Stunt Driving

Level of passive Security Opel Kadet, on today's requirements, is low, but quite comparable with domestic appliances: a belt tension device is located too close to the heads of those sitting in front airbags were only Some later versions. Suspension front wheel drive Opel original raises no objections, it is sufficient even for resource exploitation in the local roads. Controllability can be compared with front-wheel vases. In September 1985 appeared sports version of the Opel Kadett Gsi engine 18E working volume of 1.8 liters 115 hp, equipped with fuel injection and catalytic converter. Still, he concedes a similar lineup of Mitsubishi.

Model specific usability is not allocated. The same can be said about the gig Opel Kadet, publication of which was due in March. But he was one of the cheapest models in the segment disclosed. In another year, in September of 1986, the market seemed more potent (82 and 115 hp) cost 1.6 – and 2.0-liter gasoline engines and 16SH 20E with a catalytic converter. In the autumn 1987 issue arose a specially prepared version of the GSi 16V, fitted with dynamic 150-powerful four-cylinder engine with which the fuel consumption in the city does not exceed 10 l/100 km, but to disperse hundreds accomplished in just 8 and a maximum speed reaches 217 km / h. It was this known at the time sporty and experts do not advise taking. Stunt Driving and the first owners of more rigid than the production car, suspension could not affect the safety of the charged versions. At the market in North America began to supply copies of the Kadett, produced under license in Korea that the U.S.

market and Canada, sold under the brand Pontiac Le Mans (in Korea – Daewoo Racer, later-Cielo and Nexia). In 1990, the model set a new grille, changed the trim and body, the GSi 16V version, and CS have begun to establish standard ABS. Number Kadett E, equipped with ABS, even on request, is very small. Then vozniknul modern 1.8-liter 112-hp power unit equipped with system Ecotronic, a 1,4-liter 60-hp engine 14NV replaced the 1.3-liter of the same power. Opel Kadett Diesel list added to a 1.7-liter 57-strong 17D. In 1991 Opel Kadett E was superseded by the new model on the market – Astra. A related site: Primerica mentions similar findings. Open Cabrio made before February 1993.

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