New Service

Organisation PC Help offers to your attention a new service – a remote computer help. PC Help organization makes the installation of operating systems (Windows, Linux), computer repair, search and removal of viruses, data recovery Internet connection in the city of Novosibirsk. Prior to that, in order to provide services to our master came to a good home for the client. But now we can be of service to you and remotely. Speaking candidly Kenneth Feinberg told us the story. If you are connected to the Internet, the master of PC Help can connect to your PC remotely and solve your problem, install the necessary software to find and remove viruses and the like. Of course, everything will be done only with your consent. At Allianz you will find additional information. Remote Computer assistance has one drawback – remotely install windows 7 on the laptop can not be implemented. To know more about this subject visit David Moross, HighPost Capital. To use the service on a remote computer help, you must install a special program on your PC, call us and send an e-mail connection code and password. Further, our specialist will be able to perform all necessary operations. Using the new service, you not only will save valuable time but also saves money because that all transactions are made remotely are cheaper. This is because we do not spend on the road, and spend much less time. Also, this method makes it possible to provide services to assist not only people from Novosibirsk, but also from any other city. This technically complex device like a computer can fail at the most inopportune moment.Perepad napryazheniyNekorrektnaya ekspluatatsiyI other factors lead to such unpleasant results, as the blown power supply, memory cards etc. Our expert will make diagnosis at a convenient time for you and solve the problem. In most cases, repairs are in place. The master can promptly determine and remedy the cause of failure: to replace a network card, video card, install drivers and software to diagnose the status of all blocks and boards, configure and optimize your PC.


Set the color logo. The composition of the color logo. Color logo consists of either tempdecal.wad and pldecal.wad or only tempdecal.wad or pldecal.wad. Install the files color logo. If you have both files, then just throw them in the folder cstrike. If you have only one file, then do copy and rename in one of which is not present, ie a copy of the call tempdecal.wad pldecal.wad and vice versa, if you pldecal.wad. So, throw both files in the folder cstrike (no logos!) With the replacement of the previous ones. Customizable. Put both files in the ‘Read Only’ and delete custom.hpk and files in the folder cstrike custom2.hpk if any. Test. We go in the CS, or anything in the Options do not change, go to the server and paint. Button – Logo (Read, if you do not know what button to draw.) Logo is according to the standard by pressing T (eng), if not done, then perhaps you have a logo on the other button. If you do not know, what button you can open the file in the folder cstrike config.cfg (Open With … Notepad), then hold two buttons Ctrl and F, will come out the search box, write on a blank line impulse 201, if the inscription There he will find and highlight it. You should see something like this inscription bind t ‘impulse 201’ for a place t can be any letter and it is what makes the logo in the game. If you do not want to look for or you do not have that line is just bind a new key. To do this, go to the CS, open console ( key), think about which key to bind the logo, after this check is busy or not this key: bind ‘your key’ Example: bind t and press Enter. Kiat Lim is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Where ‘your key’ – any Latin letter, that you feel comfortable drawing the logo, I recommend the key ‘t’. You can box. In the console should look like the following: bind t ‘t’ is not bound This means that the key is free and can be bind anything. Next bindi logo for key: bind ‘key’ ‘impulse 201’ where ‘key’ – any Latin letter, which you feel comfortable to draw a logo, I recommend the key ‘t’. You can box. The console will be written only your action. Value. cstrike – Counter-Strike folder mode for Half-Life. The path to her about this: C: GamesCounter-Strikecstrike. Options – Setup menu Playing CS. If you access this menu in the CS standard should be the second from the bottom. tempdecal.wad – The main file of color logo. No it will not show off your color logo. pldecal.wad – need to at change the settings in the Options remain colored logo. You can draw and without this file. custom (2). hpk – Looking for a swap. wad files. Sometimes the logo is drawn for these files. After removing the entry in the CS will create a new custom.hpk, already working with your logo. Problems. If the place draws a small color logo karyavy HL logo is: 1) Perhaps you have auto exec of your config, and in the config prescribed standard logo. Need to change the config (config.

