Yandex Direct

Followed by a question: "How many times can I raise it profit?". I replied that for the online store 20% – that's cool. What the answer was that this stuff and they even more (at least 10 times!) (: I do not even know what to say (: I'm extremely not understand such an attitude toward business. Even if the profit will be 1% more than the bank deposit – this is cool. Let's continue to face it. I was told that some aunt somewhere by Yandex Direct's increased the number of orders of 10 or 20 times. Again, substitution of concepts. In general, the relative value of very, very slippery thing.

Never it does not get fooled. If my aunt had a reservation a month, and has 20 orders, then nothing surprising. Here you increase orders by 20 times. Receive 20 per month with Disabilities Yandex Direct in writing refereta – complete nonsense. Such things make even Newby. If yesterday you earned $ 1 a day are $ 10. Really? Of course! You have increased profits by 10 times or 1000%! Cool? And if you invested one million dollars, earned on this $ 10 000.

Okay? You bet! But the profit was only 1%. Therefore, throwing the words that someone somewhere makes profit of 1000% is the same thing to say that somewhere out there live better than here. Live anywhere cool, just need to live well. In every country there are rich and successful and it should be remembered. And if the neighbor's grass is greener – it's not the problem neighbor, your problem is to this relationship. In order to give a guarantee to work and say how much profit can be stretched, you need to know all the unknowns in the equation. This applies to any business. How much will it: 5 + x =??? Any mathematician will tell you that can be any number. Restrictions on X are missing. In my case I did not know anything. I did not know that for a site on which it is a domain which it content, much of the information, the site sells, how it works and so on. Here, even when constructed perfectly Direkte ad campaign, things may be ugly pohereno site content. Even if Yandex hang on the front page of a banner, then the effect will be terrible, because if the user has come to the site that are not sells, the script works lousy, sloppy texts, and the design is such that you want to throw the monitor, he did not buy it. Even trivial "decline" can host all poherit. Profitability of the site depends on many parameters, and to me, as a consultant, you must know them. Therefore, there is not all unknown in your equation – your business will work to "maybe". You need this?