Different Neighbors

Brazil is one of the countries with bigger inaquality of the world. Some forms exist to evidence such fact, one of them is to notice the existence of the great number of places with slum quarters and condominiums of luxury as neighboring. In Recife this in almost all is evidenced easily the quarters of the pernambucana capital, although to be possible to find quarters total ' ' elitizados' ' quarters completely ' ' favelizados' '. This mixture of slum quarter with luxury finishes on account forming eventual shocks and conflicts them different cultures dividing the same surrounding, therefore it is common to hear phrases as ' ' This is program of liso' ' or ' ' Thing of playboy' ' , friction the individuals in models that can generate a problem to the person depending on the way where the same one it lives. For this and other reasons, if in such a way argue the necessity of a great change in the Brazilian culture, where nor all person of low income has that to be football player, prostitute or some another thing formulated for the society. That these same people have chances to be great executive intellectuals or of success, for example, without being isolated cases of its families. With this new culture the social inaquality would tend to diminish. The culture must also be changed that says: monetarily rich people are superior and must demand its rights, being bigger of what of people who many times had not had nor the same chances. The slum quarter next to the great concentrations of income is faced by many as senzala of the house-great one, however the slavery finished has times and domestic jobs and dribble, for example, cannot be seen as it loves of milk and slaves of the house-great one, now all the individuals have rights and duties ones with the others, people of high income cannot more be the old owners of devices that ordered in its feudals and kingdoms contemporaries. The same globalization that cause an aggregation between strangers of distinct places highly, arguing ideas and values, generating good debates, can cause the disconnection of ' ' vizinhos' ' that badly they are known. The segregation between the two worlds, wealth and poverty, only it tends to get worse the situation of social inaquality.