Stock Exchange News

Pluto tends to increase the level of risk. If you’ve allowed themselves to risky behavior and not afraid of anything, it now follows to be prudent and not to tempt fate, even if your risk is minimal. The first part of May completely unsuitable for business risks. The financial situation in the world and the markets will remain challenging. There’s even a chance that during the first ten days of May we hear the disappointing news about the global economy and markets. For those who are engaged in a game on the Stock Exchange, the first ten days of May can be extremely unsuccessful.

Can someone in an instant to lose a fortune. These recommendations are particularly important for Scorpio, Aries and Taurus. That these signs should be cautious, as little as possible to take risks and rely their steps. The most dangerous days in that period – from 1 to May 2. Dangerous crowds, ride on an expressway.

Can not attend public events such as concerts, go to the stadiums. Around you creates a field of high aggressiveness may be disputes and quarrels. We must be careful, there is even a tendency to an accident. The influence of Neptune and Pluto in May will resist the influence of Uranus, which will make the positive aspects. He bring sudden and exciting events of friendly, happy nature, random, unexpected happiness, news, messages that cause a happy surprise. Increase intuition and inspiration, creating a fruitful time and favorable conditions, especially for science and technology, art and painting, for researchers and inventors.