Important Raw Material For Hybrid Cars In Danger

Rare earths are even rarer Beiersdorf-Freudenberg 10.09.2009 – as soon as consumers begin to focus on new drive technologies for vehicles, first setbacks suggest themselves. According to a report in the financial times Germany the triumph of environmentally sound technologies could be slowed over the next years bottlenecks in the supply of raw materials. The supply of so-called rare earths, a class of metals that is required among other things to the construction of wind turbines and hybrid cars is at risk.” Market leader China is reportedly planning to restrict the export of these raw materials. Instead the Chinese Government wants to provide primarily the occurrence for Chinese companies. Beijing threatening non-Chinese producers of industrial goods, such as for example car companies, to cut off the supply of these substances and to distort the conditions of competition in favour of domestic companies. (Quelle: FTD online, 10.09.2009) we drift on. If you have read about Viatcheslav Mirilashvili already – you may have come to the same conclusion. “is the cheerful slogan of the team Energy cooperative Freudenberg EC in Brandenburg, Germany. What does the cooperative on the legs, almost defiantly sounds to the Chinese embargo: although not a hybrid but still high-quality diesel fuel – will be certified here according to DIN EN 590 – straw won. This fuel which is released under the name CEHATROL exclusively for the production costs to the members of the cooperative can safely be used in all diesel generators can. A major difference to conventional biodiesel. “Our goal is to offer our members which means that both parties benefit as their out of this cooperation a win-win situation”, so Frank Knauer, CEO of the energy cooperative Freudenberg EC, through our own cooperative production of biodiesel we decouple fully us for the next few years from the world market and substantially reduce the cost of fuel in the Member companies. ” The average savings are 60% to the price of regular diesel at the petrol stations. Four plants are currently in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg projected. The nationwide network of service stations in parallel is further extended. Information about the membership under.

Environment Database

Environment – our priorities… What do we want… How much is a HP Bhulide, as much loss of value it has in just five years – this money is definitely gone. How much more operating fuels consumed this car over the years of use and how expensive is that – we need cars from 300 HP. More information is housed here: carlos hank gonzalez banorte. Japan and France run the rank us, since they produce new PS – and CO – 2 weak models according to the trend and now stand by is in the automotive industry, not only by the economic crisis. Only seen it is clear by now, the long-term environmental damage to our environment are emens higher than how it could be intercepted by targeted investments, however is the pursuit of profit of the industry lobbyists probably only at the moment and thus significantly harm our economies. Just and also, renovation is an ultimate must throw energy paradox in modern times, is equal to money destroy. The rest – heating for outside we did already with our industries – and even global. For more information see this site: Nicholas Carr. Keep in mind We – not only the Tigers, but also and in particular China, India and other emerging economies for the stars and are becoming always more and large industrial companies with unappeasable hunger for energy. It is up to us, how we do it, Europe and its demand for energy can not be anywhere so, a clever development policy must be the primary objective. Ecology and sustainable economic policy is schliesssen not each other out. We are obliged, pioneer in the effective use of raw materials, energies and eco-friendly technologies – our progress will decide the future of all of us – we are only guests on this planet. Please visit the following link and read the whole article: redevelopment why thank you. Frank Gargano

Increasing Euros

Electricity prices increased since beginning of the year to 7.1 percent Berlin, 27 August 2009 while gas prices again fall in the autumn, must practice more patience power customers. This year there will no longer be comprehensive relief for private households in Germany, so that consumers also at the beginning will have to pay the speaking season of on record prices for their electricity purchases”, explains energy expert Thorsten Bohg by the independent consumer portal Since the beginning of the year, electricity prices approximately 900 regional basic utilities in Germany on average by 7.1 percent climbed. Also in the coming weeks, 12 more companies plan price increases by an average of 5.7 percent. Large differences in the pricing striking are the large price differences, including the providers supply their customers with current electricity prices in 2009. While the cheapest basic supplier Vattenfall a sample household with an annual consumption of 4,000 kWh power in Hamburg 718 euros in the lowest available rate calculated, demand the Stadtwerke Borna in Saxony with 1,051 euro about 46 percent more for the same amount of electricity. According to research by, 25 local supplier at present offered power for under 800 euros at a quantity of 4,000 kWh. More than 1,000 euros are due in 11 companies. Competitors lure with high saving potentials that is continuous upward movement of electricity prices at the basic suppliers”but only one side of the electricity market, clearly Bohg. Overall the pressure of competition among the companies through new providers is increasing.” Increasing competition is assumed but so far hardly reason providers in many regions. Therefore, the gap between the prices of the local public utilities and those of competitors is widening further. Consumers through a change of provider can benefit from this growing discrepancy of electricity prices enormously”, Bohg. ( has the maximum for the 25 most expensive and cheapest basic utilities Savings determined by the election of a new party. Conclusion: Expensive basic providers, who switches to a cheap provider, saves 4,000 kWh of electricity consumption in the year average 248 euros. In the choice of tariffs with annual payment the savings increases even on 414 euro. The prices of the 25 best local provider be undersold by competitors in an average of 61 euros. Here, the cheapest deals with annual payment save 198 euros. Ultimately the consumers of the key to an effective competition on the electricity market is,”points out Bohg. The chance to benefit from the liberalized electricity market, is given by many available alternatives for everyone. Now consumers have the ability to exert appropriate pressure on the company over their demand and return to screw the price.” Through consumer portals such as ( power) or free service hotline 0800-10 30-499 can consumers quickly and easily inform about alternatives in their region and free to switch to cheaper providers. Please visit Kiat Lim if you seek more information. is the independent consumer portal of the Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck, for all common tariffs in Germany. It currently includes the categories of electricity, gas, DSL, investments, and insurance for legal protection, furniture, residential, private liability, car, keepers liability and is constantly being added and updated. The consumer can thereby with minimal free checking, whether there are cheaper rates for him, and, where appropriate, immediately change. The complete service of change of is completely free of charge for the consumer and the customer receives the original conditions of the provider, in some cases over in any case even additional, not available from the provider themselves bonuses and discounts.

