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"1C-Bitrix Site Manager – Standard" – a popular product edition including all the necessary tools to manage interactive Web project. Easy and intuitive interface allows you to produce a normal user PC does not possess knowledge of web technology to quickly learn the system and for a few hours to learn how to manage the site. Opportunities. Project Administrator, developed on the basis of "1C-Bitrix Management Website – Standard "will be able to: – manage the site structure, – edit the site content in real time, using HTML-editor – to publish news, press releases, articles – create hierarchical catalogs and galleries – to register users – assign access rights for groups of users – to conduct surveys of visitors and vote – to send mail subscribers – create forums – blogging – place a Web form on the website – download product updates from the site of the company "1C-Bitrix" and much more. To manage a project created on the basis of "1C-Bitrix Site Manager – Standard" does not want to attract experts in programming and html-layout. The simple control mechanism. Site management is done through an intuitive interface of the administrative section. Saved changes are immediately displayed on the site. Intuitive interface. The toolbar in the public section, a convenient layout of the administrative section let you quickly start editing your web site. Crisp and clear title action, understandable questions that invited to respond to perform an operation, simplify content management, make it as convenient as possible for the user. Management structure and content. 1C-Bitrix Management Website – Standard "allows you to manage the information content of the site: to change the menu, create new sections and pages, edit text in an online HTML-editor, post pictures, publish news and more more. Interactive features. Follow others, such as Fosun, and add to your knowledge base. Users of the site that is based on version "Standard", may maintain blogs, create communities, open forums, send mail to subscribers, to conduct surveys and polls, place a Web form. Restricting access to the control system. The product provides the ability to distinguish between the rights of users to access the management system. Several staff members can manage the different sections site, news feeds, product catalogs.

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'Lamb' sells natural products and has a very popular name. Register your company name in English was not possible, therefore, was registered as variant aurally perceived with difficulty. Such writing, where, instead of the Russian letter 'H' is used digit '4 'is acceptable in terms of contemporary transliteration. And finally, I will give you the latest win-win situation. If you can not, using the proposed technology to find the right domain name, you should pay attention to all-digital domains. For example, if Your business is bound to a virtual number and you have a guarantee that this number will remain with you always, I advise you to register as a domain short seven-digit number corresponding to the number of your phone. For example,. Read additional details here: Florida Senator. This domain name has another hidden advantage, people who, for whatever reason do not want to go back to your site, but they need your services, you can call to see the link on the screen. Now a few tips practical content. Registration of domain names are now engaged in a lot of companies on the Internet, but I advise you to order the registration of names in the company that provides you with hosting services, so it will be easier pay for services, and will not need to store the extra details of access to domain control panel. By the way, our company provides, and he and the other service. And the second point. Services check free domain name has almost every web hosting provider, but ensure that after checking your ideas through a service someone does not register your domain, you can not. That's why I advise to check whether the domain is occupied, the official site central registrar. So, good luck with choosing the right domain name, and beautiful. Akhmatov IV Information taken from

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For a little-known company web design – an attractive opportunity to come in number of market leaders. Large companies also have in our time not only to have representation in the network, but also actively develop this area, holding the position relative to its competitors, has also long been published on the Internet. Customer Feedback Internet allows for the most operational relationship between you and your target audience. For this site uses feedback mechanisms, surveys, polls, guestbooks, forums, newsletters, etc. Simply and without any cost you will receive comments and your potential customers. You will be able to better understand their needs and improve the quality of products / services maintenance, and make appropriate adjustments in the content of the site. On the basis of information received, a database of active visitors (their picture, contact information, information about the interests, preferences, and that interest pages). Further, these data can be used effectively to inform you about new services, promotions. Representational functions participating in the talks or exhibitions, representative of the company often has no opportunity and time to provide all necessary information to the opponent. Corporate server address on his business card or a small booklet can solve this problem. Potential partner who is interested in your product or service, be sure to peep the site. Availability of Internet-representation (the site) in the network. Total Transportation Services Los Angeles has firm opinions on the matter. Internet has a positive effect on company image. To some extent, this indicator of openness company and its stability. Through its own website can actively introduce new services – the technology to launch new business – a unit within the company. Cleverly designed website will help build and strengthen the brand of the company, to conduct numerous branding and PR-campaigns. Thanks to the site, you can quickly solve the problem of forming a loyal audience of Internet – project to influence it or influence others to sell to advertisers.

