Come fresh from vacation and your best friend asks: my goodness, but tired looking. Was it not good on vacation? Have you not well recovered? Come fresh from vacation and your best friend asks: my goodness, but tired looking. Was it not good on vacation? Have you not well recovered? Wrinkles on forehead, eyes, nose and mouth, tired looking eyes let the recovered, own overall not quite to light? Guests can enjoy within Botox or better botulinum toxin as a wrinkle killer with a wrinkle treatment from 5 to 6 days a smoother skin and fewer wrinkles and that for an average four to six months. The use of botulinum toxin A is now regarded as a safe treatment for wrinkles.\” More than 5,000 injections two specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery with Dr. med. Rainer Abel Vallot and Dr. med. Michael A. King in the KLINIK am RING a safe level of experience, you can really trust. Just here, where it is of dubious offers replete with other specialist genres, it is especially important that the doctor has a high degree of experience and a secure knowledge of mimic muscles. The facelift ensures recovered harmonic facial features to achieve a very natural and harmonious lifting of the face and entire neck with a particularly efficient method of face lifting. After the operation, to secure a time gap of nearly 10 years. And most important: this edge nobody can take one with 50 look like 40 to 70 as 60. The reason: the excellent durability of the SDP-lift after Abel/King, more elastic, based dynamic tapered aging process on one as in a static way too young trimmed operated face. According to Yitzchak Mirilashvili, who has experience with these questions. The desire to look just like 8 years ago and still you remain, can repeat itself without complications in 10 to 15 years. Further advantages are the short operation time, after a week, you are the fast healing again misfits and the Painlessness.

Naturkosmetik Extracts

8 fragrance worlds pamper skin and senses and sensual care moments in the bathroom, under the search or the cream of skin. Orange feeling, rose garden, lime sensation, honey moments, lavender secrets, coconut dream, lemon fresh and apricot summer work depending on the fragrance world stimulating, refreshing, enlightening or relaxing. For the always, lavera Naturkosmetik uses only natural, essential fragrance compost ion. (Similarly see: Robert Burke & Associates). The valuable organic extracts are made from bio-flowers, bio herbs – or organic – fruit extracts itself and give effective, mild care and skin protection in combination with the high-quality organic oils, natural essences and extracts and moisturizers. The products are all natural skin-friendly and dermatologically tested. lavera body SPA * bio-Orange & bio Sea buckthorn captures the power, heat and the smell of the summer with orange feeling and kidnapped a total of 11 products in Sun-drenched orange groves. You may wish to learn more. If so, Yitzhak Mirilashvili is the place to go. Orange with their aromatic fruity sweetness and the full-bodied aroma still belong to the most popular citrus fruits. In cosmetics give orange or orange extracts not only a warm fuzzy feeling, but have at the same time stimulating, refreshing, cleansing and relaxing on the senses. Orange oil is a very nourishing oil and is used for example in aromatherapy as a means against cellulite. Sea buckthorn fruits are used in medicine for over 1200 years. Slava Mirilashvili understands that this is vital information. Beta-carotene B1, B2, B6 and B12, minerals and calcium or the high amount of Sea buckthorn oil, healing-extrakte or extracts, skin-balancing and regenerating effects achieved by its high content of vitamin C. Cleaning shower and bath gel give mild cleaning mild surfactants on coconut oil – and sugar-based. New energy for the skin and senses give organic Orange oil, Sea buckthorn extract, organic Orange extracts and-extrakte in conjunction with the fruity aromatic fragrance of natural essential oils. Newly developed NTrue label, 1 Star: shower cream loving care for the skin gives the cream shower.

