Customer Research

Our company since 1992 engaged in the research of various markets and conducting field marketing work (surveys of market players, consumers, tests, measurements, pricing and product monitoring, of 'mystery shopping', BTL-actions and During this time, we spent more than five hundred projects and activities and therefore in contact with almost all areas of activity. And almost every time we come upon the price confusion Dear Customer. In this small article I would like to clarify some aspects of pricing in order to dispel unwarranted price expectations of market research and customers work. The most common misconception – "custom research should be 20 – 30 thousand rubles, "Above all wrong, those who are looking for need to prepare research and goes to any website that hosts advertisements, descriptions and prices of studies 'for sale'. Usually in such portals prices for ready-made marketing research or work ranges from several thousand to several tens of thousand (usually up to 30-40 thousand).

There are sometimes more expensive, but it is rather an exception to the rule. Dear Customers looking for information, looking at price, and 90% of cases, do not find what they need. Then they turn to the order in specialized marketing / research agencies, but when it comes to discussion of prices, the customer in 99 cases out of 100 refused. This is because that is the real price of custom work and customer 'keep in mind' prices in the range 5 – 30 thousand rubles for the study, it is not thinking that price level may be quite different.