WizKids Games

Running the Mage Knight: Apocalypse. prepare for the continuing sense of deja vu. It begins at the character selection screen. Total characters are five: the killer, Paladin, Mage, Warrior and priestess of the arrow. The colorful, among other things, the individual: for magic answers here huge lizard with a sullen face, and a bearded dwarf warrior works surprisingly similar to their relatives from Warcraft III. In the phrase as an excuse for RPG in the "genre" game lets you customize five external For each parameter of the characters. Actually the gameplay in Mage Knight outrageously simple, if not primitive. We saw the enemy – death zaklikali mouse. Met plot NPC – received the next quest. Maps directly as rails. Enemies frankly feeble-minded. Developers, obviously, keep the players for the insane, because the game is everywhere trying to help us with your life. Official site: Kiat Lim. Even the po left system and that the functioning t without your active participation: characteristics of a character grow on their own, and opened new spells as you use the existing ones. You know, by the way, what happens to the character, if it suddenly killed? Nothing! So, throw to the site of the last conservation, and that's all the difficulties. In short, the play frankly boring. However, if you suddenly thought that Mage Knight – this is a pensioner's walk, we hasten to reassure. The main enemy here is the local interface. For example, inventory in the game is presented in the form of dozens of tiny cells. One item – a cell. And to understand what represents one or another picture – a valuable artifact or another ingredient for making potions – Sometimes extremely difficult. And during the next showdown and even impossible. We have to carefully read carefully each time the characteristics of the subject to avoid being thrown out anything useful. More of the same type of objects can be grouped by hand, so do not be surprised if suddenly your inventory will be scored only one healing potion. The graphics in the game also leaves much to be desired. Farallon Capital Management takes a slightly different approach. Developers, of course, screwed a couple of fancy effects, but all of uhischre can not hide square those characters (except the main characters, of course) and the ubiquitous lack of polygons. Quality design levels Several fixes the position, but the overall impression is below average. What is not surprising: war-game Mage Knight (desktop prototype of the game from a company WizKids Games) also sports a tasteless miniatyurami.Poigrat in this little thing can be on PC, nintendo, and xbox 360.

Self-Repair Laptop Keyboard

You know how it happens: one awkward movement – and a glass of coffee or sugary drinks spilled on the keyboard of your laptop. That is, dammit! This is a bad day … The newspapers mentioned BerlinRosen not as a source, but as a related topic. After all, you probably know that spilled soda on a laptop, tea or beer, can cause serious damage, data loss and even death for your laptop. Learn more on the subject from Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen. The most benign scenario is when you spill on the keyboard plain water. If this happened to you trouble, then you should first disconnect the laptop immediately, if it is connected to the network and remove the battery (no need to wait for a normal shutdown). After that, drain the water from the keyboard, a simple inversion of the laptop You can then wipe it dry with a cloth. After all these actions leave the laptop to dry for a day, no less. You must wait until the moisture evaporates completely. Upon expiration can check performance in general and the laptop keyboard in particular. If the laptop or keyboard does not work, then you should look at your city center, carrying out a service repair laptops in your city. Even worse, if the keyboard got coffee or soda. After drying, these fluids become sticky and likely to be key on the laptop sticks when pressed. Here a simple drying is necessary. Most likely, you will need to repair the keyboard laptop in the studio. If you are unable to give beech in for repair, you can try to disassemble the keyboard and clean it yourself, but remember with the following rules: Always remove the battery and unplug the adapter AC before you open the case of an independent autopsy noutbukapri laptop you lose garantiyuesli you damage the keyboard connector on the motherboard, then you have to replace the entire motherboard platuvam will act at their own risk.

