Massachusetts Institute

\”Karlsruhe students of the Universitat Karlsruhe (TH) start cooperation with the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) with the alignment of the 2007 Technology Conference\”, November 9, 2007 to November 12, 2007, on the topic of RFID in the aerospace industry have the students of the University of delta e.V. Technology author helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. laid the foundations for a long-term cooperation of the two campuses and an organizational project successfully put behind him: \”it was an enormous challenge, to organize a conference with co – and KIT professors, German company representatives and international top students from Germany out. The many valuable lessons learnt and the satisfied students have but more than offset the effort.\” (Armin Harbrecht, delta of head of project e.V.) They were supported technology and McKinsey & company here by Lufthansa. Venue of the Conference was one of the most important technical universities with the Massachusetts Institute of technology (MIT) worldwide. The \”graduate student Council\”, a fraternity, with the student councils in German Universities is comparable to half pages of actively in organising the Conference with and allowed only this special event. The \”2007 Technology Conference\” content based on current conditions of social and economic action. The promotion of intercultural competence in times of increasing globalization and internationalization was an important part of the event. So the challenges of later professional life in an international context could, for example, through the cooperative editing of case studies by students from the United States and Germany ever be experienced and mastered which was well received among the students: \”It was a great experience to edit a challenging case study together with American top students.\” (Felix Limbach, Karlsruhe participants) Task of the students was to develop a concept for the introduction of RFID technology and to implement the lean thinking for the maintenance and repair of aircraft. Lectures of renowned professors of the with and the University of Karlsruhe providing a unique atmosphere and lively exchange of knowledge between the two college sites.