If you have no idea for writing this article, we will help you some methods for their prompt investigation. Here are some of them: 1. Forums. It’s the quintessence of all network communication. On the discussion forums in large quantities going to your target audience. You can just look at some topics, what questions to ask the authors of those. All the ideas of record. Then select the most interesting of them. 2. Read articles by other authors. The author reveal their opinions or consider in detail any aspect of your niche. You can write a counter article in which to support or refute their views, to reveal one or more other aspects. Or at least just tell article in your own words. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Lark has to say. 3. Letters to the target audience. It is likely that your subscribers ask you some questions about E-mail. These issues, as well as your responses to them, wait in a separate folder. This is a tremendous ideological basis for future articles. Do this constantly. After all, you should write what is interesting to the audience. Her questions – what is needed. 4. Your life experience. It’s great if you’re a notebook, write down where your results or errors, extracting lessons from them. Simply share these experiences in the article with the visitors of your site. 5. Brainstorm. Take the exercise book and write down all the topics that come to your mind vtechenie at least 5 minutes. Without the end without stopping. Not think of the wording. Then select from this list that is most useful to your target audience. Formulate ideas of crude title and forth. 6. You can set up online ma-a-vermillion profile. Responding to questions, people need to talk about their problems. A simple form of feedback – this is not enough. We need this form, and for its completion will offer some small gift (a program, lesson, podcast, …). 7. And the last. Get notebook and do not waste time, if the idea comes “at the wrong time.” Record all ideas that come to you on the day. And when you need to write an article for the site, get a notebook and take this idea from there. In any case, if you seem to have the idea for writing this article, but feel that it is “does not roll,” discard it. The most important criterion for good stateynoy ideas – its good for your audience. People rarely read “articles about anything.

Internet Dating

The Internet is increasingly positive feedback is left on the dating site – which is planning a regional project "Introducing Kharkov," has far exceeded the limits of the region and well known outside his country. On U.S. forums positions write about the biggest dating site in the CIS, recommending as a resource for safe dating with Ukrainian girls. Nicholas Carr takes a slightly different approach. While much of the regular visitors to the site – the citizens of the peoples of the former Soviet Union. For the last, in 2009, on this site have met and married 72 pairs only within the city of Kharkov. Communication and knowledge on specialized sites – a modern and progressive way. And at the same time to make Your stay on the dating site comfortable and safe, it is necessary to observe a few simple rules – Remember that in some cases, you can not communicate with the person whose picture is there in the questionnaire – sometimes your virtual companion may cover under a false picture, up to photos of a famous person. – Do not leave your contact information all in a row. -Try to limit your teen from communicating on dating sites, where there is an adult category. On such sites are often found photos in questionnaires that are recommended for viewing 16 +, 18 +, in addition the child may inadvertently give their position and become a victim of "a man with a bright severe pathology, "Be prepared, that he met in real life with virtual companion, you will see it is not the ideal that you created in your imagination using data from questionnaires, telephone contact and communication. -Before you go to a meeting – let these rights, which had planned a date, at least one of the closest people. Meet, talk, fall in love, flirt – and let your life be full of bright colors and the most positive emotions from communication to online dating. Source