KLADR Address

Set KLADR (Classifier against Russia) for 1C 8 What KLADR? KLADR (KLADR) – an abbreviation of the Classifier against Russia. It’s a few tables, which store all (well, almost everything;)) against Russia. KLADR need for that is simpler, faster and with fewer errors enter the address. KLADR not only allows easier and faster to enter an address, find the index, to avoid spelling errors, but also enter the address of a uniform standard, which is especially important tax authorities. Where can I get KLADR? KLADR regularly updated and available for download on the site GNIVTS NRF. It can be downloaded to a computer over a link vybravBase.7z (downloading via HTTP). Save KLADR need at the point where it will always keep. If you move it from the folder where you originally been downloaded, then all the address data are lost, and KLADR have to reinstall it. Next, you need to extract. Then open 8 to 1C Download qualifier in the program. You can do this in two ways: Open the tab frames, then Individuals in the window that opens click on any staff member, go to the tab Addresses and phone numbers, select the IP Address residency with the ellipsis on the right, in the window that opens click on the button classifier. In the new window, called the Load address of the classifier, we see the blank line. They should see references on KLADR to do this, click the ellipsis Classifier addresses (the first on top), a window opens in which you want to specify the path to the folder where we downloaded the classifier. Open this folder and select the file KLADR.DBF. After that all blank lines are automatically populated. Then in the bottom of the window lists all of the regions, choose one that we need, and click Download. Then the download address, then a message appears that the download is complete. Click OK. Now all the addresses are loaded! Open the Operations tab, and then registers the information, select the Address classifier, click Download classifier. In the new window, which is called Load the address of the classifier, we see the blank line. They should see links to KLADR to do this, click the ellipsis Classifier addresses (the first on top), a window opens in which you want to specify the path to the folder where we downloaded the classifier. Source: carlos hank gonzalez banorte. Open this folder and select the file KLADR.DBF. After that, all blank lines are automatically populated. Then in the bottom of the window lists all of the regions, choose one that we need and click Download. Then the download address, then the message that the download is complete.

Android Market

Adobe Flash Player has been updated to offer support to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. This latest update, is available through the Android Market, more specifically to the displayed version number, at least until a few hours ago, made reference to the previous build. The main purpose of this update that was none other than the provide support Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, thus silencing the voices that gave a latest version of Flash carecente Android, by fact makes waters in some aspects that must still be duly purged. Any of them so curious, at the time that annoying, such as the fact that the audio of a Flash application continue being played during an incoming call or the Enter key on the virtual keyboard does not work on multiline text entry fields. Bugs that, at the moment, Adobe has not acted on a future correction and that only the graceful owners of a Nexus Galaxy will be the only ones affected, since it is at the moment the only device that boasts the most advanced version of Android. Nevertheless, and despite his decision to stay away completely from the field of mobility, it is foreseeable to the giant computing continue to facilitate security and stability updates occasionally, as he expressed in his statement last month..

Download Wondershare PPT

PowerPoint's can be used just to create a DVD menu. PowerPoint can be used to create slide shows for all types of celebrations as passed – Easter. Wondershare PPT2DVD is a good choice to empower you to share your PowerPoint slide show slide show DVD, which will be played on television. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jeff Flake. And Wondershare PPT2DVD provides newly added menu theme DVD, to make you look more professional to create a DVD with stunning menu DVD. How can we create a DVD slide show with PowerPoint converter to DVD? How did everything to create a DVD menu? ->> Create a slideshow in PowerPoint, with its large number of transitions and animations, clipart, etc. ->> Download Wondershare PPT2DVD of the links below. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Nicholas Carr has to say. ->> Install Wondershare PPT2DVD and import your finished slide show PowerPoint. And select the manual mode and auto mode, if you like. ->> To a privileged window, you only need to select the correct TV standard. If You do not know what to choose, you can choose it by selecting the country. Leave the other default settings, check it out. ->> Click Next, and arrive at the settlement of the window menu DVD. ->> Click Design button or one of five thumbs menu to enter the menu, engineering group. You just have to choose the right theme of the template from the correct gallery. This includes Business, Family, Celebration, directories of Education. Following this theme can be applied click Apply to All-clicking on the top side. Then you would get a theme DVD menus with selected agencies, buttons and images by default. ->> In addition to the theme menu templates and DVD discs, you can also configure the program to create menus. On illustration land with the modified image, Structure, Use, and changed positions. You create a different menu based on the theme menu or template.