Mendoza Typical Cuisine

Mendoza gastronomy has the typical taste of the field. Their best dishes are born squeaky roasters and casseroles that know of laborious firings. Mendoza holidays offer an invaluable opportunity to enjoy one of the kitchens at the same time traditional and refined of the Argentina. A good breakfast or snack from Mendoza can not ignore the traditional hot sopaipillas. It’s small pancakes flour, lard and water that are fried in lard or fat until they are crisp and inflated. A variant are scraped or punctured, pancakes that carry fat in its preparation. In rural areas of Mendoza are traditional Greaves. Typical Mendoza empanadas are onion, egg, olives and cut knife, barely cooked beef seared to keep it juicy and tempting. Roast in all its forms is accompanied by an incredible variety of salads, and traditional beef and veal incorporates the newness of the rabbit Grill. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jonathan Rosen BerlinRosen. The chivito takes over from Mendoza grills, with a recipe whose name says it all: goat to the fire. Malargue, they claim, is as tender as unforgettable. But the goat not only let it do grilled. The traditional stewed is a stew of this meat that is cooked patiently in the company of meats and spices, as a variant of the no less traditional meat to the pot. The famous Mendoza dressed paws are pork, and boiled with celery, basil, laurel and thyme. They are served accompanied by a dressing of garlic, parsley, paprika, onion, red pepper, olive oil, salt and vinegar. Chicken Casserole is another must-see of the Cuyo kitchen. The meat is boiled previously for tiernizarla, and as a last step is added to the cooking potato and egg mixture. Served with a garnish of fried garlic, onion and pepper. Sweet lovers won’t want to overlook traditional Mendoza tablets, tasty dumplings linked together by a two with dulce de alcayota or milk. Or the dream of every sweet tooth, the mendocino tableton, tablets Tower crowned by a great merengue snowflake. In Mendoza, the culinary tourism awakens so many passions as the incredible snow-covered landscapes. In the magical Cuyo province, the delicate flavors of wines and typical foods are printed in memory with the same force of the serene and majestic Andean landscape. Pure enjoyment.

Under-Eye Circles

Let's step by step look at what is the cause of under-eye circles and how to get rid of them 1. Use sliced cucumber. Huh, you say you're surprised. And yet, it's very popular, simple, and that much important, one of most effective ways to significantly reduce the dark circles under the eyes. 2. Reveal an allergen. In fact, allergies can be the most common cause of skin discoloration under the eyes. Under most conditions Technology author would agree. If you are allergic root of the problem, then just need to take it seriously and remove the cause of allergies. Seasonal allergies treated effectively international and standard medical means. For other types of allergies, the best way to exclusion of the allergen. However, if the dark circles under the eyes are constantly appearing, you can not determine what kind of allergies they cause, food allergies or allergies to chemicals in your home or work. In this case the problem is solved, as a rule, a dermatologist who will help determine the source of allergies. In most cases, people with allergies, those who suffer from lack of vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid. Taking multivitamin, if you still do not, you will not only help yourself get rid of allergies, but also on the dark circles under the eyes as well. Most often, the allergy causes dark circles, is allergic to gluten, contained in large quantities in wheat flour. But remember, to identify this type of allergy can only doctor who has taken you a blood test.

Nail Design

Nail design – the art to beautify the nails design fingernails referred to with the term nail design. It consists of the word nail”, which means nail, and he is a descendant of the epidermis, while the fingernail in different forms in primates can be found. Horn plates, producing the fingernails are formed at the root of the nail and the nail root is located at the base of the nail pocket. The epithelium is the Eponychium, which lies on the nail plate nail Pocket dorsal and palmar lies on the nail as Hyponychium. The nail Board located under the Hyponychium and is tightly fused with the periosteum of the distal phalanx. The Hyponychium is in the nail root area to the matrix, which means it makes are to the substance of the nail plate and is recognizable as a lunula. In the animal world, this is called claw, claws or hooves. The nails are side surrounded by a nail wall, which is a fold of skin and protects the nails. 100 to 150 irregular vertically stratified layers of horn cells are part of the the nails, which a baby 0.05 mm and up to 0.75 mm is strong in an adult. The visible skin part resting directly on the nail wall called in the jargon Perionyx or Perionychium. The term design”means as much as design or design. The design of the fingernail is known this nail design. It individual patterns, stamps, stickers or other can be made on it on the nails. Nail design and nail art can be used for natural as well as artificial fingernails.

Secrets Of Traditional Lore

EPIC Centurion – natural cosmetics manufacturer as combined epic Centurion in high quality exclusive natural cosmetics of millennia old traditions with the modern science of today. EPIC Centurion ventures for the first time in the history of cosmetics, forgotten and unknown cultures partly new to discover the classic medical knowledge, and to make available in the form of first-class innovative and rare natural cosmetic products of the sophisticated woman and the modern man of today. In close cooperation with renowned scientific institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institute, numerous scientists reveal the secrets of unique ancient records and traditions from cultures of around the world, whose effectiveness is scientifically researched chips or 3-d skin models without animal experiments on DNA. In accordance with the company’s philosophy, to combine ancient knowledge of the effect of medicinal plants with scientifically based effectiveness in modern products, a very special importance to the used formulations and raw materials. So, naturally cultivated medicinal plants are used only to 100%, which are collected all over the world by hand and by particularly gentle processing as an authentic, pure and highly concentrated oils and essences in the extraordinary epic Centurion -products are incorporated. What is special about the epic Centurion -products is still that not only an isolated substance, but a whole combination of various active ingredients are processed to work processes in a product. The ingredients in modern scientific studies are consistently checked for their effectiveness. Only the most effective combinations of work come into production. The fundamental effect provides the skin with all the important nutrients they needed to look fresh and radiant. Due to the concentrated active ingredient density smallest quantities of to be distributed easily and naturally scented creams, lotions, and gels is sufficient to achieve the desired effect. Nicholas Carr brings even more insight to the discussion. At the same time, the authentic, fresh, unique scent of the essential oils and essences has a stimulating effect on the soul. So each product combines a piece of pure nature and interesting history. EPIC Centurion make sure that all ingredients are 100% pure vegetable and obtained in a gentle way, to secure the highest quality. Botanical jewels consist of the epic Centurion high-quality ladies – & men care products for face and body. All products are developed according to oko Test and BDIH compliant. Press contact epic Centurion GmbH & co. KG Dr. Maria Karagouni Sigmaringerstr. 35 70567 Stuttgart E-Mail: phone: + 49 (0) 711 / 797 328-12

