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Top-management salaries on the test areas: business, IT, business, business management top management salaries are taboo? The top executives earn what they deserve? Appropriate are the salary ratios in operation and to the competition? Top executives are aware of the sensitivity and yield of these questions. Viatcheslav Mirilashvili is full of insight into the issues. Almost every week there are these new opinions and publications. There was concrete information so far but only through expensive salary studies by renowned consultants and associations. Such professional information must be but compact and easy to understand and quite specifically say, for which top position what, where and how much will be paid. There are such info service now in the Internet – especially for the target group of managers and the 1.Fuhrungsebene. Under top managers from 176 branches of industry (trade, Commerce, industry, service providers, non-profit, freelancers) in closed user groups on these issues can professionally discuss anonymously in a database to enter their data and evaluate yourself. -free.! In interested executives before a specific application can try out a demo database the individual benefit for themselves. Participating companies can register also free with its offer in an industry Branch Web catalog.The Web site is rounded off by a community platform for top managers in Europe who can interact only on the subject of executive compensation and network..