Tanning Beds In Communal Halls, Recreational And Thermal Baths

“Sure Sun after the new EU standard with solariums and in the Dorena-PPP model Dorena solariums works lineup, wellness facilities, experience saunas since 1983 in the business fields (E.g. Romans sauna in the limes-Therme in bad Gogging or Bavarian Forest sauna in Zwiesel) and sea salt caves” in the PPP project (public private partnership) very successful. Over 200 local contractual partners appreciate the cooperation with Dorena. If you are not convinced, visit Federal Reserve Bank. The company Dorena is certified as “Solariums stand in local bathing establishments” TuV ISO 9001 and that each year turns Dorena since 1999 a verification audit. Therefore the company Dorena for customers has a coherent approach to the required implementation of the new EU standard for tanning salons in pools and spas, including training system, control flow and work instructions. With a TuV certified partner you get always maximum quality and safety. The UV-protection Regulation (EU standard) has been in force since 01.01.2012. Different sections and schedules are to note where the company Dorena you actively helps: posting compulsory for certain information and instructions, as well as perform a device and operating book. Dorena customers receive all necessary documents free of charge. To 01.08.2012: Retooling the old solariums on the new irradiance 0,3W / m. Dorena organized the conversion for you easily and independently. The new EU standard is a great opportunity for all tanning providers, especially for indoor, recreational and thermal baths. Dorena offers a professional approach to marketing the new solariums-EU standard exclusively for its customers. Objectives are: 1 safety in the Sun 2. trust the bathers 3. increase sales 4. vitamin D formation by solarium visit in Germany have about 60 percent of adults according to the data of the Robert-Koch Institute vitamin-D-value of less than 20 ng/ml, this is a defect if it is according to the recommendations of the IOM report. Vitamin D is formed to a large extent by UV radiation in the body itself. Especially in the winter, if not is sufficient sunlight available, consider a visit to the solarium. The Dorena concept provides you with the opportunity to promote the positive aspects of the solariums and increase your revenue. Your unique selling opportunity (“safe Sun”) and integrate the statements in your advertising and website. Local PR article support their actions. The Department of marketing at Dorena are happy to help you and give you more tips and suggestions. Description of the company that plans wellness consulting group Dorena, builds and finances in German-speaking Europe since 1983 in collaboration with local Thermal and town baths resort, unique Wellnesspark and experience sauna, which includes also sea salt caves are. As one of the first companies in the fields of water heat wellness, Dorena is certified according to ISO 9001 by TuV-Sud back in 1999. This test Dorena undergoes each year.