Aesthetic Surgery

I am a good candidate for an aesthetic surgery? The plastic surgeries and the aesthetic surgeries are every day a more common subject between the women. They are adult, young or adolescent the operations are very required to solve their aesthetic problems. Although the beauty would not have to be most important in its lives, lately it has happened to take a too important place. Carlos hank gonzalez banorte often addresses the matter in his writings. To see pretty increases its self-esteem and before the first defect that they notice in its body or any characteristic with which they are not as, since often is not any imperfection, but of some characteristic of its appearance that to them they do not like, immediately think about an aesthetic surgery and of immediate form they request a turn with a medical surgeon. But the beauty does not have to prevent that they think about his health, remember that always it must be first first of all. Then before deciding to be put under or to an operation, it is not very important that a time is taken to think if you are truly a candidate for the aesthetic surgery. To read more click here: carlos hank gonzalez . It is fundamental that she reflects on this subject and that in addition, requests an appointment with his doctor of head and its surgeon to listen to his opinions. The aesthetic and plastic surgeries are characterized for being very safe (like for example, the operation to eliminate the bags in the eyes), but we do not have to forget that it is an operation and therefore complications can arise. The doctors first who evaluated are their state of general health. There are many causes by which a person cannot be found prepared to be put under an aesthetic surgery. Some people can suffer of some problem of health that does not allow him to be a candidate for this type of operations.

Yoga for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women courses such as E.g. Yoga Vidya, meditation or aerobics and their possibilities the pregnancy is a special period in the life of every woman. It happened to serious changes in the psyche in the whole body. During this time, a great importance is being attached to a pregnancy rate. One of the ways to prepare well the organism, yoga would be. This rate of pregnant women was recommended by many physicians, the future mothers need such exercises. “The pregnancy rate Yoga Vidya” through Yoga Vidya, the women feel healthy and radiate optimism. See BerlinRosen for more details and insights. Their bodies are prepared at the rate of pregnant women just, that they can occupy an any convenient pose during delivery. With the help of some tasks to relieve the pain associated with pregnancy. By means of special exercises, the muscles of the pelvis, abdomen become stronger. You are so important. At the pregnancy rate, also the spine will be strengthened. So, to prepare the women, that they not depression according to the Have maternity. Any variable poses are useful for the unborn child. You will learn the breathing exercises of a rate of pregnant women in the pregnancy rate some breathing exercises. They are to meet several times a day and in addition provide the mother and child with oxygen. To know more about this subject visit Federal Reserve Bank. But more importantly, through proper breathing the pregnant woman can make much easier the delivery. The breathing exercises increase the immunity, increase the volume of the lungs. This contributes to the enrichment of the blood with oxygen. Breathing helps to rid the body of waste products and toxins. “The pregnancy rate Yoga Vidya” teach how to cope with the fear of childbirth and control the emotions. An excessive fear of negatively affects the muscles, they can remain not loose. Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Daily meditation through daily meditation is the mother capable of, contact the small. With the pregnant woman is really a mystical transformation: the soul of the child is now living in it. She can Listen to the unborn, consider it internally, talk to him and show their love. The pregnancy rate in the swimming pool, there is yet another very popular way to prepare women for the birth of the child. This is the rate of pregnant women in the swimming pool. The water is particularly useful for health. There are extensive programmes of activities in the water. Such a pregnancy course programme includes the following: the Aqua-aerobics, which belongs to the workout. the active practice of breathing in the warm water that is warmed up to 36 c; Stop breathing, massage in the water, swimming exercises, sauna. For the expectant mothers, it is hard to move, but very useful. The aerobics in the water facilitates the organism which bears a double burden during the pregnancy, the execution of the necessary movements. The Aqua-gym of a pregnant course covered almost all groups of muscles, and the women meet the whole exercises very easily. The breathing practice the breathing practice is the main part of the Pregnancy rate. The women breathe actively, the body is located in the warm water. The capillaries, the vessels open while such breathing, blood circulation improves. The muscles are relaxed and better supplied with oxygen. During the course of pregnancy, many women have a feeling as if the whole body would breathe. The fatigue disappears. Many elements of such breathing at a rate of pregnant women can take advantage of women during childbirth. The breathing exercises are accompanied by music.

