Productive Technical Courses

Experience is Education. Education is Knowledge. Knowledge is nondoubt. Doubt does not take to the Success to you. The professor put to me of note 20 that in Peru is the maximum score. That thought I often applied in the diverse works and experiences to it in businesses of diverse turns. And it gave account me that always worked. By more errors than committed when planning something with the persistence and what was writing down and writing down, deducing, correcting, affirming and reaffirming, the planned thing and seeding began to bear fruits.

That has accompanied to me in many episodes of my personal and professional life. The great moral happened than me in the University (to be exact in the National University of Engineering of Peru Lima), is that the entrepreneur can have many ways to obtain something; in many steps that it takes it is going to fail. Only the persistence, the permanent effort, the aptitude and the attitude to correct the errors and the good desire to make the things correctly, can take to fulfill the dream to obtain one it puts. histories of my childhood on the villain and the hero now if they had an explanation. The villain planned something and failed and he did not persist, he did not correct, he did not make changes took that it towards the correct thing. The hero he did if it. Now everything was clearly. And You enterprising reading friend he prefers to be hero or villain?