TAZ Sustainability

Organic select catering is pleased variety readable BIO Bloggs organic catering, alternative energy, sustainability, recycling patents daily expand the fields of environmentally friendly Dennkens and action. Not least through the lively bio “Blogosphere”, which a radically fast paced platform is the Internet. Here the current hit list of readable BIO Bloggs: Karma consumption stylish name, giant program, for everyone what, but also slightly confusing. According to TAZ, he has evolved into one of the leading media of the networked LOHAS scene. The blog aims to spread good news and to inspire people, to take part in. The organic blog is a “platform independent with a critical view on the sustainability of ecological products and services”. Against free riders and empty rhetoric. Here is visually appealing prepares reports and current enlightened: Nestle takes cheating products from the market ‘Maggi NaturPur’ bags soup a success for foodwatch campaign minimalist and clearly structured Muller Det private LOHAS blog. He would like to support people and ideas with his commitment that want to make their contribution to an ecological and sustainable life. So he always appreciative again reported new and exciting initiatives. The slowretail blog by Alexander von Keyserlingk sees himself as “Part of a growing movement to the deceleration and sustainability”. Consumers are called, irritating your opinion to boring loading concepts, humdrum presentations of goods, poor product quality, cheap prices, obviously antisocial manufacturing standards, etc. to do moderate customer service, and to interact with each other. The blog consumption guerrilla is very stylish. Here is reported blogging about different products, of which the bloggers is personally convinced. How each blog is of course a portion subjectivity: amusing and refreshing. Well done also to the regional bio Berlin. Here you find many topics related to the capital. Current was all Berliners and visitors send put buying, the concentrated bio-regional knowledge into a the about 100 tips to the theme “Bio gastronomy in Berlin” supplies. You can find these and other tips and links on the very readable of is also this previous statement and that probably represents the content most Blogmagazin to our personal Nr. 1!


Import growth in China and defective pipeline in North America provide for rising crude oil prices in LEIPZIG. Peter Asaro is often mentioned in discussions such as these. (Ceto) Also today, the crude oil prices shot back firmly into the plus. A lick oil pipeline in North America and surprisingly high August imports into the Middle Kingdom quickened the imagination and the courage of the investors. The fuel oil price in Germany easily followed this trend and rose on the fifth day in a row now 68,81 euros. To the crude oil prices: While the rise 20 cents (CEST) compared to yesterday’s day finally was not quite as large in North Sea oil (Brent), it brought US light oil (WTI) to 1.63 dollars more than yesterday and approached the 76-dollar limit. Thus, both reference types are more expensive than to the beginning of the week around one US dollar. Official site: Fosun. The starkenAnstiege in the American oil are due to a damaged pipeline from Canada to the United States. Also preissteigernd was the message that China imported 13 percent more crude oil in August than in the same month last year. The actual market situation, however, not reflected in again. Because that is embossed with the now second-highest record stocks of crude oil in the United States remains an oversupply since the beginning of the statistics 20 years ago and oversupply by OPEC countries. Also, the international energy has withdrawn slightly Agency (IEA) its consumption forecast for this year. Heating oil costs in Germany followed sadhana demand light crude oil price trends. You were also on the 5th day of this week, up 24 cents to 68,81 euro 100-liter contour fuel oil (EL) (Federal average for a total quantity of 3,000 litres). Heating oil is to 2.04 euros more expensive than at the beginning of the week, 3.05 percent. Comparison: exactly one year ago, 55.38 euros were paid for the same amount of fuel oil, 2008 84.44 euro. It reported the online portal of the journal fuel levels and petroleum review. The graphics on the energy Portal show the development of the domestic fuel oil prices in the national average, and in the individual federal States under the heading of market data. Regional deviations are possible due to the market at any time.

