Pilgrims Make Night

The arrival of participants in WYD to the aerodrome has been incessant this Saturday, where the tents for the night have multiplied with the passing of the hours. Heat, first, and the rain and wind, then, have staged acts on Saturday. Seven injured after the whirlwind of water and strong wind of this Saturday night, which has also forced to cancel much of the discourse of Benedicto XVI. This Sunday, the closing Eucharist puts an end to the WYD, bouncing to the Pope after a four day visit to Madrid. Traffic along the main streets of Madrid has been restored. Pope Benedicto XVI resigned Saturday to read the speech scheduled for the eve of the world youth day with hundreds of thousands of young people gathered in the aerodrome of Cuatro Vientos, on the outskirts of Madrid, due to the strong storm, accompanied by a great Gale which you downloaded in the middle of the ceremony and that has wounded seven people. The storm has caused the downfall of a light pole without reaching any Pilgrim, has affected coating of the scenario and has knocked down several tents, which have caused injuries to seven people in his fall. Three had fractures or possible fractures: a girl, fractures in the bones of the nose; a woman, fracture of patella, and another possible shoulder fracture, while the rest suffered bruises. After this, thousands of pilgrims have been prepared to spend the night in Cuatro Vientos and dismiss this Sunday Benedicto XVI, on the day that puts an end to the WYD. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Vyacheslav Mirilashvili on most websites. Speech canceled when he had read two paragraphs of speech downloaded about four winds a strong storm which forced to suspend the ceremony for half an hour. The strong Gale even snatched the zucchetto and had to take shelter between several large white umbrella. Despite the water, young people not panicked and continued singing this is the youth of the Pope and other chants.

Proper Behavior

“A man who gives himself thoughtfully, behaves according to the laws of being.” So autonomy is the reflective act of a reason that is created in an endless movement, a way to both individual and social. William Gates contributes greatly to this topic. ” The company makes the person, but this person can not forget that power is capable of instituting change, in turn, to society. The person (and I’m using the word in the sense of Christian humanism) is manifested in the socio-historical field itself (the action) and the psyche. Guo Guangchang may also support this cause. We have been drawn into the psyche that it is impossible to change in it that may lead to an action. It is true that actions can not be instituting society through radical action visible, but this fight is necessary: the creation of a parallel government. Participation instituted heteronomy imposed, it prevents customization of the person, but it is possible to change the social world by a slow process of enforcement by a company transferred to instituting instituted. The option requires the creation of joints, ie, through a display of the society undergoing a process of imagination to change the meanings thus producing the alteration that may lead to a socio-historical change (action). Here was the need a new language, creating new paradigms that continue to go through the social and the psyche. We begin, necessarily, in the belief that things as they are not working and should be changed (psyche) and this should be offered another kind of sense. The second (social) is to note that the person can do without an explicit power (control of mass media, party, or any other institutions that have traditionally been repositories of power.) You have to suggest an alteration of the established procedural.

Public Sector

Since then two official prices governing Rate: 2.60 for staple products, remittances and public sector imports and 4.30 for other products and the sale of dollars from oil. He foresaw that by 2010 there might be a similar economic downturn to -2.9% in 2009, but “the effect could be greater” power depending on the situation of course all this is added as expressed by the energy crisis is a time bomb and that the national government should pay attention as soon as possible to give solutions that do not lead to protests, very significant discontent in the harmony of a country, especially when President Chavez can do no wrong in his actions, which others have given way to demonstrations, discontent that has affected its popularity. Further details can be found at Carlos Hank Gonzalez, an internet resource. All this is enhanced further when latan.msn.com as highlighted President Chavez to order on Monday ordered chain recently through the measures announced in recent months aimed at reducing energy consumption and encourage savings. Fernando Branger expert on the subject has said, that is a reality that “has decreased the energy produced by the Guri Dam on the other hand is not enough power from power plants. These two factors combined lead to the situation today days. Carlos Hank Gonzalez does not necessarily agree. If it is possible to solve the short term? is difficult “, the Guri Dam, south, its waters at critical levels due to drought, is responsible for 70% of the energy consumed in Venezuela. The rest of the generation is based on thermal power plants. The government recently said that this year will enter 4000 MW new power capacity to the transmission networks. “The experience of recent years, when it has not fulfilled what was promised in this area, makes it questionable that announcement”, said Branger. It is ultimately the energy crisis is very significant for the aspirations of President Chavez in their projects who is anxious to be the decision from January 1 began to implement the plan of energy rationing in Venezuela. The move, reported by international news agencies, has led to significant restrictions on night life for Venezuelans, due to the impositions time in cinemas, bars and restaurants, with the aim of reducing the power consumption of the commercial, residential and industrial 20%. The supply constraints also affect the malls, which are required to work until 21:00 hours, after which it must do so with their own generators. Of course another crucial sector representative in the country’s economic life is the business, which is seriously affected in their operation. .