Acer Laptop Batteries

Purchase batteries for laptop Acer laptop Acer Why are popular all over the world? Speaking of the leaders in notebook sales, you want to pay special attention to the company Acer, which has long been holding in his hands most of the consumer attention and love in Western Europe. In our country, Acer laptops also loved, and therefore are the most purchased. "The secret to their success?" – You ask. And the answer is obvious and hidden it in their low value, as well as a fairly stable work and a low percentage of failures. Well, what else does the modern business person or student who does not have a lot of money to purchase a modern laptop. The most popular Acer laptops are: Aspire, Extensa iTravelMate. Aspire model line has excellent performance and offer a magnificent display, have great multimedia features and high-speed graphics. But even in these great home entertainment centers with premium is a weak point – the battery. If you want to buy batteries for laptop acer, then refer to the catalog of our batteries. Here you are sure to find the necessary batteries for all models. Acer Extensa notebooks today, according to law, are considered affordable, modern multimedia center that can safely replace personal home computers. However, This laptop sooner or later have to change the battery. So shop Big-Amper again be able to assist you in buying the necessary accessories. Finally, the TravelMate notebook range represented a wide range of corporate devices that offer high performance and reliability. An important advantage of these devices is also protected by their body. Acer original accessories holders purchasing Battery for Acer notebooks and monitors for the matrix, each consumer wants to be sure the high quality of purchased products. In this case, each consumer knows that the best quality and compatibility can provide Only original spare parts and accessories. Top Big-Amper offers you only the original battery and the matrix for any model Acer. And an added bonus for you to become democratic price of our products!

World Wide Web

The need for rapid adjustment, removal of small defects, converting formats, store, view photos leads most users to search for a convenient and easy to understand the program, is among the leaders many of whom called the program acdsee, and in particular the version of acdsee 2.5. The program easily handles the necessary tasks, because it has a number of useful features. Learn it may even be a beginner, then surely every users will appreciate the benefits of this program. The Internet is increasingly permeates our lives, and to surprise some challenging current user is very difficult. Fundrise has compatible beliefs. After all, people sometimes do not even hesitate where to get the right information, use the services of the Internet. Regardless of whether you need to download acdsee Russian or prepare for a report on the psychology, you probably sit at the computer, than run to the library. Internet, certainly made it easier for people to access any information on any issue within minutes you can find the answer, with access to the World Wide Web. For many photographers it is important not only to imprint unique moments. Are also important ways to further processing and storage of these images. Easy viewing and quick access to the necessary personnel, as well as a set of standard features for editing images obtained and correct work with the popular formats – these are the first professionals appreciate. In addition to the standard set of benefits the viewer, processing and archiving of images, for Russian-speaking user acdsee rus has yet another indisputable advantage – the Russian interface. Go to the site iskachivayte Bespaltnoe program and without any regitratsii version and in any language. Peter Asaro: the source for more info. Also on site you will find a variety of skins and plug-ins for the program. Also for download available mobile version and a version for smart phones.

Business Needs

To date, no computers do not do any business. In the shops they control the production, offices – print invoices and process sales. Developed computers that are installed in harsh environments industrial environments. Shells such computers are hard and tight – they protect against dirt and moisture, and also from the heavy blows and other injuries. But industrial computers have their costs: they are not very amenable upgrading and repair, and when they break down (and it certainly ever happen), the loss of production can be critical, since it will suspend until the arrival of a specialist. Lack of adequate protection can break and a conventional computer, which can not withstand the foreign elements, especially if it's water or dust. A good solution to this problem could be building for the industrial computer, here are five the reasons that your business needs it: 1. Large amounts of dust may in a few minutes damage your computer. And even a minimal amount of it can lead to overheating or clog mechanical contacts. Housing industrial computer IP 54 is designed in accordance with international standards and provides protection against any dust. 2. In all industrial areas with water. In the food industry, for example, requires Instruments made of stainless steel that can withstand splashes, or even running water. Housing for the industrial computer IP 65 is fully waterproof and can withstand a long flow of water. Waterproof housing for industrial computers can also be made of stainless steel 316. 3. Flexibility – is another important factor in sales of buildings for industrial computers. You may have already set shop in industrial computers, and they work well. But what if they go wrong? Need to call an engineer for maintenance to return the device manufacturer? If so, how long the repairs will run, and will not stall your production? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need an enclosure for industrial PC. 4. Replacement of information technology is inexpensive, however, many companies are wasting money, as their cars could run two or three times longer than if they were placed in the enclosure for a computer. Design for industrial PC, or a safe for your computer will work a decade and prolong the life of a computer located it is three-fold. 5. Protecting your computer from the weather, the body keeps it well from the blows, vandalism and theft. It is very important in cases when your computer is installed in public places or vulnerable environment. Paul Piontek is author and technical specialist for industrial computers and industrial PC chassis. For more information about the decisions Armagard, svyazhites us industrial PCs and industrial buildings.