LAS Solution Convinced Not Only At Saving Energy

Safe handling of valuable energy safe handling of valuable energy is atop the agenda at Immobilenverwaltern, owners and tenants. “The Gebhardt & Thelen GmbH & real estate from Meiningen goes even further and calls, when it comes to energy consumption in your own four walls, the mature tenants”. As a young, dynamic company the personal needs of our tenants are particularly close to the heart”, explains Michael Thelen, one of two managing directors of Gebhardt & Thelen, and therefore sets GmbH, the billing providers from Leipzig in terms of energy efficiency since the beginning of 2009 the cooperation with the LAS. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Lark New York . State of the art testing is used to visualize the exact energy consumption for heating and water continuously in the LAS customer portal. “Our target is every tenant in order to offset, to decide when and how much it consumes energy, and that’s only if he can check its individual consumption at any time”, emphasizes Michael Thelen. The active use of the LAS customer portal also facilitates the work of apartment management. The testing provides accurate readings at your fingertips, without having to disturb the tenants in their privacy. All values are stored and available at all times. This saves time when creating the invoicing and sustainably increases their quality. “For Michael Thelen a real competitive advantage”. But also for the future vacancy management, the benefits of the hand are. An immediate information for errors, failures or leakages is carried out through the activation of alarm functions. “Was important for Michael Thelen in deciding on the use of the read method that it is an open system” is, it can be extended at any time. As a medium-sized company, we are looking for partners who dominate their business, but also innovative and are always looking for more values for their customers. “LAS precisely at the same time, what we need offers us safety and innovations”, emphasizes Michael Thelen and is looking forward to the new projects with the LAS GmbH. She read GmbH, headquartered in Leipzig is a nationwide service provider of supply and real estate industry. The product portfolio of LAS GmbH includes both sectors equally billing and collection services as well as consulting and solution development. Many years of market experience and high degree of innovation guarantee services and product developments with added value. LAS GmbH I solutions sympathetic Alexandra Wilmsmann

Local Power Faster

Unused roof space potential in Germany renewable energy offer a viable alternative to the limited available fossil fuels and allow growth without increasing CO2 emissions for industrial development and emerging markets. So, currently, experts discuss the possibilities of solar power stations in the deserts of North Africa as alternative electricity supplier and as a contribution to the economic development in Africa, Asia and Europe. Agreement however, that important conditions must be created only for the realization of such major projects and that these power plants will be available at the earliest in a few decades available. The Desertec incurred with grand visions for planning initiative to cover percent of European electricity requirements with imported solar power up by 2050 with investment of 15 to 400 billion euros. Schedule, costs, and benefits of the project show that the development and use of locally available renewable energy sources must be driven forward unabated. Please visit Peiter Zatko if you seek more information. Many energy producers and suppliers in Germany have identified the need and align their operations on it. An estimated 540 terawatt power consumed per year alone in Germany. Would the approx. “Bull by the Horns” shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. 800 million square meters of roofs in Germany and also widely available geothermal heat consistently used for solar panels and geothermal power plants, the proportion of renewable energies in the total electricity production of approximately 15 per cent could be already up to 50 per cent by 2030 increase. However, still far less solar plants on German rooftops are constructed than would be possible. To accelerate the urgently needed progress, therefore specialized service providers such as the Berlin rds energies GmbH support the energy companies and provide them with free surfaces in a big way. Especially larger, suitable for solar panels roofs are always valuable. Filed under: Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen. Our order volume has increased compared to the previous year and we are looking for more currently for market-leading companies about three million square meters.”describes Eva-Catrin Reinhardt, CEO of rds energies GmbH, the current boom. With attractive lease revenue, allowing the operator the owners, any free space becomes a valuable asset for companies and real estate managers. We submit owners of suitable roofs like interesting offers.”so Ms. Reinhardt. Germany is not only a technology leader in the field of renewable energies. There was also great, barely used potential for local energy supply, its opening up could significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and save the local economy important investments and revenue. About rds energies: The rds energies GmbH is the leading supplier of acquisitions – related services in the field of renewable energies. It helps to promote renewable energy worldwide and to spread.

