ready to intervene and punish the already very SRO.