Conceptual Control Center

Realistically, in my opinion, everything is completely different. The mechanism is simple. Conceptual Control Center (West) transmits software adaptive mod (n-residents of Russia), some decisions that the latter accepted. Everything. Do not believe me? Look at the original text of the draft law on the police. Any more or less literate person can see that the bill was written by non-Russian lawyers. With regard to essence of the law, it is also clear that only non-Russian people could prepare the fate of a "Russian trash" – to make it completely powerless in front of police arbitrariness.

This and other examples show that in Russia, our "Benefactors" "from behind a hill" hands of the Russian "elite", including a senior official of the country, openly trying to impose a real fascism. As for himself that person, then at him as a well-known anecdote about Lenin, and will recorded the entire "gesheft" then he will be remembered as it is today "labeled ." Ie the entire "conflict" n-resident and mayor, is not a clash of two state "men", no. It is also not ingrained conflict behind the data persons "elites" – Moscow and St. Petersburg. Indeed, the boundaries of these groups so blurred that today's St. Petersburg easily become Moscow and vice versa.

And this is natural because the driven force of both is very commonplace and therefore not makes them high moral claims. And because of the mess of pottage, they not only business partner willing to sell, but it is quite possible that your own mother. This is not the event in the fight against corruption, because onaya permeates the entire bureaucratic environment from top to bottom.