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In the second case, the Manager which did went to lend a book to him to its recruiting one on control of stress, she gave certain time him to read it and soon meeting with her in two occasions to more explore forms to take to the practice which had learned in studied material. You want to know what happened with these people? They overcame its problems and they generated a deep feeling of gratitude by its leaders. To spend time to your collaborators to help will allow them to you to influence to improve the labor climate of your area, to lift the individual performance and of the most important equipment and it is than you will position yourself in front of them like a true inspiring leader. Many executives use the fear like strategy of being able; she is effective in the short term but in the long run he generates much resentment between the personnel and inhibits the creativity. If you use the strategy of three steps defined previously you will become a inspiring leader, not only for the collaborators who have emotional blockades, but the rest of the equipment will observe your behavior and you will generate confidence, obtaining that your work party respects to you and admires. Obvious this will be reflected in an increase of the productivity and will be easier that you reach the results that the company asks to you, because you will have more to members cooperative. Intelligent.

Audacious. If you apply with consistency this strategy you will shine with own light. Intntalo! Leticia Districts/www.LeticiBarrios.com Development of abilities of leadership and motivation Leticia Districts helps to executives with positions of control of companies small and medians to develop to its abilities of leadership and motivation for the profit of results. Suscrbete to its cc$bbs in and FREE receives strategies that will help you to convertirte in an executive (a) with being able. Original author and source of the article.