Snack Export Manufacturer

These distributors already know the market in terms of sales, director of the companies analyzed, in what areas and in some segments more profitable work, and successfully launched their own products. But for that they had largely rebuilt system of the company: marketing departments have been established, the departments of production, in short, all that structure, which is required of the manufacturer. The same trend applies in the opposite direction, when manufacturer gradually develops and runs its own distribution network. Take, again, the alcohol market: the company "Soyuz-Victan", which initially developed as an intensive manufacturer, and Then came the creation of its distribution system and has succeeded in this direction. The same can be said about the company's Snack Export.

Creating a distribution based on the manufacturer – a necessary measure may get the impression that creation and development of all-Ukrainian network of branches has been an aspiration of Directors Snack Export – in fact it was a necessary measure. One may even say that the manufacturer becomes the distributor of hopelessness. In situations where the CEO knows that there is no quality distributor that meets the needs, begins to develop its own system. I think that this – the root cause. If there were normal distributors, none of the director of production company would not bind with its own distribution. We, as a producer, had to withdraw its snack brands of "mass grave" of the general price list. Cherished goal of the company was the desire to snack exports take our snacks from the Dnepropetrovsk regional to the national level, quality and sold to build momentum and make our brands the first number in specific snack segments of the Ukrainian market.