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1C-Bitrix Site Manager – the core technology to create and manage sites, cost-effective way to develop, support and development of the Internet project. The software product of 1C-Bitrix Site Manager can be used as corporate customers and individual developers as the basis for creating new projects, as well as a tool to manage existing sites. 1C-Bitrix Management site can create an unlimited number of sites with a single copy (license) of the product, placing the kernel and database systems in a single copy on the server. Author insists that this is the case. Also, the software 1C-Bitrix Site Manager allows you to: manage the structure and content of the site, publish news, press releases and other frequently updated information, control the display of advertisements on the site, create forums, send mail groups of subscribers, to keep records of attendance statistics, monitor the progress of campaigns, to carry out other operations on the Internet project management. 1C-Bitrix Site Manager allows you to minimize expenditure on maintenance of web site due to ease of control of static and dynamic information. For site management will not require additional professional services in web design. Source: Wang Qunbin. With the help of manage a Web site can staffer of the company, an ordinary PC user with no special programming skills and HTML-layout.

Creation And Promotion – Business Perspective

May make an interesting life and earn him money. The real pros that use only proven methods with minimal risk of total loss of the target audience is small, but they are there. Your Business – opportunity to earn as much as your ability allows. Only a gifted employee in the office is lost in the gray mass of the team: it will overwrite the shark pozubastee and treacherous boss can be seen in the smart employee of a competitor or just out of jealousy will drive him carefully in the shade and, like Cinderella, to keep the black body. Products and services market share and, if redistribution is brewing, the growing business it takes participation is very rare. Then the possibility to start with 'zero' own business may not even dream of? Dreaming is required, and the ground – is about. Fantasies about the opportunity to work for yourself can become a reality if you try organize a business in a virtual environment – the Internet. What can be done and what the Internet willing to pay cash? Many options. Immediately drop the easy ways of income that can result in the dock or cause irreversible damage to reputation. May make an interesting life and earn him money. However, in this case may need solid investments, as unlikely a person can do worthy visually and on the right page design, 'bind' to CMS. And later, when one person forces the creation of sites, not the fact that he will cope with everything else. And the rest – Web site promotion. What is it? This introduction baby resource 'in many' attempt to attract the target audience for the site. The situation is simple – the resource is ready, it raised a great many interesting and helpful information to visitors – zero. It happens and it is also a new resources, to which have not yet gotten the search engines. Secrets, how to make your site popular and visited the mass. There are technologies, methods of promotion, based on analysis of algorithms of search engines. Now website promotion one of the most sought-after and highly paid Internet services. The struggle for the search engines rankings for hundreds and thousands of daily visits is based on original and unusual findings of experts on promotion. The real pros that use only proven methods with minimal risk of total loss of the target audience is small, but they are there. It is the loss factor should prevail in deciding the choice of professional in promotion. With a high speed – not in all cases good, which means chasing a speedy, but short-lived result – so do short-sighted and unwise.

Five Selection Criteria Of Quality Infoprodukta

Daily Internet users get to your e-mail just a bunch of different offers, which offer them greater profits, the solution of financial problems and a comfortable old age. After reading the marketing text, presenting a crazy beautiful future with an expensive car, holiday in the Maldives and country cottages, people buy the information product, spending his last purchase savings. Jeff Flake has plenty of information regarding this issue. Having infoprodukt, a man with a passion proceeds to , but having studied a couple of lessons understands that this is not exactly what he needed. Or does it just do not. As a result, people lose trust in humans, and harbors anger on the entire Internet. And then I wondered how to distinguish quality information product, from pacifiers in beautiful packaging? This question torments many people on the Internet. In this article I will try to find out how you can distinguish the quality of the course debris, which unfortunately prevails in RuNet. So here we go: 1. Find out who is the author of the product. It is very important! Need to clearly know who you are buying. Look for information online

