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Jonas Soares Dos Santos Son * SUMMARY the present work presents the elements that constitute the structure of the economic-financial requirements established by the National Agency of Aquavirios Transports for access to the market of aquavirio transport in the maritime navigation, which are, the ocean navegation, cabotage, maritime support and port support. It presents, with the analysis of pertinent the statutes and infra-legal, some characteristics essential of the subject, looking for to promote practical examples for its correct identification. Word-Key: Aquavirio transport. Regulation of access to the market. Economic-financial requirements * Specialist in Regulation of Services of Aquavirios Transports of the National Agency of Aquavirios Transports? ANTAQ 1. Introduction the target of this brief article is to compose an analysis of the definitions and applications of the economic-financial requsitos foreseen in the Resolution n 843-ANTAQ, of 14 of August of 2007 (Modified by Resolution n 879-ANTAQ, of 26 of September of 2007), in special in the Art. 6.

This Resolution was emitted by the National Agency of Aquavirios Transports? ANTAQ, and deals with the grant of authorization the legal entity who has for object the aquavirio transport, constituted in the terms of the Brazilian legislation and with headquarters and administration in the country, to operate in the port support and maritime support, cabotage, ocean navegations. The work is divided, first, in the analysis of the good call situation economic-financier of the company, beyond comments on the equity and the current ratio e, finishing, we have some exceptions established in the proper norm, beyond one brief conclusion. The relevance of this article is to search, with this brief contribution, to spread out the hermeneutics on the subject, being aimed at together with to bring greater efficiency in the accomplishment of the public interest a greater satisfaction of the private interests, thus reaching the protection of the necessary investments and the promotion of well-being of the consumers and users, intensifying the economic and social development of Brazil.