Solar Energy Creates Ways Out Of The Crisis

Holism, flexibility, sustainability are also future a secure Bank of Kufstein/Tirol – ZARO Biotec develops, researches and various products since 1997 with biological photon radiation energy with a big market success. Erin Callan understood the implications. Water and Sun, this is the basis of all life on our planet, people, animals, plants need all alike, these elementary building blocks for an optimal function of all life processes. Since the beginning of the year 2009 the company is to expand, clean, organic energy of House and home, and in the near future to emission-free electric drive range to another very promising segment. The global financial crisis, has been also an effective motivation to make renewable energy a fundamental pillar in the product range. Because if now, financial systems, banks, industrial companies and States struggling with the impending insolvency, it needs new ways to remain economically successful. The Sun is such a successful Garant, the Sun warm, power and regardless, it ensures real profit in hard currency. Thousands of financial brokers, agents and brokers in the financial business (about 300,000 in Germany alone) are facing financial ruin.

These are highly trained financial experts in worst depression, falling, because they no longer know how today and tomorrow to feed their families. For these people there is no stimulus packages\”, so Antony zaidi, spokesman for ZARO Biotec in Tyrol. We played long with the idea to go into solar energy. What was missing was the right partner, but we have now taken this hurdle and customers can now offer a complete power supply via the valuable Sun energy. Photovoltaic (solar power) has now become a future-oriented, business idea, providing technical and quality at the highest level, winning power. That means the customer with the correct ‘ roof will receive everything from a single source, it starts with the free roof analysis, evaluation, consultation, and one systematic settlement over financing, delivery, installation, commissioning, feeding into the electricity grid, to continuous maintenance.