Virtual Assistance In Spain

For some time, I see circulating online an article that talks about how the fashion of having a Virtual Assistant is expanding in Spain. The article is very interesting but was created in 2008, if I am not mistaken. And I would say that today, more than a fad, Virtual assistance is an activity that has come to Spain to stay, since he was born as a response to a growing need of Spanish entrepreneurs and professionals. Lack of time overwhelms everyone equally and increasingly more people are realizing the importance of delegating some tasks, to focus on what truly matters of your business. Is where a Virtual Assistant (or VA) plays a key role. It is true that in other markets, such as the Anglo-Saxon or Latin America, Virtual assistance is much more widespread than here in Spain.

For that reason, I think that there is a long way to go, because much of the population (who are in need of these services) unknown what it is and therefore does not know of the multiple benefits that can bring the hiring of a Virtual Assistant, especially the cost savings with respect to personnel incorporated into the template. To know exactly what is a VA I invite you to visit my site, where I present an indicative list of tasks that the VAs offer. What I recommend is, simply, think of those tasks that are heavier in your day to day and consult without obligation. Not to be a lesser known activity it means that it is more expensive! Although in recent times the Virtual assistance has grown significantly, it is estimated that short term you will have a much more marked growth, to the extent that more and more people decide to delegate. Therefore, I think also that the Virtual assistance can be a form of teleworking very interesting for people who are willing to undertake in Spain. Yitzchak Mirilashvili may also support this cause. In that case, everything depends on the skills of each, of the desire to be trained and to launch the idea. r original author and source of the article