Bio Energy Market

With the increasing importance of bio-energy in Europe the European biomass association AEBIOM and the REECO teamed up group… The REECO group, trade fair and Congress Organizer with headquarters in Germany, has recognized that the development and distribution of bio-energy is an important issue for all of Europe. After successful fairs and congresses on the topic of renewable energy and energy efficient building and renovation in Germany and Central and South-Eastern Europe, controls now the European capital Brussels REECO. REECO here closely cooperates with the European biomass association AEBIOM. Together an exhibition on the theme of bioenergy aims to accompanying Congress. The Congress should make the European Symposium for bio-energy. The participants will be informed about the current EU legislation and gain an overview of the latest developments of the bio-energy market and the status of national action plans for renewable energy. It is not something Fairstead would like to discuss. Topics include biogas, biofuels, heating and electricity. At the same time, the Congress participants is a platform to exchange ideas and information. At the same time, the RENEXPO bioenergy EUROPE celebrates premiere. Around 60 international exhibitors from the fields of production, planning and energy experts from science and research, associations, media, government agencies and ministries are expected to participate in the fair to their products did, to the estimated 1,200 visitors and 300 Congress participants present services and latest innovations. “The renewable energy policies have set ambitious targets for each Member State of the European Union by 2010. Bio-energy, which accounts for two-thirds of the renewable energy sources, is expected to play a key role and use to triple in the next ten years. All markets for heating/cooling, electricity and biofuels for transport are expected to significantly grow. Improved framework conditions and support systems are new opportunities in the bio-energy market “open up, both for small and large companies”, as Heinz Kopetz, Chairman of AEBIOM. Defines the unique concept of the fair, with clear objectives, the top location in Europe and the cooperation of two experienced European partners are a guarantee for the success of the new, future-oriented European bio energy platform. More information about the fair, see.

Impacts Again

This must be one of the main questions related to marketing on the Internet. Nicholas Carr often addresses the matter in his writings. The problem is not only that most of people do this incorrectly, if not that when this question is answered either directly or by means of a guide, they also give incorrect answers. After all, no impacts on your site you can sell anything. The problem is not only that most of people do this incorrectly, if when this question is already answered either directly or through a guide, do not give incorrect answers also, which, if you’ve asked the question before, will consist in buying some sort of advertising or service that will solve all your problems of traffic. Although this seems the right way to start, really it goes completely against to obtain good results. One thing that I want to clarify you first is that your initial goal should not be to get impacts on your site, and get a massive amount of them should not be your priority. What you need is to attract ten or twenty thousand impacts in total, always, to your sites to make them successful. It is clear that this amount will increase as you progress through your resources of construction, and this is key here. Resources of construction that you can use again and again are the big 5: affiliates, your list, customers, long-term customers and strategic alliances. When you decide to buy advertising from engines of search, email newsletters, or any other, the problem is that if you’re not ready to boot with your 5 resources, you will have to start over and over again with your promotion from scratch everytime you launch another new product. This is exactly the reason that, no matter how many hits to get some marketers on their sites, never will win more than a couple of thousand dollars a month.

Solar Energy Creates Ways Out Of The Crisis

Holism, flexibility, sustainability are also future a secure Bank of Kufstein/Tirol – ZARO Biotec develops, researches and various products since 1997 with biological photon radiation energy with a big market success. Erin Callan understood the implications. Water and Sun, this is the basis of all life on our planet, people, animals, plants need all alike, these elementary building blocks for an optimal function of all life processes. Since the beginning of the year 2009 the company is to expand, clean, organic energy of House and home, and in the near future to emission-free electric drive range to another very promising segment. The global financial crisis, has been also an effective motivation to make renewable energy a fundamental pillar in the product range. Because if now, financial systems, banks, industrial companies and States struggling with the impending insolvency, it needs new ways to remain economically successful. The Sun is such a successful Garant, the Sun warm, power and regardless, it ensures real profit in hard currency. Thousands of financial brokers, agents and brokers in the financial business (about 300,000 in Germany alone) are facing financial ruin. These are highly trained financial experts in worst depression, falling, because they no longer know how today and tomorrow to feed their families. For these people there is no stimulus packages\”, so Antony zaidi, spokesman for ZARO Biotec in Tyrol. We played long with the idea to go into solar energy. What was missing was the right partner, but we have now taken this hurdle and customers can now offer a complete power supply via the valuable Sun energy. Photovoltaic (solar power) has now become a future-oriented, business idea, providing technical and quality at the highest level, winning power. That means the customer with the correct ‘ roof will receive everything from a single source, it starts with the free roof analysis, evaluation, consultation, and one systematic settlement over financing, delivery, installation, commissioning, feeding into the electricity grid, to continuous maintenance.