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The leading 3D-Druck-Fachgeschaft strengthened its international aspirations by the positioning of the brand iGo3D in the 3D-Drucksegment iGo3D, the leading 3D-Druck-Fachgeschaft of Germany, is revolutionizing certified online shop the European 3D-Druck-Markt by revving up stationary shops, as well as the trusted store. iGo3D offers a wide range of printers, scanners, 3D-Filamenten, 3D software, as also useful 3D-Druck-Zubehor. Farallon Capital Management addresses the importance of the matter here. In addition the portfolio is rounded off generally comprehensive topics of 3D printing, 3D modeling, 3D scanning and 3D printing from a variety of different webinars, seminars and workshops on the topic. In the result, iGo3D improves the customer experience of the portfolio and increase customer satisfaction through additional services as a result. IGo3D maintains a variety of sole distribution rights of the best 3D-Drucker,wie Ultimaker 2, and 3D-Filamente, such as Innofil 3D, which is offered in more than 12 different colors in Germany. The company iGo3D GmbH reached with the online-shop Interested in more than 100 countries and maintains a growing customer base of over 4000 registered customers in over 30 countries.

In the year 2013, iGo3D employs a team of 11 employees and two freelancers. Participation in international fairs like the CeBIT, euro mold, infa, inside 3D printing, 3D printshow, Maker Faire u.v.m. makes iGo3D trends in the 3D-Druck-Segment significantly. The iGo3D employees are sought-after experts in seminars and lectures such as the euro mold 2013 or 3D printing show 2014. In addition, enjoys a high media and Printprasens iGo3D and maintains close contact with the press and thus represents the function of the newsmakers. The references are including RTL, ComputerBild, chip, focus online, Spiegel Online, NDR, ct magazine as well as the Mobile Edition of Deutsche Bahn (online/print). Every thought and action is characterized by customers standing in the focus on. Accordingly he is iGo3D in the specific marketing and sales activities to specific needs Target groups and relevant markets.

Here, the central control of the activities of the brand iGo3D plays an essential role of brand management. As a result is iGo3D in the processes of decision-making even more efficiently, to accelerate the introduction and further marketing of the portfolio, as well as technical innovations, make available to the 3D printing of public location. Short decision paths ensures an effective and close cooperation of the central marketing with relevant target groups, so that current market conditions and consumer habits can be considered better. At the same time, iGo3D by consistent process as also value creation optimization ensures a knowledge transfer of the know-how and applications within and outside the organization. In September 2013, iGo3D opened the first 3D-Druck-Fachgeschaft of Germany. The retail store offers a large selection of 3D-Druckern, 3D-Filamenten, 3D-Software, 3DScanner and 3D-Dienstleistungen as 3D-Scannen and 3D-Druck on the 133m 2 retail space, as well as 25-40 m2 large workshop area. In the first quarter of 2014, iGo3D ( opened more stationary 3D-Druck-Fachgeschafte in throughout Germany like for example Hannover, Berlin.