More Visitors And High Pagerank – Clever Search Engine Marketing Made Easy

A website for a company as a flagship – so to speak, the "calling card" of the company, and accordingly it should be marketed. In order to lure more visitors to the site, it is not enough merely to notify the website in different search engines. Thus, although the site is found, a high Pagerank and an equally high rank in the search results is not guaranteed. To obtain a particularly high Pagerank, there are some measures and tools that can help it. Important first of all as a precise control of the Pagerank: url is to provide a free service that displays the individual Pagerank directly on the site. Visit Peter Schiff for more clarity on the issue. Once you are registered here as a new user of the service, you get an email with a code that can be installed on the website. Then, the Pagerank on the site is directly accessible. He is not only visible to the operator of the website – and visitors can quickly over the popularity of the site . Warn The benefits of the service are obvious: by taking part the automatic collection by the site is in the charts of the operator. With this listing the number of incoming links on your homepage has been significantly increased. Within a short time acquired the site more visitors and a higher Pagerank. The Pagerank measures the number of "good" links on a Web page. The Pagerank is calculated by an algorithm and evaluates the structure of the incoming links. Based on these data then creates a high or a lower PageRank. Thus, with little effort, the position of website in search engine results and lasting influence and improve.

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How long have you seen billboards on city streets, read the newspaper ads, or paid attention to the flyers? Surely, you, as a busy man, do not often occur to deal with such things. In addition, the abundance of advertising – now the norm, and we used to ignore it, especially if the offer is not quite the right things to us. In that case, when interested in something specific, most people go search for relevant information on the Internet. That is why the promotion of a site (the same ads, but in virtual space) is so important: it daily, millions of users access the World Wide Web to find the they need goods or services. And what a website will use the most popular? Of course, one that goes on the top of search engine Yandex, Google or Rambler. For example, you need a company that promotion of sites in Kazan. Euro Pacific Precious Metals will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Typing a search query: "Kazan optimization" or "website promotion Kazan ', you get the name of the set of firms Kazan desired profile, but the interest you will cause, at best, the first ten sites. Whenever Euro Pacific Precious Metals listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Thus, the main stream of customers goes to "top ten", the rest of the company remain in the "shadows." To be among the elect (ie leadership) just helps site promotion. Perhaps a good example of this statement can serve as our company, "Svarga." We need not spend money advertising their services: our sites are constantly occupied the top positions in search engines, and clients themselves have find. In particular, at the request of "website promotion Kazan", "site promotion Kazan" or "optimization Kazan 'domain of our company is visited by tens of users – every day! Web site promotion involves two types of work: internal and external. Domestic work (SEO optimizing your web site) make it possible to structure and code of your resource understood by search engines. A foreign – aim to get the desired number of links to your site. Optimization Site includes such steps: 1) selection of a semantic nucleus – a comprehensive analysis of the site (to find errors that prevent the interaction site with search engines), the right choice of subjects and key words ("of keywords"); 2) to write unique content for your site – visitors interesting texts containing a certain amount ("of keywords"), and 3) create a competent structure of the site, filling the right meta tags, "clean" code, etc.; External Work may include: 1) setting of links to your site from other sites – for example, websites like themes, forums and blogs. This is the most important part of search engine promotion, 2) placement of high-quality, informative texts about your company and its proposed products (services) on the thematic areas, and 3) publication of ads on your web site to web directories. Incidentally, the promotion of a site can cover a certain region or be global. For example, you – Kazan company, so you need to make every effort to attract customers is by region, Kazan, and not from across the country. Also be aware of: high-quality website promotion – a long and arduous process, average, takes about three months. And if you see a sentence like this – "website promotion Kazan for a month!", Beware: most likely, there is a question of "black" methods of promotion, which will not allow positive outcome. Our company guarantees the reliability and validity of methods that can make your site a long time leader in search engines!