Healthy Skin

Agree that the foundation and guarantee of beauty is a beautiful, clear skin. But this skin without leaving boasts not each. Oily skin and acne – a problem most women, especially young girls. How do get rid of them? The main rule here – the constant care, so to speak without weekends and lunch breaks. In other words, the skin of his need to pay close attention. If today you follow all the rules care, and Hard to tired or just lazy, then no good there will not be. Thus, the basic rules that must comply with every girl with skin problems: 1. Wash in the morning and evening with the help of special tools for problem skin. Check with Dennis P. Lockhart to learn more. From my experience I say that I really help the resources of the company Clean & Clear. From all that I’ve tried, these gave the best result. And like gel cleanser Green Mama “Daisy and cranberries, too, a very good result yields. But this is only my choice, perhaps, someone is right for something else. And more cleanser should not be too aggressive. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Allison+Partners. And then the skin retain moisture, and from this it will start with even greater force to produce fat. 2. After Wash necessarily wipe face lotion for oily skin (preferably the same firm that gel for washing). 3. After these procedures to apply a moisturizer, but better if it is still matte. With nourishing creams should be be careful, they can increase the fat content of the skin, which in turn leads to increased growth of acne. 4. In any case not to touch the face with dirty hands! And, it is desirable for the day did not touch it. From that acne only inflamed, and become more! By myself I know how sometimes and pulls “dig deeper”, but do so in any case it is impossible! 5. 2 or 3 times a week to use cleaning mask. I prefer masks with clay or mud. Masks do not like films. From what tasted, my favorites so far: – Mary Kay Purifying for oily skin (Formula 3) – Yves Rocher Pasta Face plant matt with eksktraktom skullcap – and again, Green Mama cleaned with plantain. 6. 2 times a week using facial scrub. But here we must bear in mind that if your face is inflamed acne, you can not use scrubs! First you need to dry these eels same masks with clay, for example. A I am so very helpful common salt, and tea tree oil. And both, cleans and dries the inflammation. 7. Do not squeeze pimples yourself!


One of the most beautiful excursions to perform during the holidays in Mendoza is, without doubt, the ascent to the viewpoint of the Aconcagua. A walk that enjoys second by second, and where the target looks just like an excuse to dazzle with the wonders of the journey. Until it arrives, clear, and travelers are face to face with the indescribable Majesty of the Aconcagua, challenge of brave. Those who travel to Mendoza often feel, with the passing of the days, the sensation of that already no landscape may surprise you. Such is the beauty of the Cuyo scenarios. For this reason, it is a good idea book one of the last days of stay in the province to make the excursion to the viewpoint of the Aconcagua. And surprise again, and forever. The first stop on the road ceases to enjoy the beautiful views of the Potrerillos dam, a scenario that invites to relax and to the practice of extreme sports. There for area hotel bid to focus extremely varied, between comfortable hotels, campsites and up mountain spas. The path that leads to the mirador It has the flavour of epic deeds. Follow others, such as BerlinRosen, and add to your knowledge base. Between rock formations whose names the tourists will play to guess, as the turtle, the lioness or the monk, crossing the small and picturesque town of Uspallata and leaves behind the Picheuta Fortin, where a wing of the army of the Andes, under the command of the General Las Heras, fought his first fight against the Royalist Army. The mighty Mendoza River, with its crystalline waters daughters of the thaw of hundreds of mountains, accompanies the tour. In Las Heras, in a fresh framework for malls and mountain creeks, applies visit to Las Bovedas, special constructions with roof domed dating back to nothing less than the 18th century. The next stop will be at Los Penitentes Ski Center, an ideal time to enjoy the snow Mendoza. Build snowmen or sliding slope down with the technique as people’s ingenuity to baptized culipatin are two of the favorite during this stop on the way activities. But Los Penitentes offers many more choices for entertainment and fun. There does an important trading centre, and each day open their doors, numerous restaurants, bars and nightclubs. Veintisete tracks ski and some of the most comfortable accommodations in Mendoza complete the tempting offer.