For example, some say that humanity is making a technical revolution for 50 years, so a house built today, 50 years will have irrelevant, and nobody needs. But for thousands of years mankind from the basic principles of building low-rise buildings so far and gone. The same clay brick, from which even the Egyptians 4500 years ago, well built his empire, the same bleach calcareous rocks (of which today produce cement), the same principles of laying the foundation and wall construction. And in many villages, and to this day regularly are adobe, turluchnye and other "earth" homes. From this all we can conclude that the house will perform the role as much as will stand, despite the fact a year outside.

The house was built with a large margin of durability and 50 years will be even worth something, but how much will cost the house from which the resource strength is exhausted, too, is clear – at no cost. How do today is not worth homes that come as a free application to the land on which they stand. In Western countries, widespread construction of homes for low-cost frame-Shield technology is relatively long service life. But as a rule, this construction is designed for low-cost mortgage lending. C assumption that children, having taken off from the parental nest, no problem will be getting his own way of cheap mortgage loan at the bank and building their own homes. Parents' house for them in this case loses its relevance.