Ergonomics Research Society

1960: Increasing increase of computerization in the different segments of the economy, perception of the possibility of the work processes to be redesigned, considering the necessities of the human being. The ergonomics is also come back for the area of softwares related the cognitivas questions, the specific aspects of the interface with the user. 1980: Accomplishment of research directed toward the analysis partner-technique that involves the organization of the work (analyses of the repetitividade degree, monotony and performance, turns of work, security, hygiene, layout and biorritmo), this with the participation of the involved people in the process of the ergonomic evaluations. The present time: Development of studies in relation to the Psicopatologia of the Work to the Collective Analysis of the Work. The first one ahead studies the psychosomatic reactions of the workers and its sufferings of the work routine. Second it establishes an important dialogue enters the ergonomics professional and groups of workers whom they display its critical, ideas and suggestions to the problems make that them to suffer in its work, without suffering pressures you command from them. In Brazil, although recent, the ergonomics comes progressing quickly. In 1990, the Ministry of the Work and Providence Social (MTPS), it lowered the Regulamentadora Norm? NR 17, that it treats on ergonomics, aiming at to establish parameters that allow the adaptation of the conditions of work to the psicofisiolgicas conditions of the workers, in order to provide the maximum of comfort, security and efficient performance..