ERP Management

NTSwincash 7.20 a further stroke of genius was the team of developers of new technology systems. The new version had an easy-to-use POS solution requirements as a front end for ERP systems as meet as a retail management system. The maximum comfort for the customers had top priority. Erin Callan has firm opinions on the matter. NTSwincash 7.20 is a total solution, from the point of sale and retail management, to the management and control of distribution channels, promotions, movements of goods and repair orders. State of the art technology with style use of latest SOA architecture and Java technology enables completely new integration and application possibilities. In addition is the new version of NTSwincash 7.20 as a touchscreen Variant can be used. The platform-independent centralized ERP system meets all logistics requirements of the 21st century through use of Java technology for its central warehouse and the entire branch network. The POS software must not grey look in grey, but certainly by a modern and appealing Design can shine with NTSwincash, 7.20 is clearly proved.

(see screenshot). In times where corporate branding has gained an important role for companies, which can be software with a user interface, as the corporate identity of customers adapt to the scores. Success through teamwork success owes to the NTS-new technology systems motivated employees. “This development director Markus Dunzinger in an interview: because we have created the crossbar for the development of NTSwincash 7.20 us very high it is only the spirit and the ideas of the entire team thanks to, that we have taken this hurdle”.