Global warming and global (Ice Age), as scientists have found, is a cyclical process that took place before the advent of man. Man plays in global warming is not a major role. Even Considering all the human impacts, the main causes of climate change is different. The first is the position of the Earth to the Sun, the Earth's axis inclination and energy cycle of the Sun. Secondly, the power Earth's magnetic field that protects us from harmful radiation from the sun, without giving the earth very hot.

Earth's magnetic field also has a cycle. From time to time, Earth's magnetic poles switch places with the Earth's magnetic field weakens. During this period, the earth is vulnerable to sunlight. If, during the Earth's magnetic field weakening solar activity strongly increases, global catastrophe is inevitable. But in today humanity is not capable of anything to counter these processes. Hence, the hysteria is overblown because of something else. The main reason for concern about global warming and supposedly sharply declining oil and natural gas – the banal desire of developed countries to get rid of dependence on raw materials. The main exporters of oil to date are Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (the entire Middle East in general), Russia, Mexico, Venezuela, Norway, Nigeria, etc.

Major importers – the U.S., Japan, Western Europe, China and India. It is clear that importing countries, particularly the U.S. and Western Europe do not want to depend strategic issues of energy supply from the exporting countries. Especially considering the fact that countries in the Middle East, Africa and South America, to put it mildly dislike the West. Hence the energy saving campaign, the collapse tankers and the development of hybrid cars. However, many forget that hybrids need Lithium-ion batteries. Now there are hybrids with nickel batteries, but lithium is used more often. Manufacturing battery – a very energy-consuming and dangerous for the environment business. In addition to mining and processing of lithium requires a tremendous amount of water. But that's not all. Deposits of lithium, the main component batteries are scarce. The main deposits of lithium are in Mexico, Chile and Bolivia. Demand for lithium has recently increased, to blame an increase in the production of handheld devices and mobile leap technologies. If we add to that and the automotive industry, the lithium will be about the same things right now is oil. Namely, strategic raw materials, production of which in the hands of a limited number of countries. Very probable war and coups to ownership deposits, the loss of hundreds of people jump in commodity prices, environmental disasters in the mining area and an acute shortage of water. In addition, the need for lithium electricity, which, in the old, will be produced by burning fossil fuels. Thus, the dependence on oil-exporting countries will not go anywhere, but instead will be added depending on the countries-exporters of lithium and the problem shortage of fresh water. But need to dispose of used batteries, which also can be attributed to 'green' technologies. Slightly improve the situation would use supercapacitors instead of batteries, but, as hydrogen installation of such technologies are difficult to manufacture and require improvement, and most companies do not want to spend money on developing new technologies. So far, hybrid technology – is half-measures do not give anything but more trouble and exacerbating the already acute problem of raw materials. Therefore, mankind needs something completely new.