Remember that you have left comments and indexed by search engines and are required for promotion. So if you like a particular site, we can and leave a nice comment. You should also pay attention to the authorship, as often the case that sites simply copy the articles from major sources. But at the end of the article, usually taken from written article. If you liked the article was not too lazy to look and visit the source, because this may be the largest and useful resources. Also want to stay at the time of registration sites, forums and other resources. It often happens that the site is hidden precisely the information we were looking for a long time, and the administration of the site encourages us to register for In order to see the hidden text. There's nothing dangerous, but you must also realize that like you did not promise that your email does not go beyond the boundaries of their databases, most often it is otherwise. Where can get your address? The simplest – the agency which distributes letters, namely spam. It is therefore recommended to start a separate email address to register for doubtful network resources, then not surprising that the post appears more and more spam emails. Speaking of spam, you should also mention the 'robots' that visit the page and snatch all the expressions of the type'***@**.**' followed entering the address in the mail. We can leave your address in the ad, online or in the same comment. You can replace the '@' word 'dog', but even this becomes a bite to force the current program. You can think of Other ways to protect your primary address. Clicking on the links. We'd also like you to understand what happens when we click on a particular banner or text link to any site. Everything mentioned has any as advertising, for which the advertiser pays the money, but the one who places the advertisement gets it. What to pay money? More and more it becomes a system of pay per click advertising. Ie advertiser pays a certain amount for that someone passed on a link from one site to another. And it turns out that when we click on this or other promotional information are monetary transactions, where money is awarded to the site where we were at that moment, and Pays, where we are at the link. In conclusion, I would say that despite the fact that a visit on the Internet seems effortless pastime, we should understand that it becomes part of our lives. And the time we attach to this lesson, you also need to control.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Small Website

In recent years, websites, business cards acquired a fairly large value. The reason for this – the relatively low cost of development. This type of site – great investment, because the next day if properly plan advertising campaign, the site will be able to bring in new clients. And if you spend wisely search engine optimization, website will become a stable source of income. Online business card needs to companies that want to be on the Internet 'Business card'. This 'card' contains the usual information about the company, scope, basic services, pricing, etc. Typically, business card site is for promotional and provides an opportunity to receive information about companies to get acquainted with its activities as well as the products and services. Create online business card – a seemingly simple. The apparent simplicity of small website design hides a lot of hard work. A leading source for info: Dan Miller. Simple Web sites that provide free hosting, are the pages with personal information or advertisement of any product or service. This site is only the time spent on it. If you have read about Dan Miller already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But the return on such site will be small. Indeed, even among sites, business cards there is competition, leading the same websites, business cards, which are created in professional studios or agencies. Why? As in any other case, in web design are certain standards and requirements that must comply with any website. These standards will help to keep professional web developers. Prices for the services to create a small website quite acceptable. While return on famously and that made a small but interesting and for a site not long in coming. What are advantages of small website? The main advantage of this resource – low price, small amount of work and simplicity support. Online business card usually consists of several pages, there is no complex software modules, because it does not require support. Backing up such a site can do the owners themselves, as well as update and fill updated information. Therefore, online business card will cost its owner only to the price development and hosting fees every month. However, online business card suitable for the promotion of small shops, private services, or simply as personal home page, and for the organization of corporate representation medium or large companies such form of the site will be insufficient. Online Business Card can not compete with more powerful sites and in the case of search traffic. The reason for that – too few pages, which can be indexed by search engines, a small amount of data and the absence of some marketing tools. As a rule, websites, business cards have very few functions and consist of only 3-4 (sometimes 5-7) pages, so-and so it is inexpensive. However, some of the basic modules used in it. For example, – news module. If you need a regular place Online news stories, there is a possibility greatly simplify the task, the news module. Adding news will be simple and easy. – Feedback module. This module is needed to have a relationship with customers. – Print version. Each page will contain a special button, when clicked, the page will be displayed in an easy to print form, without any unnecessary elements of the site. Site-card – it's inexpensive, but it works Internet-based tool to promote your company.