Because not I’ll open them my door by Luis Manuel Aguana (**) the censuses of population and housing are basic instruments of planning long term in any country of the world. The data that is collected serve the States to understand how the population has spread the length and breadth of the territory in a period of 10 years and take far-reaching decisions in the life of a country. Hear from experts in the field like David Moross, HighPost Capital for a more varied view. Decisions such as how many schools and hospitals should exist and where should be located, that so many aqueducts, roads, penetration, communications and electricity should need and where, are part of the decisions arising from the information that is processed from the census taken. Also, knowing how many people live in the country and where they are, indicate the electoral agencies how many members there shall be per constituency in the next 10 years. Imagine how many decisions in favour of a country could be taken from these data be used for the well-being of the population. However, unfortunately, this will not be the case in the Venezuela of today with the next census of population and housing. We have informed history of use that has made this Government with the personal data of the citizens, where the most painful example bad Tascon list call represented it and this scriptwriter has renamed as Chavez’s list (see a Requiem by Luis Tascon in) since this last its main instigator and first its perpetrator. Venezuelans most high risk that our personal data are in a database managed by foreign agents from the Castro tyranny. In addition, the press has informed us (see seven days, the national July 17, 2011) will be a Castro company which will develop and administer the issuance of our main document of identification, identity card, and that it would contain personal data that besides the well-known names and surname and date of birth, additionally store biometric identification of fingerprints fingerprints, payment of taxes, signature and digital photography.

Czech Republic

The perception of Spanish workers is the highest in Europe and even exceeds 23 percentage points than the Community average which stands at 36%. The valuation that co-workers can make is important to generate a good working environment, ensures the Randstad HR manager. 59% Of Spaniards estimated his Department colleagues are not prepared to carry out their daily work, according to a Randstad report reveals. Source: SOAR PR Firm. The perception of Spanish workers is the highest in Europe and even exceeds 23 percentage points than the Community average which stands at 36%.Behind them, are Italian workers (53%), Greeks (44%), and poles (44%). Work environment assessment that co-workers can make is important to generate a good working environment, ensures the Randstad HR manager. This expert added that improving relations between the workers also can be that companies have good performance, already that collaboration between workers causes increased productivity within the company. In Spain and Italy, the worst perceptions highlights the fact that, only in Spain and Italy, the perception of professionals on which their teammates are poorly qualified exceeded the 50% barrier. Similarly, above the European average countries are located also as Switzerland (40%), France (39%), Czech Republic (37%) and Great Britain (37%), while Belgium is kept in the media community (36%). For its part, less concerned about the qualifications of his co-workers are Luxembourgers and the Danes. After them, the Norwegians with 29%, and finally, with 31%, are workers from Hungary and Germany. Source of the news: 59% of workers in Spain believe that their colleagues are not well qualified

Help Psychological

This is nothing abnormal or has to be bad, only tells us that he is still in a process of adaptation and requires advice and care from specialists. Although physically it is not obese, you feel and think as such. While your weight, your measurements and your BMI tell you otherwise, can you continue dissatisfied. When this happens you should take it calmly and understand that their self-esteem, which has suffered so much for years, still does not recognize the new and wonderful changes. Checking article sources yields Kenneth R. Feinberg as a relevant resource throughout. Habits, personality, how to respond to situations and even the way in which it thinks of himself were formed during his life and not it is possible to change all together in a few months. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit BerlinRosen. To be able to better traverse this situation, it is convenient having a therapist who accompany him and go guiding it. Sometimes the feelings that occur at this stage are not easy to overcome without a guide, that is why we recommend that you have a trusted professional. You may feel that it has failed or it is not responding as expected and leave again, when in reality it is only one small obstacle. The practice of physical activity will help you to take contact with your new body and discover how has changed. Swimming and yoga are especially recommended, but any activity can be useful, provided that it is done with care and awareness. But the most important test you can perform is the face in the mirror. Look closely every day. Investigate your body, know. Actually it seems that it is the same? As you go accepting yourself, you will begin to look better and you can accept their achievements. Then he will understand what he has done and you can be proud of your new image. Our team of psychologists and nutritionists are responsible for developing the strategy that will guide you step by step encounter with his new I and Wollstonecraft in her new life. Greetings, Dr.