The Royal Family

Universal enthusiasm by foreign experts – temporary, because the western world by appreciated the priority of the bilingual (possession of two languages). The greatest value in today's world represent teachers, are capable of thinking in the context of two cultures and to convey to students an appropriate mix knowledge. Lingvosotsiokulturny method One of the most serious and comprehensive method of studying a foreign language – lingvosotsiokulturny, involving an appeal to such a component, such as social and cultural environment. Proponents of this method strongly believe that language loses his life, when teachers and students aim to acquire a 'lifeless' lexical and grammatical forms. Someone said that 'identity – a product of culture'. Language – too.

And most convincingly confirm this our language mistakes. The student of English may use any grammatically correct expression of The Queen and Her relatives, but the Briton hardly understand what I mean The Royal Family; or, for example, such a phrase as Hero – spokesman author's ideas was translated sentence 'The hero is the loudspeaker of the author' ('the speaker's'), and ideally wanted to use 'mouthpiece'. Such oddities are common. Turn to a more subtle matter: for example, if for our compatriot, who owns the surface language, the difference between the expressions Don't you want to go? and Would you like to go? not very large, then for the British it in principle, because the first, he will perceive as not the best tone. Familiar to our business communication What issues are you interested in? often translated as 'What problems are you interested in?', no matter what the English word 'problems' has consistently negative.